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This project examines the use of packaging during the manufacturing process of the object. The packaging is used as the mold of the object; it defines and influences its form and surface, and it is being integrated into the object itself.
The act of opening of the mold is transferred from the manufacturer to the costumer, who is given the preliminary experience of revealing of the object.

Designer: itay ohaly
Material: PU


Fracture by Itay Ohaly

Fracture is a part of life and nature.

Fractures have different forms that derive from the material structure and the type and strength of energy that is
activated upon it.
This project is an exploration of the material characteristics,
in fracture. It presents the wild and unique aesthetics of each material and its interaction with intense energy.

Designer: Itay Ohaly (Israel)


Color rings

The rings were carved out of an old painting table, taken from a children's furnitures carpentry.
It takes 4 month of daily painting to reach this thickness, creating a new material to work with.
The layers are acrylic paint, while the wood is a part of the original painting table.

Designer: Itay Ohaly (Israel)


Always wanted to be a chandelier

Hanged floor light

Designer: Itay Ohaly (Israel)









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