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Evolve Ring Silver

Silver Ring created with parametric modeling techniques & genetic codes
The two designers used artificial selection in genetic algorithms to unleash a population of ring designs. From this first generation they selected the most appealing individuals, which passed on attributes to the next generation. Iterating the evolutionary process they guided the ring's evolution step-by-step towards the silver ring's final shape. Thus survival-of-the-fittest becomes survival-of-the-most-aesthetic

Designer: Michal Piasecki, Krystian Kwieciński(Poland)
Manufacturer: Fluid Forms (Austria)
Inspired By: Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Genetic Codes
Material: 925 silver
Colours: silver
Dimension: 55mm & 60mm
Price: 180 Euro (EU) + shipping; 150 Euro (worldwide) + shipping


Streets Clock

Choose your favorite city on & turn it into a stylish wall clock made of wood or acrylic.

Designer: Fluid Forms, John Briscella (Austria)
Manufacturer: Fluid Forms (Austria)
Inspired By: Street Maps
Material: Acrylic Wood
Colours: different wood, orange, black, white, yellow, blue, grey, red
Dimension: 300 mm
Price: 120 Euro


Earth Cufflinks Silver

Choose a location on an interactive map on and turn it into a unique set of silver cufflinks.

Designer: Hannes Walter, Stephen Williams (Austria)
Manufacturer: Fluid Forms (Austria)
Inspired By: Mother Earth
Material: 925 silver
Colours: silver
Dimension: ~ 15x15x4 mm
Price: 250 Euro


Möbius Ring Silver

Visitors of design their own silver ring by entering the date of a special moment (e.g. wedding day or birthday).

The design of the unique silver ring is inspired by the Möbius strip. Similar to other Fluid Forms products the Möbius Ring Silver distinguishes itself through its extraordinary and unique layered aesthetics.

The layers can be interpreted as the sum of all the experiences made after the special moment that influence what a person has become.

Designer: Hannes Walter, Stephen Williams (Austria)
Manufacturer: Fluid Forms (Austria)
Inspired By: Möbius strip
Material: 975 silver
Colours: silver
Dimension: different sizes available
Price: 300 Euros


Earth Brooch Silver

The Earth Brooch Silver is an eclectic custom piece of jewelry you can easily design yourself. On you can choose a landscape on an interactive map and turn it into unique jewelry.

Designer: Hannes Walter, Stephen Williams (Austria)
Manufacturer: Fluid Forms (Austria)
Inspired By: the Earth
Material: 975 silver
Colours: silver
Dimension: 30x30x6 mm


QR Belt Buckle

The QR Belt Buckle is the geek couture realization of the classic signet ring. Turn your personal contact data, the URL of your website or a personal message into a 2D Barcode and design your own belt buckle from it.

Designer: Fluid Forms (Austria)
Manufacturer: Fluid Forms (Austria)
Inspired By: QR Code discussion on ARS Electronica
Material: Corian&metal
Colours: black/white; metalic
Dimension: 60x60x25mm


EARTH-White Lamp

The EARTH-White Lamp is a lampshade users design by themselves on They choose a section of the earth. We transform the unique landscape into into a stylish 3d-printed atmospheric lamp.

Designer: Fluid Forms (Austria)
Manufacturer: Fluid Forms (Austria)



CASSIUS, an interactive design interface, invites users to a virtual boxing match. Users compete with their computer-mouse against a 3D model of a punching bag. Virtual boxing gloves give blows on this bag and thus form a unique design object. On the basis of the readily adapted computer model, production data is generated instantly and transmitted to the own production facilities. 3D printers transform the virtual draft layer by layer into an exclusive piece of art.

Designer: Fluid Forms (Austria)
Manufacturer: Fluid Forms (Austria)



The surface of the FLUID EARTH sculpture is defined through the individual selection of a particular section of the earth and can be e surface of FLUID EARTH Bowl is then sanded, oiled and polished bmodified through the use of a simple Online Design Tool on Simply select your desired location and within seconds you can view it in the form of a FLUID EARTH sculpture. A computer controlled machine carves the Sculpture following the topography of your chosen landscape.

Designer: Hannes Walter and Stephen Williams (New Zealand)
Manufacturer: RUZICKA Holz Manufaktur Technologie (Austria)


Fluid Earth by Fluidforms

Transform the earth's surface into design items New York dazzles in your living room, Paris blazes in the bedroom and in the kitchen apples are rolling through San Francisco: You can have the world at your fingers with these elegant FLUID EARTH designer items. Simply select your favourite place, order online and your self-made lamp or bowl is ready to enliven your living room.

Design at home – for the home FLUID EARTH is an innovative, easy to use Online-Design-Tool, with which you can design unique objects for the home, at home. Simply select your desired region and see it represented as a lamp or a bowl. Naturally, the selection can also be enlarged, decreased and shifted. At the same time the finished product is displayed as a 3D-Model. This unique item can be easily ordered from the online-shop and will grace your home within two weeks.

World Wide Wood Whether as a fruit bowl, a safe haven for your keys or as artwork, the personally designed FLUID EARTH Bowl brings life to every living room. The unique wooden bowl is CNC-Milled to perfection, through which the contour line structure emerges. To cap it all off the surface is hand sanded, oiled and polished. Felt feet and hooks are attached to the bottom to enable vertical and horizontal display.

Your home in the spotlight The FLUID EARTH light impressively combines design and modern technology: The lampshades are 3D-printed according to each order. The fine steps associated with this innovative process give FLUID EARTH its trademark appearance. The light is mounted on a brushed aluminium frame and is equipped with an energy saving ring bulb. It can light up your home either as a wall or table lamp.

And this is how it works With the Online-Design-Tool it’s a piece-of-cake to create original one-of-a-kind items. This is possible through the combination of Google-Maps, a NASA Satellite-Database and software specially developed by the Austrian Design-Label FLUIDFORMS.

Designer: FLUIDFORMS Made in Austria



Fluidforms VIDEO

Who could have missed Fluidforms at the Salone Satellite in Milan 2006? A punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves were the the only tools - waiting for the customer to form his or her individual lampshade CASSIUS. The initial form for the customer to beat into shape, a cylinder. Sensors in the inside of the punching bag transmited the punches to the computer, which morphed the cylinder according to the positions and strength of the blows. Each punch changed the shape of the object. The vision in the mind of the customer comes to life through physical power...



Vase Drift

The form of the Vase Drift emerges out of mathematical formulas initially developed for the modelling of natural motion. Laminated woods and computer controlled production facilities are the basis for the shapely impressions of these unique pieces. Hand sanding and exact end control guarantees exclusive quality. The wood structure is protected with natural oil and the inside consists of a heart of glass. Every unique piece has a running number and can be furnished, on request, with a dedication.



Graz, Austria


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