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Angel Vase

Angel is a flower vase sculpted on a single solid block of Spanish marble. The marble is carved using a mixtures of traditional techniques and is fully handmade by skilled marble artisans from the south of Spain.

The vase also includes a separate and portable copper vase which adds convenience by making it easier to change the water and refresh the flowers.

Designer: Ahsayane Studio (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (Spain)
Inspired By: Rock cut architecture
Material: Marble and cooper
Colours: White
Dimension: High 400mm x Wide 250mm x Depth 150mm *(Weight 25Kg)
Price: 695.00£ (Shipping not included)


Dot Porcelain Table

Dot Porcelain Table is a side table made of noble materials. It consists of a single porcelain top and an oak support of three legs. From the porcelain top surface grows a porcelain pot. Dot Porcelain Table is a unique side table as its top is a single porcelain piece.

This pot can be filled with any of the different elements that are typically placed on top of a side table, from snacks like candies, cookies, chocolates, sugar to decoration like a plant, dried flowers, etc.

Designer: Marcial Ahsayane & Miriam Liebana (Spain)
Material: Porcelain and oak
Colours: White
Dimension: 600mm (diam) x 450mm (high)


anima door handle

‘Anima’ is a light door handle that explores the tactile experience. The design consists of a body made out of brushed stainless steel that supports a leather strip.
This door handle presents a huge range of possibilities in lifestyle
decoration and future limited editions.

Designer: Marcial Ahsayane and Miriam Liebana (Spain)


Lollilla Chair

Lolilla chair takes inspiration from the beautiful and bold flamenco dresses of southern Spain. To make the chair, the designers fashioned ruffles and swirls using red and white fabric and hand mounted each piece one by one by with 120 bi-color balls atop white chair legs.

Designer: Marcial Ahsayane (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Ahsayane Studio (Belgium)
Inspired By: Spanish flamenco
Material: Wood, Aluminiun, rubber and fabrics
Colours: Red and white


Le Comic mailbox

“Le Comic mailbox” is a funny way of giving a different point of view to the entrance of home. In order to break the sameness in a neighborhood, the wall mounted mailbox provides home a fresh way to receive letters. It is inspired in a comic bubble and it has an independent compartment for advertisement flyers. Main body is manufactured in stainless steal and colored translucent acrylic door. Still the most important notifications are arriving via mail post.

Designer: Marcial Ahsayane (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Win Land CO (Hong Kong)
Material: stainless steal and colored translucent acrylic door
Dimension: 380 x 370 x 165 (mm)



“Infi_nity” is a connected sofa for two places. Different colours arecombinable. It is finished in leather and aluminium. The sofa becomes a link for daily life with your apartment partner, butstill gives to you of independence and privacy.

Designer: Marcial Ahsayane (Spain)
Material: Two combinable colour leather and aluminium.
Dimension: 2010mm x 700mm x 1100mm


Cul of Culture

The sofa is made in two separate parts. One part fits inside the other in order to be transported from manufacturer to shops, and to stores to homes in the less space possible. It is easy to assembly, and the final result is an elegant sofa for home.

It was named “Cul” firstly as abbreviation of culture due it was thought for store books. Secondly, you will be able to notice a “C”, “U” and “L” lined by its metallic frame.

Designer: Marcial Ahsayane (Belgium)
Material: Inox and Leather,
Colours: Black and Red
Dimension: 1170mm. x 950mm. x 660mm.


Magazine Bench

This is a simple bench to accommodate several people. The seat has a storage space magazine. Redefining the concept of simple furniture unit, Bench Magazine is a bench that is accompanied by the information store. It comes with a place along the side to save the magazine for the unit that is simple, portable and functional. The minimalistic seating option is made using oak and foam that offers many reasons to sit on it.

Designer: Marcial Ahsayane (Belgium)
Material: Oak and foam
Colours: Natural oak wood and soft green, soft blue, soft pink
Dimension: 2000x530x550(h)



London, United Kingdom


Industrial Design, Packaging


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Ahsayane Studio is design agency with an interdisciplinary creative culture. The office was founded by Marcial Ahsayane and Miriam Liebana. Our process turns ideas into products that help our clients compete more effectively and define new markets.



7 Arbutus Street
E84DT London
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