Intel® Future Contest - imagine 5 years into the future.


The Intel® Future Contest introduces a new sensing technology. The technology can be embodied in a device, a set of devices, a system, platform and/or services. It is for personal, not industrial/large business use. The goal of the contest is to understand how you would use this technology, and what it would look like. Due to its very small size, gadgets embodying this technology can be worn/carried/used 24 hours a day.

Imagine 5 years into the future. You have on you (or with you) this new sensing technology. It can see, hear, remember and understand everything around you all the time.

What would you use it for?
What job could it do for you?
What kinds of people would benefit from using it?
How would it look, what shape/form could embody the sensing technology?
What would it replace?
What new powers would it give you?
How would you imagine interacting with it? How often would you use it?
What effect or influence could it have on your life?
How would you name your idea?

There is an innovator in all of us! If you are a creative student, a technology apostle, a science fiction fan, a designer, a self-appointed inventor, a scientist, caregiver, or a practical thinker... Allow your imagination to run free! Go ahead and surprise us by submitting ideas that could be truly transformational. And share your ideas with everyone. Your proposal should be suited for as many people as possible. In order to help us fully understand and be excited by your ideas, the contest jury members will evaluate the richness of content, be that in videos, drawings, images, or just detailed text descriptions, according to your talents. If you are able, please DO include a visualization of your idea, even if it is a very simple sketch.

You have the keys in your hands - unleash your imagination and dream BIG - the world is yours. What do you imagine you could do?

All ideas should be as detailed and comprehensible as possible. Please upload appropriate photos, sketches, videos or animation to fully illustrate your idea.

Entries must be in English only.

Dec 18, 2012 - Dec 18, 2012

More Information:

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