Lambert Kamps

Groningen, Netherlands


children's pillow tent

Small inflatable Pillow Tent for indoor use in the Anthropologie shop in Seattle. The tent functions as a small playground for children, while the parents take a look at the products in the shop. The interior is made of soft colorful materials which create a cozy atmosphere so the children feel directly at home!

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: children
Material: textile
Colours: divers
Dimension: 4m. x 4m. x 2m.


Touch of Time

Touch of Time is a digital clock that shows people time as we are used to, but also mirror wise for visibility from the other site and in negative view. Its running faster or slowing down and shows figures and patterns. The project, on show at the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: TecAir (Netherlands)
Inspired By: light, movement, pneumatics, urban display's
Material: electronics, aluminium, air
Colours: aluminium, white light,
Dimension: 10m. x 5m.



The Reversor is a machine that makes an irreversible action reversible. When you are hesitating to cut a tree, use this machine. By pulling the handle you bring the felled tree back in its original position.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (New Zealand)
Inspired By: Nature and machines
Material: steel
Colours: green
Dimension: 2 x 2 x 3 meter


Tube Lamp Clock

The Tube Lamp Clock is an installation of 30 pneumatically moving Tube Lamps installed and steered as a digital clock. The moving lamps have an attractive effect on the viewers. It doesn’t only give you the time, it also offers you an amazing moment. The tube lamps can also be used individual for different purposes. The amount of light can be controlled by moving the light emitting tube in or out the outer tube by compressed air.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: pneumatics
Material: electronics, plastic
Colours: white, gray
Dimension: 6m x 1m x 3m
Price: euro 30.000


Fiat Gondola

Car reused as a boat. An old car is turned upside down, the botom is removed and it is made watertight so it can be used as a boat.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: recycling
Material: old car and polyester
Colours: black and grey
Dimension: 4m x 1.7m x 1.5m
Price: 4000.-


Data Line

New infrastructure for internet and lightning at the half demolished sugar factory in Groningen (NL).

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: lightning and old infra structure
Material: wood, steel, electronics
Colours: divers
Dimension: 50 m x 1m x 8m
Price: 6000.-


Animation Billboard

The quayside in the city of Assen (NL) is enriched with a billboard that I have designed and produced. This billboard shows in an animation the residents of Assen what the near future will be of this outdated industrial area next to the city center. The unveiling of the object was also the start of the work which will transform the area the coming ten years into a modern urban living area. The billboard is moveable and will always accompany the work.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: billboards, animation, lightning
Material: steel, container, plastic, lamps
Colours: white, red, green, orange, yellow
Dimension: 6m x 2.6m x 7.4m
Price: made for private customer


Cozy Shelter

The Cozy Shelter, is a inflatable hiding place that has the defensive look of a sandbag fortress from the outside. The inside is a contrast with the outside, it appears like a pastel collard cave, people can enjoy the cozy and safe atmosphere of soft woolen blankets.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: daily sociaty
Material: textile
Colours: gold/brouwn
Dimension: 2 x 4 meter
Price: 8000


Street Vendors Market Stall

Mobile street vendors market stall, used to investigate if it is possible to create new business on the streets of Groningen. It combines typical local food and drinks with all kind of services and a special roof top terrace, which can also be a stage for a street artist. The stall is easy connectable to a special bike so you can bring it there where the business is.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Street culture
Material: steel, wood, plastic, fabric
Colours: green, white, red
Dimension: L x W x H 1,8m x 1,2m x 5
Price: 5000.-


Pillow Tent

Tent made out of inflatable airbags. The round forms give the object its strength, so there are no hard sticks needed. The tent can be used on festivals, during feasts but also for camping.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: air
Material: plastic airbags and textile
Colours: white, others are posible
Dimension: 8 m x 6 m
Price: 10.000.-


Coffee Bar

Mobile coffee bar, to offer coffee and other drinks on location. The word BAR emerge in iluminated letters in the front. The bar is made for the office of De Jongens Ronner.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Coffee
Material: wood & Polyester
Colours: bleu
Dimension: 150 x 70 x 120 cm
Price: 2500.-


Caterpillar tent

Flexible inflatable tent, specially designed and made for quick presentations, as movies, theatre or lectures. The construction of the tent consists out of pressed air in the hollow walls. In this way it is possible to build it up fast and easy by two persons.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: catarpillar
Material: soft PVC
Colours: All colours are posible
Dimension: 10 m x 9 m x 3,5 m
Price: 14000.-


Wafle Chair

The Waffle chairs are made for more than sitting on alone.The chairs can produce their own pillows two by baking soft warm waffles or wafle chaped pillows from PU foam. Both sides of the seat are made of baking irons, when they're hot you only have to put the waffle pillow pastry on and close the seat. In five minutes the soft, warm waffle pillow is ready.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Double function
Material: steel, hydraulics and electronics
Colours: gray
Dimension: 0.5 m x 0.5 m x 1 m
Price: 7000.-


Video Folly

Inflatable flexible video folly for indoor media presentations in exhibitions or public spaces. The construction is made of tight airbags with a cover of strong textile. The folly leans to the wall.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps Art&Design (Netherlands)
Inspired By: air and textile
Material: plastic and textile
Colours: black and white, other collours are posible
Dimension: 5m x 4m x 3,5m
Price: 6000.-


Fat Furniture

Fat shaped furniture inspired by the growing obesed people in the western consumption society.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: obesed people
Material: metal, foam, fabric
Colours: divers
Dimension: 0.5 x 0.5 x 1 meater
Price: 1500.- / 2500.-


Tube lamp

The tube lamp is a analog dim system. When the light emitting tube moves in the other tube the intention of light gets lower. When the tube moves out the intention of light gets higher. The system works by pressed air. The following link to you tube shows a movie where the lamp is in action.

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps Art&Design (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Hydraulic technic
Material: PVC, PP, electronics, pressed air
Colours: grey
Dimension: 12 cm x 70 cm or 120 cm
Price: 3000.-





Groningen, Netherlands


Interior Design, Architecture, Exhibition Design


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About Lambert Kamps

Lambert Kamps is an artist and designer based in Groningen (The Netherlands). Lambert studied fashion and design befor attanding the school of fine arts in Groningen. His work widely exhibited in galaries, art fairs and in site-specific instalations or happenings is known for blurring boundaries between art, architecture and design.


16 jears


MDGO fashion 1994
Academi for fine art Minerva Groningen 1999


Utrechtse Design prijs
European design award
Germandesign award


Salone Mel Mibile Milan 2016
London design Festival 2016
Dutch design week 2016


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Art, design and architecture projects

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