Dik Scheepers

Bunde, Netherlands


Turning White and Blue

A stop motion process on the turning wheel creating different layers of fading colour.

Designer: Dik Scheepers (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Dik Scheepers (Netherlands)
Material: Porcelain, glaze
Dimension: different dimension
Price: depending on dimensions


Anno 2014

The traditional shape of an arc truss covered with a thousand tiles, makes this light to what it is.
Using different gradients of clay each tile was formed by hand and covered with a range of layers of glazing. After firing every tile was nailed to the wood creating step by step this lively roofing.

Designer: Dik Scheepers (Netherlands)
Material: Oak, stoneware, brass, zirconium silicate glaze
Dimension: 100 cm high x 100 cm wide 50 cm depth


Sine Cabinet

A cabinet often changes in a big storage box. Spending its years alongside the wall, becoming one with its surrounding. What started as a well arranged cabinet where everything got its place, shifts to something where everything is stuffed inside, just to get it out of sight. This cabinet will also change over time. The longer it stands, the fuller it gets, the lessen it will reveal when it loses its transparency.

Designer: Dik Scheepers (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Dik Scheepers (Netherlands)
Material: Oak, pvc, brass
Dimension: 170 cm x 50 cm x 90 cm



Papercrete is still an experimental material, mostly used in building constructions. It is low cost, versatile, light weighted and in essence easy to make yourself, you only need (discarded) paper and cement and mix it together. For Toegepast 16 at Z33 I tested and searched for my own recipe and made this experimental furniture collection with it.

Designer: Dik Scheepers (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Dik scheepers (Netherlands)
Material: Papercrete, whitewood


Heavy Light Weight Table

Together with designer Marco iannicelli we made this table. It is made out of reinforced concrete held by four wooden legs from the oak three which are sticking right trough the concrete. Cables are put in place to hold the legs together. And with a 4 cm thin tabletop it just looks light.

Designer: Dik Scheepers / Marco iannicelli (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Dik Scheepers / Marco iannicelli (Netherlands)
Material: Concrete, oak
Dimension: 200 cm x 100 cm x 73 cm


Pieces of ...

Π - I do not think it is necessary to make the perfect mold. I accept the mistakes, which are normally not wanted.These mistakes become a characteristic of the product and tell a lot about it’s processing. They make the product even more beautiful.

Designer: Dik Scheepers (Netherlands)
Material: Porcelain



Bunde, Netherlands





Academy of fine Arts Maastricht


Talente 2011



Kersenlaan 2
6241 BL Bunde

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