Letitia Pintilie

Cluj Napoca, Romania


Resin necklace

Resin, copper, Murano glass.

Designer: Leti


Resin ring

Resin + freshwater pearls + peanut shells = ring.

Designer: Leti (Romania)
Manufacturer: Leti (Romania)
Inspired By: durability.
Material: resin, pearls, peanut shells
Colours: yellow, beige, ivory


Recycled plastic brooch

Brooch made out of recycled plastic bottle,fresh water pearls,enameled copper wire and faceted orange aventurine beads.

Designer: Leti (Romania)
Manufacturer: (Romania)
Inspired By: recycling
Material: plastic,wire,gemstones,pearls
Colours: blue,brown,white,orange
Dimension: 11 x 9 x 4.5 cm


Blue Chilli Necklace

Enameled copper wire,dancing around a blue chilli Murano glass pendant,completed with seed beads fringes.

Designer: Leti (Romania)
Material: glass,copper wire
Colours: light blue,brown,turquoise



A story of the green glass and enameled copper wire.

Designer: Leti (Romania)
Manufacturer: (Romania)
Inspired By: spirals
Material: glass,enameled copper wire
Colours: green,brown



A bold necklace,for free spirits.

Designer: Leti (Romania)
Manufacturer: handmade (Romania)
Inspired By: this time,the only inspiration source consisted in the mere presence materials.
Material: enameled copper wire,black river stone,black suede leather,freshwater pearls and seed beads.
Colours: black,brown,ivory


Copper necklace

Copper necklace,with a touch of red (glass) and dusty green (rain forest rhyolite).

Designer: Leti
Manufacturer: (Romania)
Inspired By: captivity


Nature Ring

A big ring ,in natural colours,and dazzling swirls of wire.

Designer: Leti (Romania)
Manufacturer: (Romania)
Inspired By: woods
Material: enameled copper wire,glass,coconut shell.
Colours: dusty green,brown



not a big fan of boring jewelry.


Cluj Napoca, Romania




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Cluj Napoca

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