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Hygge is a handle with an essential and linear design, characterized by a thin, dynamic and slender line.

Designer: Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera (Italy)
Manufacturer: Manital S.r.l. (Italy)
Inspired By: The handle takes its inspiration and name from the Danish word Hygge
Material: zinc alloy
Colours: glossy chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, bronzed, white and black in epoxy paint


The Spring

The Spring design is an elegant overlapping circle between the rosette square shape and rectangular rounded corners handle. The handle protrudes slightly in the front and back, providing a comfortable grip.

Designer: Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera (Italy)
Manufacturer: Manital S.r.l. (Italy)
Material: zama
Colours: chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, matte bronze, white, black


Echo small tables

Collection of three small tables with two tops, one in glass and one in marble, overlapping in an asymmetric way to the central axis.
The slender brass structure consists of three cylindrical legs, connected by thin brass rods shaping the two triangular supports for the tops.

Designer: Bartoli Design (Italy)
Manufacturer: Laurameroni (Italy)
Material: Top in glass and marble, structure in brass
Dimension: Three dimensions: cm 93 x 88 x 29 (h.), cm 93 x 88 x 38 (h.), cm 55 x 46 x 50 (h.).


Good Design Award 2015 for Curva chair by Bartoli Design

Curva is a family of office chairs designed by Bartoli Design, awarded with the Chicago Atheaneum's Good Design Award 2015.
The system pays homage to design classics with an easy identifiable product, simple and powerful in its shapes: a continuous, gentle but strained curve in three dimensional space that links the armrest to the base.

Designer: Bartoli Design (Italy)


Napi chair by Bartoli Design for Bonaldo

The Napi design is born from the exact need for a comfortable and padded chair, yet not upholstered in fabric or leather. Bartoli Design choses the polyurethane for the seat-back shell: a material which in Bartoli design's opinion is positively simple, not snob. They regard Napi as a “pop” item: as for its intended use (for anybody), as for its formal features and materials.

Designer: Bartoli Design (Italy)
Manufacturer: Bonaldo (Italy)
Inspired By: A curvilinear seating that tilts and bends softly like the butterfly Napi
Colours: The shell is available in white, anthracite grey, taupe, brown, arctic blue, brick-red



Atelier is the new range, featuring a design with its square-shaped doors, two new tops and many finishes in a variety of materials for an outstanding decorative effect: the natural or varnished wood, natural stones, acrylic materials like Corian® or entirely made of stainless steel, polished or varnished.

Designer: Atelier lab (Italy)
Manufacturer: Abimis (Italy)
Material: variety of materials
Colours: different colours



Manital introduces five finishes with different characteristics, but with a unique common denominator: the bronze colour. Three of them are absolute 2014 novelties: the Black Bronze Matt, the Dark Bronze Matt and the Bronze Matt with bright edges. In addition to these, the Company offers the Bronze Matt finish and its classic Satin Bronze finish.

Designer: Studio Manital (Italy)
Manufacturer: Manital (Italy)


Odette Armchair

A spectacular and stunning armchair made of varying circular elements placed side by side which surround the seat and make up the back, armrests and floor supports in an amazing play on balance and asymmetry.
Each element is upholstered in round velvet pintuck.
The colours are bright and intense: midnight blue, lime green and fuchsia alternate throughout the elements, giving life to the fun geometry of this armchair that looks like something out of a fantasy story.

Designer: Luca Bazzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Material: velvet


Leaves Collection

Atelier Mo.Ba. presented at Milan Furniture Fair 2014 Leaves Collection for the living.
Consisting of a dining table with chairs, a sideboard, a glass cabinet, a mirror and a column, is characterised by leaves decoration which gives it its name.
The decoration is made with the inlay technique, ton sur ton, and is present on each piece differently: as a texture completely covering the surface, alternating with wood grain of maple, or carved in the wood thickness to create sculptural details.

Designer: Luca Bazzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Atelier Mo.Ba. (Italy)
Material: curly maple



Small table in india palisander with marple inlays.
A versatile element, adaptables to different functions and uses: small table, container, consolle.
It fits any type of space becoming its protagonist. Five faces of Kubo are drown from a composition of rectangles of different sizes, which come up and intersect a proper tension and balance.

Designer: Luca Bazzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Atelier Mo.Ba. (Italy)
Material: India palisander and marple inlays.
Dimension: 100 x 100 x h 40


Celine Collection

It is a fine example of Atelier Mo.Ba.’s ability to combine cabinet-work with the art of
inlay; precious materials, such as mother-of-pearl, with more common materials like copper.
Of particular note is the skilful continuation of the decoration
around the corners, a distinctive detail of all Atelier Mo.Ba.

Designer: Luca Bazzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Atelier Mo.Ba. (Italy)
Inspired By: Art Deco
Material: Makassar Ebony, Mother of pearl



Bookcase whose structure consisting of trapezoidal elements of different sizes characterized by the unique amaranth colouring. It rises from a basic element on
the ground and then grows and branches out into a free composition, visibly balanced and
structurally stable.

Designer: Luca Bazzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Atelier Mo.Ba. (Italy)
Material: Solid sequoia
Dimension: 245 x 30 x h 214 cm; 170 x 30 x h 190 cm



Upright cabinet, bookcase, with 4 shelves and a drawer characterized by its minimalism and elegance derived from the materials is made with: flamed ebony for the exterior and leather inside. It can be used either individually or in pairs but also in series in order to develop the entire wall characterizing the spaces where it is located.

Designer: Luca Bazzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Atelier Mo.Ba. (Italy)
Material: ebony, leather
Dimension: 60 x 50 x h240 cm



A lamp with a metal structure covered with fabric in two versions: suspension or ceiling.
The shape, reminiscent of a windmill, enhances the features of the fabric finish, which offers glimpses of the structure in a continuous series of folds, lights and shadows.

Designer: Cambi, Scatena, Turini (Italy)
Manufacturer: Lucente (Italy)
Inspired By: Windmill
Material: metal structure covered with fabric
Colours: The stretch, washable fabric is available in ivory and dark red.
Dimension: Two sizes: diameter 80 and diameter 120 cm


Mini Libera

The new, smaller-sized version of the Libera lamp by Brian Rasmussen.
The “Mini” version is a versatile lamp that can be used in various different settings, is available in a halogen and LED version.
The Mini Libera has a dynamic wave-like movement created by its overlapping aluminium leaves. In the centre, a blown glass cylinder reflects the light on the elements to create striking light and shade effects.

Designer: Brian Rasmussen (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Lucente (Italy)
Inspired By: A dynamic wave-like movement
Material: Aluminium
Colours: Both the suspension and table version are available with a matt white painted finish.
Dimension: 20 cm in diameter


Hand Made collection for Lucente

The Hand Made collection marks the company’s first experimentation with fibreglass, to create a collection of lamps that exudes Italian craftsmanship and the fine “hand-made” expertise after which it is named.

Designer: Sandro Santantonio Design (Italy)
Manufacturer: Lucente (Italy)
Inspired By: Hand Made has organic inspiration that creates a notable impact due to its size.
Material: fibreglass
Colours: matt or glossy black and gold leaf; matt or glossy white and silver leaf
Dimension: ø 60 cm x 54 /58 (pouf) cm in height.


Odette Collection

Designed for the bedroom, based on the combination of two geometric elements, the parallelepiped and the cylinder, fused to create a perfectly balanced asymmetric shape.
It is made recognisable by the leaf decoration, which is hand-finished and created with a wood inlay that features in every piece.
The turquoise colour chosen for the decoration and the spheres present in all of the furniture adds a touch of light and freshness to the collection.
The collection can be customised.

Designer: Luca Bazzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Atelier Mo.Ba. (Italy)
Material: Santos rosewood



A completely upholstered armchair with a distinctive backrest that gradually rises up and away from the seat. The colour combinations of the fabrics chosen by Atelier Mo.Ba. enhance and emphasise the design of the armchair.
Giselle was designed as a high-impact and decorative addition for various spaces.
Atelier Mo.Ba. can provide its customers with a wide range of fabrics.

Designer: Luca Bazzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Atelier Mo.Ba. (Italy)
Inspired By: The backrest is reminiscent of parchment that, when unrolled, envelopes the seat on two sides.



A precious and elegant oblong storage container that stands out for its distinctive pattern of broken and overlapping lines produced using figured maple inlays. The inlays create compositions of rectangles and squares of different sizes that create a distinctive decoration for the colour contrasts between the two woods.
The Kubina has hidden drawers of different dimensions. The insides of the drawers is produced in tulip wood, a wood with a natural shine that creates an elegant “silk effect.”

Designer: Luca Bazzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Atelier Mo.Ba. (Italy)
Material: Indian rosewood with figured maple inlays. The legs are in polished brass.
Dimension: 200 x 55 x 69 cm



Elegant solid linden wood cupboard with a minimalist design that is strikingly modified by a substantial hand-engraved bass-relief with leaf motif.
Another distinctive feature is its colour: the linden wood, dyed in a dark colour and then aluminium-brushed, was refined with a sfumato effect using a specific and original shade of green which, when combined with the silver used for the inlay, creates a highly elegant overall colour effect.

Designer: Luca Bazzi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Atelier Mo.Ba. (Italy)
Material: Solid linden wood
Colours: Dark linden wood, silver brushed with a green glaze. The inlay is in scratched silver.
Dimension: 90 x 51 x 96 cm


Manital wins the Red Dot Design Award 2013

The new sliding door pull handles “Flat” and “Otto”, designed by Mario Mazzer, win the prestigious international prize Red Dot Design Award 2013 in the category “Product design”.
«After the Good Design Award 2012 obtained with the handle Alamaro, by Mario Mazzer, we feel honoured», declares Luigi Bigoloni, the owner of the Company, «to receive a new award for these two handles, designed to express our Made In Italy soul, based on design and technical innovation».

Designer: Mario Mazzer (Italy)
Manufacturer: MANITAL (Italy)


New Manital design handles

During the new edition of BAU 2013 (Munich, 14-19 January) the handle manufacturer Manital will present its new products, which are all characterised by technological and design innovation designed by Mario Mazzer. They are: the new handle Clinia and two recessed handles for sliding doors, Flat and Otto.
The company waits all the visitors at its stand: Hall B4 Stand 507.

Designer: Mario Mazzer (Italy)
Manufacturer: MANITAL (Italy)


Lucente & Mizar lighting new concept store .IT London

In the first weekend of December, at 20-22 Rosebery Avenue, in the heart of London design district, the new all-italian concept store “.IT”, designed by the architect Daniele
Bedini, will open.
The showroom will feature products of some of the most important Italian design companies. The lighting is exclusively supplied by Lucente and
Libera, Lancia, Up, Arum and Kalypso are some of the design lights by Lucente displayed in this new showroom.

Designer: Daniele Bedini (Italy)
Manufacturer: LUCENTE (Italy)
Inspired By: .IT is a multi flagship store for the following brands



An innovative system for sliding door pull: in one single plate, enveloping three sides of the door, are integrated both the locking and opening functions.
The opening and sliding functions are obtained by pushing the disk located in the upper part of the plate, while the locking function, by means of a thumb-turn knob, is located in the lower part of the same plate.

Designer: Mario Mazzer (Italy)
Manufacturer: MANITAL (Italy)
Material: special alloy
Colours: chrome, satin chrome



A sliding door pull which stands out for its design and technological innovation: a single plate, characterised by an elegant figure of eight shape (‘Otto’ means ‘eight’ in Italian) created by the intersection of two circles, combines the door’s opening and closing functions.
The lower circle englobes the thumb-turn locking knob, and the upper circle the sliding/opening function.

Designer: Mario Mazzer (Italy)
Manufacturer: MANITAL (Italy)
Material: forged brass
Colours: polished brass, satin brass, satin bronze, chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel,



Clinia is a door and window handle of balanced proportions with squared lines, characterized by the grip sloping downwards.

Designer: Mario Mazzer (Italy)
Manufacturer: MANITAL (Italy)
Material: forged brass
Colours: polished brass, satin brass, satin bronze, chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel


Morphos Light

An evolution of the door and window handle Morphos.

Designer: Manital Studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: MANITAL (Italy)
Material: forged brass
Colours: polished brass, satin brass, satin bronze, chrome plated, satin chrome, satin nickel



Product: door and window handle

With Morphos, Studio Hot Lab has designed a handle that represents a breakthrough in more severe, functional minimalism with no sharp edges. It is a fusion of simple geometrical shapes that skillfully combines materials and forms creating a play of proportions and reflections.

Designer: Hot Lab (Italy)
Manufacturer: MANITAL (Italy)
Material: solid brass
Colours: Finish: chrome plated, satin chrome, satin chrome/chrome plated, satin nickel, satin nickel/nickel



This door and window handle is an object of daily use made like a small sculpture.
Each detail of “Carmen” has been carefully studied to create a model having a determined but at the same time delicate design. The central groove, that runs on the handle, both front and back, makes it unique.

Designer: Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas (Italy)
Manufacturer: MANITAL (Italy)
Material: forged brass
Colours: Finish: chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel. Groove available in red, white, black, yellow, copper.



Eletta is a wall-mounted lamp that stands out for its oval design. The front of the lamp is in matte white varnished aluminium while the back is made from shiny transparent Plexiglas, creating a bright outline and an indirect and diffused lighting effect.

Designer: Lucente Lab (Italy)
Manufacturer: LUCENTE (Italy)
Material: Aluminium and plexiglas
Colours: matte white



Lancia is a pendant lamp with a winding and elongated form, composed of two sheets of white varnished metal, that have been placed on top of each other, bent and curved. It houses a 54W T5 electronic fluorescent light bulb.
The pendant lamp can be installed with the light directed either upwards or downwards. The upper shade is in glossy finish PMMA. The reflection of the light on the upper metallic surface creates a soft and diffused effect.

Designer: Lucente Lab (Italy)
Manufacturer: LUCENTE (Italy)
Material: metal



The minimalist and elegant lamp, already produced by the company in the wall-mounted version, is further enriched by this tabletop version.
3.6W 4000°K 220-240V direct light LED lighting.
The structure is in transparent and shiny Plexiglas, the base and the upper part, where the LED is housed, are in matte white varnished aluminium.

Designer: Lucente Lab (Italy)
Manufacturer: LUCENTE (Italy)
Material: Plexiglas
Colours: Transparent



Trapezium-shaped lamp designed to generate light at the wall and project it inwards thanks to a shape that creates a kind of continuity between the light source and the wall itself. Produced from matte white varnished aluminium, the lamp can be set at different angles.
LED 2x6W 220-240V lighting in Natural White 4100°K and Warm White 3000°K.

Designer: Mario Mazzer (Italy)
Manufacturer: LUCENTE (Italy)
Material: Aluminium
Colours: Matte white varnished aluminium



Amak is a series of lamps with an aluminium structure and a truncated cone form.
The lamp comes in the single wall-mounted, double wall-mounted, single pendant or multiple pendant with three or seven lamp versions.
The upper part of the lampshade has a series of ventilation openings that also give the simplistic and linear design of the object an additional degree of uniqueness and
LED lighting (3000°K warm light or 4100°K cold light), prism lamp transparent on the inside.

Designer: S&R Cornelissen (Belgium)
Manufacturer: LUCENTE (Italy)
Inspired By: The choice of materials and type of lighting highlight the projects focus on sustainability.
Material: Aluminium
Colours: Entirely varnished in matte white or matte black on the outside and matte white on the inside.



Evocative lamp made from different sized sheets of aluminium, placed on top of one another to create layers around a blown glass luminous cylinder that reflects the light onto the elements.
The light and shade effects, which change according to the angles, give the design dynamism and are reminiscent of waves.
The lamp is available in matte white in both the pendant and tabletop versions.

Designer: BRIAN RASMUSSEN (Denmark)
Manufacturer: LUCENTE (Italy)
Material: aluminium
Colours: matte white



The Ultra Slim Innovation rosette for door and pull handle features a highly reduced thickness from the 8-10 milimeters of the original Manital models to the present 3 mm. This formal and technical innovation allows to insert the return spring in the 3mm space for a perfect opening and closing of the door. This new rosette model enhances the door’s as well as the handle’s design.
The Ultra Slim Innovation rosette is available over the entire range of Manital products.

Designer: Manital (Italy)
Manufacturer: MANITAL (Italy)
Material: forged brass
Colours: polished brass, satin, brass, chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel


Geometric light

UP is a large floor lamp for both indoors and outdoors made of
polyethylene. The geometric rigour of forms is made softer and elegant
by a subtle embossed decoration that runs in irregular spirals across the entire lamp. Base and lampshade can be illuminated independently or together.
For the indoor version, stitched wool accessories are available in beige or red.

Designer: Mario Mazzer (Italy)
Manufacturer: LUCENTE (Italy)
Dimension: Ø155 60, H. 180



Door and window handle, pull handle and lift-and-slide pull handle, coat hook.
The design of “Alamaro” recalls the typical lacing and grommets of uniforms, featuring two buttons connected by a loop cord.
The front side of the handle – where the frog figure is designed – features a flat and very neat shape, while the back side is rounded and the handgrip end is almost spherical: these characteristics give it an elegant and light appearance, making it easy to use and pleasant to touch.

Designer: MARIO MAZZER (Italy)
Manufacturer: MANITAL (Italy)
Inspired By: Typical lacing and grommets of uniforms.
Material: forged brass
Colours: polished brass, satin, bronze, chrome, satin chrome, satin nickel, SDF (Super Durable Finish)



A modular system for indoor and outdoor use consisting of a track, which can be equipped with various accessories held by special supports. A cover hides the track and the hooks. The accessories can be easily moved along the track, added or removed. The cover can be designed with different shapes and it can be decorated. Profilo Smart can be modified according to projects of architects and designers and can be adapted to any style.

Designer: Lukas Design (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Inspired By: Flexibility
Material: Anodized aluminium



Technology, design and poetry are the guide lines that have taken to the planning of this big floor lamp, designed to be an elegant piece of furniture.
The shape of a bow, slender and fluid, offers a very wide lighting, thanks to the adjustable lighting head. Semjase is a perfect synthesis between a decorative and lighting-technical object and for this reason it finds a natural collocation both in public places (contract) and in private houses. It houses a halogen bulb.

Designer: Sandro Santantonio Design (Italy)
Manufacturer: LUCENTE (Italy)
Material: coated rigid expanded polyurethane
Dimension: cm 44,7 x cm 196 x cm 202



Milan, Italy


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