Carsten Malz

Soest, Germany


Fay wallpaper

wall mural with mannequin head.

Designer: Carsten Malz (Germany)
Material: non woven
Dimension: 150 x 270cm
Price: ca. 290 Euro


wallpaper octopus pop

The Octopus originates from a well known fish merchant (Pescheria Brunelli) in Bologne and was photografed on location for the gohome collection by C.S.Kisselbach. The octopus was treat respectfully and after its grand appearance was cooked and eaten. The motive combines a modern picture with the ornamental elements of a typical traditional wallpaper design.

Description: 139 cm x 269 cm (3 stripes), 4 colour euroscale, digital, Nonwoven Fleece, 150 g/qm, embossed

Designer: Carsten Malz (Germany)
Manufacturer: gohome (Germany)



Soest, Germany


Interior Design


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time to GOHOME - Wallpaper made in Cologne

All gohome wallpapers have unique histories and are truly incomparable to any other designs. We combine modern digital print technology, innovative materials and long tested traditions of wallpaper making. We hope youll enjoy our wallpapers as much as we enjoy creating them!

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Buch: Tapeten "eine Wand wird lebendig" Parragon Verlag
Buch: "Wall Design",daab gmbh
Buch: Papiers Peints, Éditions de La Martiniére
Buch: Wallpaper, J. Fischer


Passagen 2008, Cologne
Passagen 2009, Cologne
Passagen 2010, Cologne
Passagen 2011, Cologne
imm, Cologne 2009
100%Design, 2010, London



time to GOHOME
Am Schloßberg 42
59494 Soest

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