CXI 18: 10th CXI conference on Branding and Corporate Identity


What de­fi­nes the ef­fec­tiven­ess of a CI pro­ject? 
What ex­actly is nee­ded, from both cli­ent and agency? 
And how can such a com­plex pro­cess be im­ple­men­ted in a way that works?

On 15 June 2018, the largest European corporate and brand identity conference will again feature experts from agencies and companies, presenting strategies and solutions for developing and implementing CI and branding projects.

Selec­ted cli­ents and agen­cies will be sho­w­ing how things look from both si­des of the part­nership, iden­ti­fy­ing pro­blem areas and pre­sen­ting so­lu­ti­ons. They will give in­sights into the com­ple­xity and sheer bre­adth of what is in­vol­ved in de­fi­ning a pro­ject, brin­ging cla­rity to de­si­red out­co­mes, de­ci­si­ons that are made to achieve these, and the re­sults that can be ex­pec­ted.

Confirmed speakers:
BBC, London (GB)
Commerzbank, Frankfurt (D)
Dalton Maag, London (GB)
Deutsche Bahn, Frankfurt/Berlin (D)
FDP, Berlin (D)
Fortuna Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf (D)
Heimat, Berlin (D)
Morphoria Design Collective, Düsseldorf (D)
neugelb studios, Berlin (D)
Peter Schmidt Group, Frankfurt (D)
Saffron Brand Consultants, Madrid (E)
Youtube, San Bruno (USA)

When: 15 June 2018, 9:30–18:00
Moderation: Karin Schmidt-Friderichs, Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz

Jun 15, 2018 - Jun 15, 2018

Ringlokschup­pen Biele­feld
Stadthei­der Strasse 11
33609 Bielefeld

More Information:

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