Porto, Portugal


Figueroa Sofa

Figueroa sofa has the same lines of the original armchair. The exterior represents the long curves of Figueroa mountain while the mountainside ripples were placed on the inside. The top features the great bow of the skyline and the yellow tone of the ground is replaced by the base in brushed brass.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)


Navajo Canyon | Cabinet

Diné Bikeyah or Navajoland is located in the United States of America. In this impressive territory with dozen national monuments that cross Utah,
Arizona and New Mexico, we find Navajo Canyon, a magnificent cliff formation.
The sandstone canyon high waved walls in brownish red and white tones
contrasting with Lake Powell’s blue waters perform an impressive sight.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Material: Walnut, Sycamore


Western | Sofa

Western sofa is similar to the original design of the Western armchair that rescues the image of a cowboy hat standing in a saddle rack. The top performs the concave hat with rounded tabs and the band around it turns into a comfortable cushion. The base in walnut approaches the structure and color of the saddle rack.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Material: Walnut


Alentejo | Side Table

Alentejo side table is a glimpse over the South of Portugal where thousands of cork oaks trees raise their canopies to the sky. Overlapped on branches opened in obtuse angles, the canopies are separated from their support bases, being gracefully balanced above the ground. These typical trees seem like tables spread across the horizon.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)


Figueroa | Armchair

Located in the sunny California on the south-west of the United States of America, the charming Figueroa Mountain is a magical landscape that led to the creation of the Figueroa armchair. The long curves of this mountain were taken to the armchair’s exterior and the mountainside ripples, that seem to have been dug by large fingers coming from the sky, were placed on the inside.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Material: Brass


Tree Branches Wall Lamp

Tree Branches wall lamp handcrafted in hammered patinated brass recreates the sunbeams that pierce the forests. The technique of the original side table is detailed as if we were closely looking to a single branch that hides us from the sunlight while we stand in its shadow. The light only appears on a secondary plan, brightening the wall around it.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: INSIDHERLAND (Portugal)
Material: Hammered Brass


Inspiring Trees | Wall Lamp Large

Recreating a vertical ‘treetop’, the new large version of Inspiring Trees wall lamp follows the same image and proportions of the original wall lamp. The light is distributed by the several levels and diffuses controlled by the geometry of the overlapping pieces, lighting the surrounding space in an unexpectedly way.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: INSIDHERLAND (Portugal)
Material: Handcrafted brushed brass finished in gloss varnish.


Inspiring Trees | Floor Lamp

Following the success of Inspiring Trees table lamp, this new floor lamp is an imposing handcrafted piece in hammered brass finished with a golden bath that carries the same personal fascination for trees. The 'treetop' captures the richness of light and shadows present in any real tree, leaving a serene brightness take care of its trunk and base.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: INSIDHERLAND (Portugal)
Material: Top: handcrafted in hammered brass. Base: handcrafted in polished brass.


Tuna Kvarn

After creating the bookcase Into the Woods to represent a long walk through the Swedish woods towards the top a mountain, Joana Santos Barbosa conceived the mirror Tuna Kvarn to show what she saw while reaching the top. The irregular forms of the frozen lake, created by a simple mirror, are as faithful to reality as the distant memory allowed.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: INSIDHERLAND (Portugal)
Material: Handcrafted frame in cast brass with aged effect finished in gloss varnish


Western | Armchair

The unquestionable image and forms of the captivating Western armchair suddenly appeared in the mind of Joana Santos Barbosa and the creative process had to be focused on absorbing the most dominant features of her cowboy hat and a saddle rack to transform that simple, yet challenging, image into a functional Piece of Art.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: INSIDHERLAND (Portugal)
Material: Structure in walnut finished in half gloss varnish.


Into The Woods | Bookcase

Into The Woods bookcase is the newest addition to the Beyond Memory Collection.
Many years after visited the heart of Sweden, Joana Santos Barbosa creates ‘Into the Woods’ to celebrate the charm of Nordic nature.
Each vertical element extends an arm of stylized blades in oxidized brushed brass designed to freely touch the remaining tree trunks and each organic element of the bookcase was designed to create a variety of shadows that move according to the lights of the surrounding space.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)


Tree Branches | Mirror

The mirror ‘Tree Branches’ adds the missing piece to the wreath of leaves left incomplete in the side table with the same name. The handmade traditional art of marquetry is the queen of the set by putting together three different tones and shapes of burned rosewood, ebony and olive tree in half gloss finish that perfectly imitate the dry touch of autumnal leaves. The beveled details allow each leave to detach from the wall, in a seemingly disorganized set that honors the splendor of the season.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)


Na Pali | Tables

Numerous sculpted needles extend across the towering cliffs of the breathtaking Na Pali Coast. The Na Pali tables recreate the seamless parallel throughout the slope, as if each needle had been highlighted from the remaining weight of the surrounding mountainous. The connection between the walnut pieces in half gloss varnish appears reduced in oxidized brass and the glass tops take the central faceted shape, allowing the observation of each individual blade between the empty spaces.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: INSIDHERLAND (Portugal)


The Special Tree | Sideboard

The Special Tree sideboard is a redesign of the original cabinet with the same name. Featuring the Summer season, three types of exotic roots in their natural color in high gloss finish cover this empowering creation and the base with tree trunks are finished in oxidized brushed brass.
In the center, the most special tree preserves the subtle carved jewelry work with the name of the creation as well as the small wavy brass branches lifting the interior glass shelf.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: INSIDHERLAND (Portugal)


The Special Tree

The Special Tree is a tree in which two lovers write the promise of an everlasting love; a small tree on the bank of a lake that stands out as the center of a geometrized composition. Five ‘cups’ on top of 'trunks' in polished copper, form an imposing grove with the splendor of autumn colors in a mysterious creation where a high gloss finish makes us foresee its own reflection on the water’s surface.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Inspired By: The tree in which two lovers write the promise of an everlasting love
Material: Top finished with exotic veneers in high gloss varnish. Base handcrafted in polished copper.
Dimension: HEIGHT. 78,74 | 200 cm WIDTH. 35,43 | 90 cm DEPTH. 31,10 | 79 cm


Four... for Luck console

Continuing the interpretation of the Legend of the four leaf clover materialized in the Four... for Luck center table, in this console with the top made with exquisite rosewood marquetry work, it is drawn a chaos under which each four leaf clover is revealed only with a careful look. The original proportion is emphasized and the long stems appear to invent a wavy dance that unites them.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: INSIDHERLAND (Portugal)
Inspired By: The legend of the four leaf clover
Material: Structure finished in rosewood veneer. Feet in polished brass finished with varnish.
Dimension: HEIGHT. 35,43 | 90 cm WIDTH. 59,06 | 150 cm DEPTH. 17,72 | 45 cm


Between Waves

Between Waves is a sofa inspired by the sea that celebrates the simplicity of the natural world and the pleasure of an unapproachable luxury. Raised as a trophy by four hand-carved whelks covered with gold leaf, Between Waves values the concept of protection as a shell that keeps inside a delicate and undefended being.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Manufacturer: INSIDHERLAND
Inspired By: A seaside nature
Material: Exterior lacquered half gloss; interior and whelks in gold leaf; upholstery in cotton velvet.
Dimension: 2 seat sofa HEIGHT. 29,53 | 75 cm WIDTH. 73,23 | 186 cm DEPTH. 36,22 | 92 cm



Homeland represents the values of the place where we are born; a safe and protective place. Integrally covered by hand, the outer irregular blank matte finish is surprising by the high quality of his satiny touch and each piece turns out to be unique, endowed of by unrepeatable details.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Inspired By: An ancient cottage, with irregular walls covered with whitewash. Symbolizes the affection in a home.
Dimension: HEIGHT. 46,46 |118 cm WIDTH. 50,79 | 129 cm DEPTH. 17,80 | 45 cm


Four... for Luck

Four...for Luck is a special clover with a creative process based on the interpretation of the Legend of the 4 leaf clover, in which each petal represents a meaning. The concept of total independence was explored so that the four constituent parts of the whole - Hope, Faith, Love and Luck - can play a free specific role whenever necessary.

Designer: Joana Santos Barbosa (Portugal)
Inspired By: The legend of the four leaf clover
Material: Structure finished in rosewood veneer. Feet in polished brass finished with high gloss varnish.
Dimension: Table (4 petals) HEIGHT. 18,90 | 48 cm WIDTH. 31,50 | 80 cm DEPTH. 31,50 | 80 cm



Porto, Portugal


Design Management, Interior Design


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INSIDHERLAND tells stories through Art Pieces with function.

INSIDHERLAND is dedicated to high quality Furniture Design. The name results from an assemblage of words that, involving a real personality, evokes a new Land to explore.





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