Luis Branco

Porto, Portugal


Black tv unit

Everyday we fight between the good and the bad, the wright and the wrong.Apparently even the most simple things can have an entire universe within.In this piece i've chose to use the solid american oak to represent the light and the warmth, and the lacquered and lacquered steel to represent the dark and cold, but if you notice in the pitch black hole i've apllied the led light to represent the light, the hope.This piece is composed by two drawers and an open space.

Designer: Luis Branco (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Branco (Portugal)
Material: solid american oak, lacquered mdf and lacquered steel
Colours: oak and mate black
Dimension: 1800x470x450mm
Price: price over request


squared coffee table

Designed to be an piece that stands time and wear. I've designed this in the search to create a coffee table that can go from father to son by the solid materials and the intemporal design.
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Designer: Luis Branco (Portugal)
Inspired By: relation between squares and rectangles
Material: wallnut and lacquered stainless steel
Price: over request


XO bedside table lamp

XO is a bedside table table composed by lacquered stainless steel, led lights and has an USB entrance so you can charge your portable devices such as iphone, ipad, gopro and so on...
I have designed this piece focusing on leaving the interior with free space so you can illuminate objects that you find important or just to brighten them up, from a simple wallet that you don't want to forget, a phone, a picture or a toy in your kid's room before he goes to sleep.

Designer: Luis Branco (Portugal)
Inspired By: the letters
Material: lacquered stainless steel and led lights
Colours: black
Price: price over request



I had the idea to design a stool inspired by the simplicity of a paper clip and a bottle cork. Exploring the relation between the recycled aluminum and the cork, thomas is the result.

Designer: Luis Branco (Portugal)
Inspired By: paper clip and a bottle cork
Material: cork and recycled aluminium
Colours: over demand



In this work i decided to explore the relationship between two environmental friendly materials to create a bench. The materials of choice are the cork for the base and for the structure recycled aluminum. Cork is a natural material with properties very propicious to comfort and recycled aluminum provides all the rigidity and support needed for durability and lightness that i intended.

Designer: Luis Branco (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Inspired By: recycled materials
Material: cork + recycled aluminium
Colours: by demand
Price: price on request


killer arrow

Inspired by the quote "that which doesn't kill me makes me stronger" by Friedrich Nietzsch i have drawn this bedside table to represent our condition as human beings. Many times, on everyday life we feel like the arrows that were supposed to kill us are the ones that keep us standing.

Designer: Luis Branco (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Material: solid walnut and gold
Colours: all colours available
Dimension: 23.6 width x 20.47height x 17.72depth (inches) 600width x 520 height x 450depth (in mm)
Price: price over request



This lamp was inspired by the fragility of the condition of human life. The white pieces represent the links in the column and the light within it is the life and all the sensations that run through the interior of the spine to the brain. The lamp is supported by three cables that connect to a bullet to alert our fleeting and fragile condition.

Designer: Luis Branco (Portugal)
Inspired By: human column
Material: glass, stainless steel and acrylic
Colours: white
Dimension: 1650mm in diameter and 550mm height
Price: Price over request



Pure gold toilet paper support

Designer: Luis Branco (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Inspired By: This piece is inspired by what i feel about the way my generation is being treated
Material: Gold
Colours: Gold
Dimension: 200x150x95mm
Price: Price over request



Porto, Portugal


Industrial Design




ESAD - Escola Superior Artes e Design


Bombay Sapphire Portuguese winner




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