Inspired by TRON: Legacy
Creative Competition and Exclusive Pre-Screening

Your vote brought the winner to the exclusive pre-screening in Germany during the imm cologne on January 19, 2011 in Cologne

Watch out for our Special Event @ CONTAIN Gallery Cologne.


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The "Odyssey" sideboard/entertainment unit is made with chrome laminate and orange acrylic.It is a limited production series designed and made by Mario Sabljak.Tron's use of the bold colours and shapes specifically inspired the concept of the "Odyssey" entertainment unit.

Designer: Mario Sabljak / Canada

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Tron sneakers

Hello my name is Uros Nedic im a Industrial desin student from FUD Megatrend in Belgrade . And this is my Tron inspired concept for sneakers that let u feel like u are inside of a computer system . Concept is to use recognizible visual elements form Tron and re use them in a noticable way . Next step in that idea was centered at a mobile app which u can synchronize mobile phone map and Tron inspired sneakers thogether . So u dont have to look at ur mobile all the time for directions u can just look down at the grid of the city and see if u are going the right way . How Tron inspired my life sentence "There is so much more in this world inside the box"

Designer: Uros Nedic / Serbia

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Disk table

The Disc Table is a conceptual rendering of a TRON light disc in a real world context.  A light disc is a symbol of power and identity.   It can be used for good or evil, therefore, the intersecting rings represent the eternal struggle between good and evil. The cantilever design, orange/red and dark  grey colors mirror the movie‘s futuristic context and visuals. The futuristic landscape of TRON has always inspired me to look into the future and ask myself is it possible??
Hope you enjoy!!
*note it is constructed from aluminum and transparent polycarbonate.  Can you put it please under the material section of the original format postings.  If it isn't formatted in the same way just exclude the materials from the entry.  It is a low side table or coffee table.

Designer: Tim Graham / Canada

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Tron Corian Ring

This ring is carbon fiber fused with DuPont Corian. It is the pure celebration of technology as beauty. "TRON set the path for engineers and designers to believe in the magic of the worlds they create, and the new experience will do the same for the next generation."

Designer: James Thompson

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All I Want [TRON]

We are Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi, a music duo from Los Angeles. Our submission is a video we made for our song "All I Want To." Specifically, it is a videosong, a common YouTube medium in which musicians videotape themselves as they record and edit the footage together. We wanted to make the videosong medium more visually interesting, and looked to Tron (1982) as our inspiration. Louis actually wrote the song with this video idea in mind.
Our process: We filmed ourselves recording our instruments in front of a green screen in black suits covered with white tape. We edited the raw video together in Final Cut Pro and then created backgrounds to replace the green screen in each shot. We then reduced the frame rate of our footage to 10 frames per second, then imported each frame into Adobe Photoshop, where we highlighted the tape on our suits, filled it in with white, and gave it colored outer glow. After individually coloring almost a thousand frames, we put them back into Final Cut Pro, and used filters to give our video its final, Tron-like look.
What Tron means to us: The magic of Tron comes from its freshness; we strive for this quality in our music as it is what we believe makes great art.

Artist: Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi, a music duo from Los Angeles / USA

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