Mark Hetterich

Helmond, Netherlands


Split Cabinet

Split is the result of an experiment with shaped wood. The cabinet has a gently curved front serving as a handle. The veneer with an inner cut is pressed into two contrary directions creating the handle that can be accessed from both above and below. It makes additional and protruding handles obsolete. By mounting several panels together an attractive face occurs, reminiscent of the Scandinavian design
of the 50s.

Designer: Mark Hetterich (Germany)
Manufacturer: -
Inspired By: -
Material: shaped wood, bright oak
Colours: any, epends on veneer
Dimension: 380x520x350
Price: 800EUR


Vario Cup Holder

The Vario improves ergonomics of drinking beverages out of ps-cups by providing an ergonomic handle to hold onto and therefore prevents spilling and burning due to accidental dropping of the cup. The fact that the reusable and 100% recyclable Vario has an open bottom makes it fit a flood of different cup sizes, makes nesting possible and reduces material. Due to small wedges on the inside and a clamping effect whilst grabbing the handle it stays fastened to the cup without dropping down.

Designer: MarkHetterich, GBO design engineering (Germany)
Manufacturer: Haval BV (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Escher
Material: Polypropylene
Colours: Red, lime green, brown, beige, black, blue
Dimension: 80x65x45mm
Price: 0.50 EUR



Helmond, Netherlands






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