LUX Design

Toronto, Canada


Shaw Residence

This front living room is both classic and luxurious, without the heaviness.

Designer: LUX Design


Reactiv Studio

A production studio needed a fresh office space that went from day to night, from work to entertainment.

Designer: LUX Design


Jimmy's Cafe

Located right in the heart of downtown Toronto, we added some glam to the historical in this unique cafe.

Designer: LUX Design


Murano Suite

With bold colours and unique accessories, we gave a bland condo some much needed personality.

Designer: LUX Design


Pearl Spa

350 sq. ft Spa made large and spacious through high end materials and smart space planning.

Designer: LUX Design


Reception Desk

Most people would use a napkin and throw it away. To others, it transforms from a mere napkin into a major source of inspiration. LUX Design has taken a napkin, found by a client at a favourite restaurant, and has turned it into a custom reception desk at a Dentist Office at the University of Guelph. The desk front is made out of black adhesive vinyl, the patterns cut with a CNC machine. It was then placed onto a mirror, giving it a luxurious and expensive look for a very decent price.

Designer: LUX Design


LUX design - Trendy Dental Office

Soak yourself in sophistication and luxury. Throw away your preconceived notions regarding a typical visit to the Dentist. LUX Design, a premier Toronto based company, transforms university dental offices from drab to fab by draping the spaces from floor to ceiling in chic, modern design. The black and white palate of the Dentistries creates the stylish comfort that embodies LUX Design’s main philosophy of luxurious, sophisticated, and stylish design.

Designer: Isabelle Glinka // LUX design (Canada)
Manufacturer: LUX interior design (Canada)
Material: mirror, lucite, marble, metal, crystals
Colours: black, white, grey, mirror



SPA design

Designer: Isabelle Glinka (Canada)
Manufacturer: LUX design (Canada)



Toronto, Canada


Interior Design, Design Management, Architecture




...LUX Design is Torontos premier Interior Design firm. Our specialty is not in what we design but the style in which we design it. Whether a residential design or a spa, hotel, cafe or lounge, we ensure our Clients expectations are not only met but exceeded.

You are our top priority at LUX Design. We are experts at taking your ideas to the next level and maximizing potential of your space, your style and your budget


Hotel, Spa, Lounge, Condo and Residential Design


Canadian Interiors Dentist Office Design Toronto, in March/April Issue 2010


Hotel Design, Spa Design, Lounge Design, Condo Lobby Design, Residential Design


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