Inspired by TRON: Legacy
Creative Competition and Exclusive Pre-Screening

Your vote brought the winner to the exclusive pre-screening in Germany during the imm cologne on January 19, 2011 in Cologne

Watch out for our Special Event @ CONTAIN Gallery Cologne.


tron|added Dec 21, 2010 rating 4 / 5  |  11506 votes


I wanted to create a possible sequel to the TRON: LEGACY story. Since the TRON world enables to be creative without limits, I decided to extend the cyber-reality even more. In the future people´s reality will be completely directed by cyber space. I created a character design, that portraits my imagination of the "Search engine", the most important source of digital informations and the data archive as "the source" and the digital library, where can be "looked" into the past, present and future.
The design of the hat symbolizes the two brain hemispheres to enable the complex data analysis...
Media: watercolour on paper
Tron influenced my life completely upside down, because I decided to study animation, which enables me to design whole worlds and realities without limits...

Designer: Vera Hruba / Czech Republic

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tron|added Dec 21, 2010 rating 3.48 / 5  |  6548 votes

Timo Schnabel podracer

My inspiration contains the pure, clear and smooth conception of lines and the play of colors between black and blue. I created a concept to transfer all my expressions on this spezial craft. It is a kind of "podracer", in brief it is called the e-Vro.

Designer: Timo Schabel / Germany

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tron|added Dec 21, 2010 rating 3.02 / 5  |  5530 votes

Freerider Skatecycle

This is the Freerider Skatecycle, a product that I've been working for over 10 years, received a patent on 2002, and a Bronze IDEA award in 2010.  The Skatecycle is a hubless self propelled skate, capable of deep carving on flat ground and is now being sold through my company, Brooklyn Workshop, Inc. 

Designer: Alon Karpman / USA


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tron|added Dec 21, 2010 rating 3.04 / 5  |  5325 votes

Legacy Of The River

Architect Ian Douglas-Jones and designer Ben Rousseau present "Legacy Of The River" an icy celebration of the release of Tron: Legacy at The world famous Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi. Opening December 10th. 2010. This unique installation pushes the boundaries of design and technology combined with the breath taking beauty of the natural Ice and snow from the arctic River Torne.
Ben Rousseau: "From an early age I've been obsessed with Motorcycles and Lighting design. Now I remember why! Ian Douglas - Jones: "High-tech, sci-fi, fast vehicles and adventure have always played a massive role in the why I think and dream about design. Tron: Legacy now reminds me where those first dreams came from"

Architect Ian Douglas-Jones & designer Ben Rousseau / Great Britain

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tron|added Dec 21, 2010 rating 3.05 / 5  |  4919 votes

Tron - Sound & Game Lounge

Tron is really an inspirational movie - it gives us a whole new universe of colors, shapes, style, way of thinking and life. My idea is for a game & sound lounge - you just sit there and enojy the high quality music and comfort, together with the TRON atmosphere. In the lounge you will find top quality, wireless subwoofer under the seat (on the front) and 5 integrated speakers on the back of the seat. Also there's included remote control, joypad, and even iphone/ipod dock station!

Designer: Velichko Velikov / Great Britain

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tron|added Dec 21, 2010 rating 3.05 / 5  |  5006 votes


We are a small / young creative team (EMBERGEP). We are HUGE Tron fans!
We created a game, a future-retro game called Spacework. This was totaly inspired by Tron. minimalism, minimalism, minimalism,
technology, technology, technology, strong colors, simple and strong shapes, hard neon contours, synthetic stlye, synthetic sounds, machines and robots with simple functions.

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tron|added Dec 21, 2010 rating 3 / 5  |  4857 votes


"Colorhouse" is an 8' x 8' Green house replete with multi-hued fluorescent tubing -
Tron enables the garden fantasists among us to germinate Tronesque inspired bioluminescent edibles....we can grow the future.

Designer:Julian Lwin / USA

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tron|added Dec 21, 2010 rating 3.13 / 5  |  4923 votes

The Defender

The movie Tron with all its phantastic vehicles has always been a milestone in futuristic and forward-looking design ideas. This fact has always influenced my concept-sketches . Regarding my concept, i tried to combine the futuristic look of these vehicles with the dark and unclean environment of a future we, as humans, should expect. Thats why my picture is more a combination of an end-time scenario with some futuristic influences than a clean copy of the main Tron-theme. The vehicles name is "The Defender" and i named the picture "War at the Enemy´s gates".

Designer: Sebastian Wacker / Germany

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tron|added Dec 21, 2010 rating 3.03 / 5  |  4590 votes


This concept is inspired from TRON. The design language is evolved from TRON environment, products & costumes. This time keeping device has a display with hours & 5 minute hexa-slots. llume personifies TRON legacy.

Designer: Abhinav Dapke / India

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The original Tron depicted a highly stylized representation of what is now possible in our contemporary electronics age- digital versions of users exist virtually in many ways ranging from stored vital data to active communication via the internet.  I saw Tron at the theatre when I was 4 years old, and although no one could predict how accurate Tron would be in what is commonplace in terms of computers, the unique appearance of the film has resonated with me ever since and is one of my favorite movies.  The simple story of an adventure through a unique circuit world (while demonstrating parallelisms to the real world) to triumph against a tyrannical power was something both modern and intiguing.  Likewise, it showed a certain newness and excitement for computer use that is not so abundant today with our general societal electronic desensitization.  I can still remember the amazement I felt when I first saw the lightcycle battle scene- my young mind enjoyed the multicolored spectacle of a video game battle that was much more detailed than the Atari-powered graphics that I was familiar with at the time.  Nothing like that had been done before and it wowed that little version of me!  The glowing energy of it all was fascinating, and it romanticized that which is usually regarded as cold circuits.  My recalling of these feelings during my initial viewing is what sparked my inspiration for this submission, but it is updated for the young person of today- I present The Tron Legacy Lightrocker...
These turnaround designs depict a ultra-modern rocking horse based on the 5th generation lightcycle from the new film.  I simply thought of the most desirable and unique product for someone who is the age I was when I saw the orignal film.  I basically wanted to take a traditional plaything and give it a slick Tron-stylized makeover, therefore the Tron Legacy Lightrocker was created.  As is described on the design, it is covered with a easily cleaned rubberized coating that surrounds a bioplastic (and biodegradable) molded shape.  Accents will feature glow in the dark plastics and the engine component will light up and will be charged mechanically, providing a secondary use as a nightlight for the children.  What child would not have hours of fun pretending to navigate through the game grid with a lighttrail streaking behind them?!
Inspired by Tron Sentence: Through its inspirational tale of right defeating wrong, all while bathed in its characteristic soft electronic glow, Tron has inspired me in numerous ways ranging from the personal philosophy to strive for innovation to incorporating sleek Tron-inspired elements to my designs.

Designer: Dave Quiles / USA

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