Inspired by TRON: Legacy
Creative Competition and Exclusive Pre-Screening

Your vote brought the winner to the exclusive pre-screening in Germany during the imm cologne on January 19, 2011 in Cologne

Watch out for our Special Event @ CONTAIN Gallery Cologne.


tron|added Dec 21, 2010 rating 3.31 / 5  |  581 votes

Interconnection Fashion Design

Fusion, Interconnection, Network, neuronal cross linking and a resulting high dynamic beetween the human body and high-technology have been the main inspiring key factors from “TRON-LEGACY” for this design - collaboration. DAAN Designstudio (Damir Antolovic, Productdesigner) and Stjepan Cuka (Fashiondesigner) showing in their interdisziplinary designwork the tension of matt and glossy materials, high- and low technology, hard and soft surfaces, straigth and smooth design forms. Human body melting with high-technology to one overall dynamic complex system.

Damir Antolovic - DAAN Designstudio
Stjepan Cuka Faschiondesign      

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MOON Berlin

We are a new fashionlabel from Berlin, named MOON Berlin, done by the fashiondesigners Brigitte Franken and Christian Bruns. Because we are caring about light in clothing since a longer time, we are very influenced by tron in our first collection, which will be presented in january 2011. The collection was done in a cooperation with the company stretchable circuits and the Fraunhofer Institut, as well with the photographer Patrick Jendrusch.

Designer: Brigitte Franken & Christian Bruns / Germany

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Dynamic ellipses

Dynamic ellipses, we can change their positions and in this way we transform the shape of the object. All three put together give flat lamp. Each ellipse also changes colour of the light. How TRON inspired our life - Our creative work is inspired by thinking about new reality which we imagine.

Designer: Malgorzata Ratajczak & Sebastian Szlabs / Poland

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Tron wall art mural

My name is Luakas, I,m landscape architect. I created wall art mural, using ligthcycle and recognizer motiv. It mesures 5m x 3m.
Since I have watched first Tron movie, border between real world and grid was blur. From that moment I belived that my ideas make come true in real world.

Designer: landscape architect Łukasz Makowski / Poland

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Joe Tron

Image attached of my son Joseph...
Tron - the basic beauty of a new era of neuromancing virtual space, a trap to which we all escaped.

Architect: Stephen Tierney / Republic of Ireland

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Chest of Drawers

The first time I saw TRON I was 12 years old.  It made me travel in a virtual world for the very first time. I was so impressed by the motorbikes that when I celebrated my 16th birthday, I bought one.  And I still love to ride them.

Designer: Alain Belanger / Canada

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My design idea: to design a series of lifestyle festival/celebrations, furniture and gadgets that fuse elements of the Eastern world to elements of futuristic digital Tron-like designs. Think: TRON-lion dances, TRON-tea set, TRON-inlaid teakwood or Rattan furnitures, TRON-keris, TRON-temple und so weider.
After almost 30yrs, I still see Tron (ref attached pix of the Shanghai Bund) wherever I travel for my software work!

Designer: Edward Khoo / Singapore

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The year is 2024. Jason, an eighteen year old boy just received the latest and greatest 3D social networking device for his birthday, the CONN-X.  For only 250 credits, the CONN-X (utilizing CONN-X software; think Facebook in 3D) can be worn comfortably around the head for maximum efficiency and minimum deficiency. Now, Jason can effortlessly track the shortest and quickest bus routes in real-time. If he doesn't know where the nearest bus station is, he merely has to say "lead me to closest bus station," and the CONN-X points bright red arrows in 3D, speaking to him in Jason's favorite actor's voice (completely customizable), leading Jason to the bus stop on time and in style. If Jason is walking a bit too slow, the CONN-X suggests Jason to pick up his pace a notch. While walking to the bus station at the suggested pace, Jason can see which of his friends are at which of the hottest clubs, IM them, listen to the live play list at any club, access the DJ line-up, download any tracks he desires (for five credits each), study the menu (download coupons or special offers), purchase tickets (for 20 - 50 credits), learn new dance moves (in 3D of course), and pay for his bus fare (1 credit per stop), all at the same time, without the slightest degree of trouble. Complications are a thing of the past. Forget flat 2D Facebook. Welcome to the real world, welcome to CONN-X.
Its mobile, real-time, 3D social networking.

Designer: Van Dickranian

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Chaise Tron

It is a Chaise Longue with a built in reading/mood light inspired by the Light Cycles featured in the films. Tron has inpired my life through a fascination with Electronica, Science Fiction and Computer Graphics. It has helped path my career and make me the person that I am.

Designer: Charles Rist / Great Britain

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The Digital Wake Table

I was inspired by the TRON light Bike's and the digital wake left by their matrix prolusion, since the original Tron I have been fascinated by the brutal definitive angles left by the light bike traces. The Digital Wake Table encompasses the 3D travel of the light bike's portrayed in TRON Legacy and the race traces from original Tron bike battles. The Table frame could be constructed from many materials, Chromed steel, iridescent impregnated Acrylic etc; with a smoked black Glass Table Top.

Designer: Rayment Wire / Great Britain

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