John Caswell

Bristol, United Kingdom


Sylvester Bird Box

Inspired by the classic cartoon Sylvester and Tweety, this bird box is designed to look like a cat eagerly awaiting its next meal.

Designer: John Caswell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Suck UK (United Kingdom)
Material: Plywood
Dimension: 150 x 177 x 140mm
Price: £25


Weapon of Mass Construction

'Weapon of Mass Construction' is a t-shirt designed to persuade people to make chairs not war.

Designer: John Caswell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Spreadshirt (Germany)
Material: 100% cotton
Colours: lots available
Dimension: s - xxxl
Price: £10.90


Surf, Skate & Ride

'Surf, Skate & Ride' are a set of three oak doorstops depicting three miniature extreme sports characters.

Designer: John Caswell (United Kingdom)


Mr Switch by John Caswell

‘Mr Switch’ is designed to add a little character to an otherwise inanimate object.
Currently looking for a manufacturer.

Designer: John Caswell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Looking for manufacturer



Bristol, United Kingdom


Industrial Design, 3-D Modeling, Point of Purchase





United Kingdom

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