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Mantova, Italy


Macrocosmos by Alessandro zambelli

Fantasy creatures, born of alchemy, a genuine and overt tribute to the world of science fiction: it's Macrocosmos collection, the first line of furniture accessories that marks the official launch of Alessandro Zambelli Edizioni. Macrocosmos is a collection of vases and receptacles, conceived as little presences within the household. The result is pop art: an ironic and playful Macrocosm, at home in distant galaxies.

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Alessandro Zambelli Edizioni (Italy)
Inspired By: science fiction
Material: Printed in 3D by fusion deposition modelling, plus brass
Dimension: different dimensions
Price: on request


Alessandro Zambelli unveils new collection for Adele-C

Alessandro Zambelli's talent and design sensitivity meet the aestethic universe of the brand founded by Adele Cassina: the designer unveils his new collection of furniture designed for the Italian company Adele-C, composed of a dining table, coffee table, seat and armchair.
The collection is an iconic family of furniture expressed via an original lexicon, made up of innovative symbols united by a spectacular and visionary plasticity.

Designer: Alessandro zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Adele C (Italy)
Inspired By: Italian sense of beauty
Material: wood, metal, leather


Lume by Alessandro Zambelli for Bosa

Lume is a small but luminous portable lantern conceived as a good luck gift for the most important people in our lives. It’s a travelling companion, symbolising closeness and affection. Its beneficent presence illumines and brightens every moment of the day. Lume consists of a small cylindrical base serving as a candle holder, topped by a sweeping parabola on which the entire design hinges. Lume is hand-made with a white enamel finish; other colours are coral pink and pistachio green.

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Bosa (Italy)
Inspired By: old-style bicycle lamp and gas-fired cigarette lighters
Material: ceramic
Colours: white, coral pink and pistachio green


Unbalance by Alessandro Zambelli

Unbalance is a perfect mechanism which draws inspiration from Calder’s kinetic sculptures. It’s more than a candlestick; it is an alchemy, a minimal but surprising object. Unbalance is a game in which the parts swap roles, and nothing is as it seems. A composition of burnished iron and coloured and borosilicate glass, the new project by Alessandro Zambelli is one of a limited edition of objects in exclusive for Secondome Design Gallery in Rome.

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Secondome design gallery (Italy)
Inspired By: Calders kinetic sculptures
Material: burnished iron and coloured and borosilicate glass


Rivoalto shelf by Alessandro Zambelli for Portégo

Rivoalto by Alessandro Zambelli for Portégo is a small console shelf which draws inspiration from the Rialto Bridge which, everyone agrees, is the iconic landmark of the Grand Canal and the entire city of Venice. Both curvaceous and linear, Rivoalto features a series of gentle volutes which trace a succession of four arches. In aesthetic terms, the shape which results is stark. At home in minimalism, it alludes in passing to the undisputed symbol of the city on the lagoon.

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Porégo (Italy)
Inspired By: Rialto Bridge
Material: natural cherry wood, inox sheet, bronze
Colours: natural wood and turquoise
Dimension: 80 cm W x 48 H and 23 D


Moresque by Alessandro Zambelli captures Alhambra's charms

This collection of pendant and table lamps captures old-world charm - the Moorish charm of the Alhambra - and bygone features and gives them a contemporary spin: the result strikes a new balance, in a composition of diverse stylistic elements co-existing in happy harmony. The slender ribs of architectural Arabesque alternate with bolder bands of colour in a vigorous succession of polychrome lines. The tones are pastel: orange burnt, pale turquoise, indigo, pistachio green and slate grey.

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Seletti (Italy)
Inspired By: the charms of the Alhambra fortress
Material: ceramic
Colours: orange burnt, pale turquoise, indigo, pistachio green, grey


DINN, the musical clock by Alessandro Zambelli

Alessandro Zambelli’s DINN is a ‘musical clock’ for the Italian brand Diamantini&Domeniconi, that takes inspiration from La Campanella (The Little Bell), Paganini’s most famous concerto, in which the orchestra’s hand bell plays a key role.
That’s why the clock presents an attention-grabbing spark of originality: a small, unexpected bell contrasts brassily with the essential face of the timepiece. This precious detail stands out as the clock’s ‘dinging’ heart.

Designer: alessandro zambelli design studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Diamantini&Domeniconi (Italy)
Inspired By: La Campanella (The Little Bell) concerto, by Paganini
Material: MDF
Colours: white and light oak
Dimension: diameter 35 cm


Woodspot lamp by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti

Woodspot is the new table lamp by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti. The designer’s new work is made in pine with a natural finish and has been assembled and varnished entirely by hand. Woodspot’s base supports a light diffuser with the unexpected look of a three-dimensional frame, projected to the boundary of unreality. The object’s highly unusual profile combines design rigour and expressive freedom which sidestep convention.

Designer: alessandro zambelli design studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Seletti (Italy)
Inspired By: Surrealist artist René Magritte
Material: wood pine
Colours: ivory white, flesh pink, pastel green
Dimension: 22 cm long, 44 cm high, 23 cm deep


WIRE collection by Alessandro Zambelli

WIRE by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti is a new line of furniture accessories in painted steel. The mood of the collection is a strange balancing act between retro, minimalist aesthetics and futuristic touches. The contrasting metalwork results in some unexpected, decorative effects. Fine lines run across the front of each piece of furniture. Little more than a trace, yet picked out like embroidery, they finally thicken, in perfect geometry, to reveal a glint of gold.

Designer: alessandro zambelli design studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Seletti (Italy)
Inspired By: Art Nouveau style
Material: painted steel and brass
Colours: pastel cream, salmon pink and musk green


Levante bowls by Alessandro Zambelli

In Mediterranean culture, “dysfunction” can be seen as the anthropological ability to find a way round, an ad hoc solution to make up for a shortcoming.
Here, the wobbling bowls gain a new ‘stability’ by wedging a ‘levante’ or prop underneath, restabilising the vessels.
The choice of the cork - symbol of the wine-centric Mediterranean culture - as a prop derives from the rural custom of using this material to mend everyday objects.

Designer: alessandro zambelli design studio (Italy)
Inspired By: Mediterranean sea
Material: ceramic and cork
Colours: white


Afillia 3D printing lamp by Alessandro Zambelli

“Afillia” is the new family of lamps designed by Alessandro Zambelli for .exnovo. A name borrowed from botany, in plant terms, it means leafless, though not lifeless: surely an apt image for a collection of luminous essentials and airy voids. The base or socket ring is in Swiss pine, a premium wood from the Alto Adige mountains, hand-crafted according to the region’s ancient traditions. The wood fitting locks on to a light diffuser in polyamide sintered by professional 3D printing.

Designer: alessandro zambelli design studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: .exnovo (Italy)
Inspired By: botany
Material: Swiss pine, polyamide
Colours: white


LOAVES&FISHES chair by Alessandro Zambelli

LOAVES&FISHES is an imaginative essay by Alessandro Zambelli:a chair for St. Philip at Leonardo’s Last Supper. The designer focuses on one of the best-known miracles of Christian tradition and the result is a mosaic of rectangular panels that embodies the symbols of the miraculous event. The chair seems almost ‘lifted’ from the cupola of the Pantheon in Rome: that’s why the seat could be an everyday ‘Pantheon’ on a smaller scale, like a reassuring piece of votive architecture in the home.

Designer: alessandro zambelli design studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Luca Arosio e Gianluca Villa (Italy)
Inspired By: St. Philip at Leonardos Last Supper
Material: wood and leather


Ipno 'rocking' clock for Diamantini & Domeniconi

The god of sleep Ipno strikes Palinurus on the temples with a branch dipped in the ‘dew of Lethe,’ and Aeneas’ helmsman falls asleep. Ipno glides down from the heavenly places in a swirl of dark air which dispels the shadows. Then he soars up and vanishes into the night. The name is apt for this clock, because the designer has given it an almost hypnotic feature: an internal pendulum. Functioning as a balance, this sways the case in perpetual motion and transforms Ipno into a ‘rocking’ clock.

Designer: alessandro zambelli design studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Diamantini & Domeniconi (Italy)
Material: birch, medium walnut or mahogany
Colours: natural finish or painted in various colours
Dimension: 16 cm L x 20 H x 6 D
Price: 85



Mantova, Italy


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Alessandro Zambelli lives and works in Mantua, Italy. He studied industrial design and materials engineering at the Cova School of Design in Milan, and his career took off at bathroom designer Agape in 2000. A few years later, in 2003, he founded Alessandro Zambelli Design Studio.



Canneto sullOglio
Piazza Manzoni 2
46013 Mantova

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