SASKIA DIEZ interview

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1. In your work one can see clearly your minimal way of designing – What is more important to you, the function or the emotion of an object or creation? The emotion. Of course jewelry pieces have to function but a big part of their function is emotional, if not the biggest. Jewelry is an emotional, intimate matter. The function, the technique, the crafts, the production, all these are important subjects while designing, but the meaning of the pieces, their purpose, is creating emotions.

2. Describe a normal day in the design driven family diez When you have kids, there´s quiet a set frame of your normal days. An alarm ringing at 6:30am, because the kids have to leave for school at 7:30am and until then it´s that little morning race, getting them to get up (of course they don´t want to), taking care that they get ready, preparing toasts with honey and jam for breakfast, preparing sandwiches for school break etc. Clearing the table, slowing down a bit, getting ready oneself, joining a yoga class every second morning, being in the studio around 10 after yoga, around 8 without. Most of the others in my team start at 9am, some later, the last ones leave at 7pm, some leave earlier, I have a couple of mothers in my team, so I´m giving flexibility with the hours. The first part of the day, I am spending in a separate room on my own, drawing, thinking, making notes. Then we sometimes have lunch together, sometimes in the studio, sometimes out, sometimes with the guys from the backyard. After lunch I´m more in the other part of the studio, where production is coordinated, product development, mockups are made, wholesale, retail etc. So a mix of solo and team. Around 4-5pm the kids are getting back, heading to the office kitchen, searching for cookies and chocolate. Then they might meet up with friends, hang around in the backyard, be up in their rooms. Then I´m checking homework or school issues, preparing dinner… Sometimes working another round when they´re in bed or going out.
I guess the biggest difference to other setups is that the kids always have access to my studio or Stefans, and that the work we´re doing isn´t an abstract thing for them but something they are able to see and touch and experience all the time. Also because it´s a work that doesn´t stop at the studio´s door or at a certain time. It´s always there. And the other difference is maybe: normal days are rare.


3. What is in your opinion, the major contrast between male and female design? Brain and intuition. It´s a cliché for sure. But there´s some truth about most clichés.


4. Traveling around the world – which city wowed you in design term, which is aspiring – your hot spot? I love Japan. Teaching you devotion, awareness, attention, details, perfection, aesthetics in everything and nothing without meaning.


5. where do you spend your holiday? My last holiday was in Portugal. Friends moved to Porto some years ago, a couple, one is the chef in a deli they opened last year (if you´re traveling to Porto, you should visit, the food is fantastic, the people great, it´s called Mondo Deli), the other one´s a designer, Christian Haas. I´ve been working for him during my studies and we traveled together already a couple of times, when I was working for him, later I often staid in his home in Paris where he lived then, when I came for the fashion week to present my collection. But also recently, because we both had projects going on in Japan. We spent a week in their house in Porto, then heading south into Alentejo, spending another two weeks in a calm valley near the ocean. Simple, rough, beautiful. I can´t wait to go again.


6. Is there a future project you can tell us about?
Swim wear.


7. Consider yourself more of an artist than a designer? I don´t think so. But I´m designing for my own brand, so I don´t have to follow briefings of others, I can create my own. 


8. Do you read design-blogs? Would you tell us your favorite one and why you would recommend it?  I like Lenny Letters, Manrepeller, Dandy Diary. Because they´re fun, they don´t care, there´s humour, intelligent writing, opinions, they don´t take themselves too serious.


9. Tell us an unexpected fact about you. I practiced KungFu quiet extensively for a long time. Also during the time I was working in Konstantin Grcic´s office. I remember I was preparing to pass to the next level, training a lot, taking it super serious, it was the highest level I wanted to enter and I was the only one being tested and no other girls in that level. I exercised in every situation, while I was brushing my teeth, while waiting for laundry to be finished, and one special set was a sequence including a sword. I only had a cheap wooden sword, not a fancy metal one. I had my stuff with me at the office the day of the test and someone discovered my bag with that sword sticking out and they all could not stop laughing. I must have turned awfully red before I left. I´m sure, if they´d seen my performance they would have stopped laughing. At least I told myself.

10. Where do you get your inspiration from? Inspiration is everywhere; can be found everywhere. Mostly when you´re smooth, not when you´re trying hard. Thinking with paper and pen is a tool I often use. Inspiration is just the beginning, the starting point. That you can follow, that you can work on, work with, that you can explore, and develop into a product.

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