izmir, Turkey



Slope is a writing desk which has the looks of a ladder. Driven from its graphical side features, shelves starting from the top, turns into a desk in the lower level. Slope, composed of solid oak and mdf is designed to have an innovative and aesthetic features which would distinguish itself among other office desks. Two versions, one shorter, one of a longer version fits both office and home environments.

Designer: Pinar Yar + Tugrul Gövsa (Turkey)
Manufacturer: GAEAforms (Turkey)
Material: Oak + MDF
Colours: black, white, pink, mustard, red, chocolate
Dimension: 60 x 70 x h 190 / 70 x 150 x h 160


Cross table by GAEAforms

Cross table has legs that are mirrored away from each other which suggest a feel of walking. Wooden or lacquered finish with vivid colors.

Designer: pinar yar + tugrul govsa (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Govsa Composites (Turkey)


Mirror bench by GAEAforms

New Indoor & Outdoor Bench by GAEAforms.

Designer: pinar yar & tugrul gövsa (Turkey)
Manufacturer: GAEAFORMS (Turkey)


01 Storage systems

By combining two contrary material properties and processes- wood
and composites, the designers Pinar Yar + Tugrul Govsa have created
an experimented surface that is sealed with each other to create an
illusion of a molded wooden cabinet surface. Wooden box, with a more
linear process is combined with an organic molded piece of composite
material. This gives depth to the storage unit, functions as a handle and
makes object look as if it was breathing.

Designer: pinar yar + tugrul govsa



Trip table is a highly decorative piece which is almost sculptural. Four sided top surface is dynamic and the hollowness in the middle gives the piece an unusual depth. One sized, lacquered piece functions as a free standing coffee table as well as a bedside table which is cast from composite material. Thinner walls filled with polyurethane makes the piece lighter, stronger and perfectly suitable for outdoors.

Designer: PINAR YAR + TUGRUL GOVSA (Turkey)
Manufacturer: GOVSA COMPOSITES (Turkey)


3Step Chair by GAEAforms

When looked at it, one is suprised by the 5th and 6th additional legs. Suggesting an animated walking movement, Step chair seems to go 1 step forward and 2 steps backward. Trying to combine the 3 most important factors: the comfort, visual looks and production, this chair transforms the idea of a chair from a simple and usual one into an unusual and playful one. Always have to function right the seat is ergonomically molded and held by a wooden frame which then is laquered. For this reason the best material was fiberglass and production method was vacuum infusion. This thin shell allows for the chair to be really light and rigid at the same time while forming a perfect ergonomic comfort and a suprising visual looks.

Designer: Pınar Yar & Tugrul Govsa Made in Turkey



Gaeaforms @ IMM 2008 KÖLN

LEAF hammock is a re-thought luxury for 24/7 society who tries to have a midlife balance between responsibilities of being individuals, parents, professionals and consumers. Inspired by nature and earthly systems it responds to human needs while creating a wellbeing luxury.

Designer: Pinar Yar / Gaeaforms Made in Turkey




izmir, Turkey






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