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Corporativo Capital Reforma

Consolidate two companies —that finally became one—in the same space and set the standards of how the company´s offices must be around the world is not an easy task. This is why attending the customer´s request and shaping their identity was an opportunity not to be wasted. How we did it? Incorporating in floors, walls and ceilings some details or references that we may find when we board a plane.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)
Dimension: 1700 m2


Corporativo en Reforma Diana

Open spaces are the main feature of this project located in Diana Reforma building to encourage communication and team work. In their previous location the areas were divided in too many spaces resulting in the lost of collaboration and synergies.

This architectural project was an interesting challenge because it was developed in two levels with narrow plants combined with large structural elements.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)
Dimension: 1250 m2


Nacional Monte de Piedad

The design for the jewelry of Nacional Monte de Piedad in Santa Fe shopping center began with a series of questions that pointed out the following: improve the customer experience while visiting a pawnshop, compete with established jewelers in the mall and the balance between brand identity and commercial interior design project. All these revolving around a common goal: the customer.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)
Dimension: 260 m2


Showroom Elektra sucursal Arena Ciudad de México

The first challenge presented the project to the showroom Elektra branch Mexico City Arena, was to make an attractive display space in an enclosure to which the public is going with his attention in the show will enjoy in this space. The second was to display in the same place at its four emblematic brands: Elektra, Banco Azteca, Italika and TotalPlay considering that each one had its protagonism conditioning respecting the guidelines set by the entertainment center.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)
Dimension: 500 m2


Scotiabank Sucursal No.1

The architectural program had to be adjust to a local two-level irregularly shaped, so that zoning was one the elements key to the successful outcome outside. The operation of the branch is the axis of the interior in this type of project and to achieve maximum efficiency a detailed flow analysis was performed by three different entrances and emplacements to find the most suitable location.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)
Dimension: 950 m2



An office space doesn’t have to be all the same and may have different environments, because the activities that occur in each one are different. The project developed for ITISA Group corporate offices —a company dedicated to manufacture precast concrete products for construction with 60 years of history in Mexico— was done under this concept.

Designer: usoarquitectura
Dimension: 2000 m2



The project for the redesign of Croda offices – an international company specialized in the production of chemical products with natural origins – was an interesting process in which architects Gabriel Salazar and Fernando Castañón were involved with the client to change, not only the space, but the way they work. Important modifications had to be done in the same space to generate a new environment.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)


Tendencias Hábitat

Tasting and digesting process of a pop project. Pop culture traps and captivates us because we know that pop art and music search to use popular images to highlight the most trivial aspects of society by the use of irony. The opportunity to complete the installation with music is unique; sight and hearing will be attentive to decode the message, but you may never forget the good taste sense… For this reason, the invitation is to enjoy a meal.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)


Epicentro Andrea

Landscaping is achieved by three important green areas. The first one will be located in the perimeter of the site, the second one in the parking lot, and the third one, a courtyard under the canopy. The courtyard will give the retail spaces second level a different approach, as both users and visitors may use it; and it will also help to reduce the heat conduction into the interior.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)


Derma Forum

Derma is an important pharmaceutical chain specialized in skin care. Nowadays it has 35 branches in the main cities of the Mexican Republic. The image of the stores have been modified according to the communication needs of the company, as well as taking into consideration the preferences and needs of their clientele.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)


IXE Reforma 489

This is the third project that architects Gabriel Salazar and Fernando Castañón do with IXE Financial Group, the communication and trust bridges are beyond consolidation in this relationship, but most of all the respect for creativity. The experience this institution has had in the development of several projects in the last few years, has also matured and strength the relationship and the team.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)


Paga Todo

Space is the main factor that determines the interior design and operation of a company. The new corporate offices for Paga Todo presented a particular challenge because it was necessary to adapt to the clients demands and a 2,000 sq m area in a shopping center.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)



For the color palette 14 different shades of gray –both cold and warm- were selected and combined with accents in cadmium yellow, silver and white. Any suspicion caused by the selection of gray, as the central element of the palette, was minimized with the lineal pattern chosen for the carpets that elegantly combines with the woodwork in American oak colored in rat gray and plastic laminates in both gray and white.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)


Banco Deuno

Banco Deuno (Your-own Bank) is a new concept of the Mexican IXE Grupo Financiero where the communication among the client and the bank is very open and always the same. Under the concept of renovating the bank institutions, Banco Deuno confided in usoarquitectura to transform all the institutional precepts and corporate image into an interior design where the main core is the client’s experience.

Designer: Fernando Castañón & Gabriel Salazar (Mexico)
Inspired By: The client's needs
Colours: The daring color palette


Maharam Showroom

A showroom is a big challenge both for the client and the designer. The first wants all his products and services as the most important issue of the interior design language. The second has to find the way to translate his clients solicitudes into a harmonic ambiance where a third person —the client´s client— most feel even better.
usoarquitectura aimed into developing a project in which the products exhibit did not saturate Maharam de México collaborators or their clients.

Designer: Fernando Castañón & Gabriel Salazar (Mexico)
Inspired By: The different kinds of client's clients
Material: Wide variety of colors and textures



Grupo Rotoplas is a Mexican company with 25 years of experience producing water containers and plumbing equipment. Always following their motto: more and better water for the people; this group is the leader in the Mexican market with important international recognition. New corporate offices were necessary for Grupo Rotoplas continuous growth and operational needs.

Designer: Fernando Castañón & Gabriel Salazar (Mexico)
Inspired By: The movement of water.
Material: Different kinds of materials applied in white, carpets in black
Colours: Black & white


Corporativo IXE/El

Banco Deuno corporate interior design

The history of a great project is usually the history of a great client; one who is willing to use architecture and to assume the risks involved in good ideas.For usoarquitectura, this project is very important for 2 main reasons: first, the excellent communication with the client and second, the opportunity to develop a project inside of a catalogued building designed by architect Augusto H. Alvarez in 1972.

Designer: usoarquitectura (Mexico)



Mexico City, Mexico


Architecture, Interior Design




usoarquitectura architecture & interior design

usoarquitectura is the professional and life project of Gabriel Salazar and Fernando Castañón. Since 2005 they have printed their decisive, impeccable quality aesthetic and beyond the line proposals into solutions for their clients to use architecture.


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