Feb 28, 2016



F703 SENNHEISER × FREITAG headphones. Lennon × McCartney, Run-DMC × Aerosmith or Gallagher × Gallagher: put 'em together and you have all you need to transform a nice-enough duet into a dynamic duo. Having too much in common sometimes leads to predictably boring partnerships: the magic of real, fruitful cooperation arises out of opposites. In the case of SENNHEISER × FREITAG, traditional German engineering meets Swiss recycling design head on. And the result is more than perfect-sounding SENNHEISER headphones with a colorful piece of truck tarps in a FREITAG case. F703 SENNHEISER x FREITAG is High Fidelity × High Individuality: the world's first unique headset.

Available in a limited edition of just 1500, the individual downtown headphones come in a case made from the same truck tarp and are available from February 26 at FREITAG Stores and on



Jan 31, 2016

Hermés - carnets d' équateur porcelain collection


To discover the Carnets d’Equateur porcelain service is to return to the beginning of life on Earth and to name each of the wild creatures fervently depicted by Robert Dallet.

“Nature is so beautiful that adding to it serves no purpose.” Robert Dallet (1923 - 2006)

There are the well-known – the jaguar, lion, tiger, elephant and toucan – alongside the rare – the mazama, capuchin monkey and woolly monkey. Life is at once teeming and peaceful, the essence of an earthly paradise.



Jan 05, 2016 ranks all the countries based on the number of designers that have been granted with the A' Design Award.

The rankings are based on the current aggregated scores of participants between the years 2010 and 2016. It is important to note that countries do not individually join the rankings, however they are represented by the participating designers indicating their countries or nationalities.

Find here all of the winners 2014 - 2015 lists all the designs that have been granted with the award. NEW DEADLINE 7TH March 2016 Register here

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