Davide Conti

Chiavari (Genoa), Italy


Moon furniture collection

“Moon” is a furniture design collection consists in a table, chair and armchair made of oak with open-pore matte black finish. “Moon” is in production at Kountry in Suzhou – Jiangsu, China

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: Kountry (China)
Inspired By: Chine style
Material: wood
Colours: black



Ivy13 is a multi-functional dishes entirely made of food grade silicone, with a metallic heart as internal structure due to let the plate take as many forms as needed by the customer

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: TPS Siliconici (Italy)
Material: Silicone
Colours: many colours
Dimension: different size


Silent Letter

"Silent Letter" is a contemporary clothes valet. The letters of the alphabet are the heart of the concept behind the project. A synthesis of functionality and aesthetics furnitures perfect for bedroom to the living room, from the kitchen to the bathroom and even in the garden or a showroom.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: IROOON (Italy)
Inspired By: classic valet
Material: iron
Colours: many colors



“Toa” is a collection of two tables in high-quality slate with legs and details in beechwood finely worked. The table has an internal structure consisting of a steel frame which acts as a union between the top surface and the legs, allowing to hide the steel structure so the legs seems to emerge from the stone. This meticulous attention to details makes “Toa” a sleek and contemporary table minimizing the aesthetic impact of the plate thickness and lightening its weight.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: Ardesia Mangini (Italy)
Material: slate - wood



“Ljud” is a speaker and amplifier for smartphones, made entirely of ceramic material 100% eco-friendly. His concept was born in wanting to present a unique and original product, with a goal to become a product for the home – functional, eco-friendly, contemporary, and aesthetically appealing. For Iphone4, iPhone5, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z1, and many others on the market. Is offered in three color versions namely white, green and terracotta colors.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Material: ceramic


Chiavarina Supercolor

After the success at the exposition in Fuori Salone 2013 in Milan and the constant number of requests, born a new “Chiavarina Supercolor” model 4, which now enters in production and sale at the F.lli Levaggi of Chiavari. The new restyling by Davide Conti will be launched in the 156th preview edition of the Mostra del Tigullio: “When culture create economy” to be held in Chiavari from 20 to 23 July 2013.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: F.lli Levaggi (Italy)
Material: only wood



“Onya” is a classic and sober indoor bookcase. Its main peculiarity is having a triangular base, it is in fact possible to come up with various solutions and play with the piece of furniture to separate environments, utilise dead corners or simply place it side by side with another one to create unusual prerspective. It is available in large or small versions; ash wood, oak wood with natural clear painting.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Material: oak wood - ash wood
Colours: white - natural
Dimension: different size
Price: different price



“Emma” is a collection of modular bookcases. The books are placed into the recesses and they deliberately pop out, as if they reached out for the reader, silently inviting to reading, which nowadays seems to be kind of oldfashioned and far from people’s habits. Its image can be transformed at will by joining different modules, or simply by alternating the back panel’s colour.The collection includes three models: “Emma small”, “Emma move” and “Emma long”.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: Inventalegno - (Italy)
Material: wood
Colours: white-grey-orange-green-violet
Dimension: different size
Price: different price



WyScout is an international company. Davide Conti realizes the project of interior design, retrieving a prestigious building located in the city centre of 300 sqm. The project stems from the need to create a duplex characterized by use of functional spaces. Wyscout has unique offices, which despite being a young reality, now can boast of prestigious space at the height of his fame and name.

Designer: Davide Conti



"Unique",A finely crafted sofa, essential, rigorous, but has its aesthetics and charm in his soul. These details they want to freeze time, able to create a new complement of furniture that canstand between the past and present. Essentially wooden, Unique permits, to see the color of natural wood and its grain.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Material: wood



The project "Chiavarina Supercolor" come out from the desire to reintroduce in the international market a real excellence of Made in Italy, the Chiavari chair, worldwide known for its extraordinary characteristics of elegance, strength and lightness. The collaboration between Davide Conti and F.lli Levaggi wants to show the world this fusion between past and present. The "Chiavarina Supercolor" special edition is available in three different models.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: F.lli Levaggi - (Italy)


Pure Giulia Collection

The "Pure Giulia" collection is a smoothly crafted all stackable outdoor selection dor Duo All Weather in Bali - Indonesia and made of eco friendly synthetic fiber and aluminum. All design are recyclable, UV resistant & weather proof and extremely long lasting & low maintenance. Pure Giulia is a creative free flow without boundaries and borders, available around the globe, designed and labored with love.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: Duo All Weather (Indonesia)
Material: synthetic fiber and aluminum


MAGICA 2 Chair

Magica 2 is a special chair! Wants to create an illusion in the spectator. A study of minimalist lines, combined with its illusion of balance impossible, to make this chair an icon of the International Chair. his sister is chair Magica.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)



Magica is a special chair! Wants to create an illusion in the spectator. A study of minimalist lines, combined with its illusion of balance impossible, to make this chair an icon of the International Chair. his sister is chair Magica2.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)



"1x5" is a large pot with 5 spaces for plants. The vase shape octagonal slate is made for outdoor use, garden or street furniture. Slate, its with color ranging from black to anthracite, is elegant, classic and contemporary at the Same Time, a unique stone!

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: Ardesia Fontanabuona (Italy)
Material: black slate



"DIECI" is a modular bed solution - 100% recyclable material- and contain 4 up to a maximum of 10 bed seats, Occupies the space of a bunk bed. It may also contain drawers, bookcases, desks, folding chairs etc.
It appeals to anyone who needs beds in a small space, it can also be used in welcome centres, barracks or facilities for the most needy, such as people experiencing natural tragedies such as earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.
Completely disassemblable.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: ECOPLAN (Italy)
Material: ECOMAT



SARA, outdoor lounge furniture, winner of the 2nd International Competition "SUNLAB for a creative outdoor 8-10 October 2009 with exposure to International Exhibition of outdoor in Rimini, Italy. The prototype is made of laminated pine and covered with a thin cushion. SARA combines the pleasure of sitting in a chair and lie down on the ground, this merger creates a supplement been able to move and looking at living it.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: DDF curvati (Italy)



Winner of the contest, about design vicenza - edition 2009, OASI has a "seat" interior,but it can also be used in outdoor. Born in wood,worked fine but it can also be made in plastic,then padded and covered. comfortable and elegant space commits any reminding of the beauty of design.




ceramic dish shaped very pronounced and net.
used as a flat decoration or scope.
VOILA 'is a gambling table for its forms.
finally a dish again.

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)



ORIANA is a chaise lounge in wood.
very wide and comfortable, ORIANA is made by a veil of wood that abandons the written design, and then design in this case is the real supporter, it's the design that creates relaxation.
ORIANA is this, design and relaxation

Designer: Davide Conti (Italy)
Manufacturer: Davide Conti (Italy)



Chiavari (Genoa), Italy


Interior Design, Industrial Design, Design Management





Chiavari (Genoa)

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