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product|added Jun 19, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  32258 votes

Clarina floor lamp


Clarina is a floor lamp with solid beech wood base and stem with hand-rubbed natural oil treatment, while the conical lampshade is made of cotton fabric. A curved metal tube connects the top of the lampshade to the stem and holds the cable. The design reinterprets the primordial forms of the classic floor lamp with the addition of a strong personality.
A lighting solution with generous proportion and minimal lines, provides a reading light or a indirect lighting to set the ambience.

Designer: Nicolás Calandri (Argentina)
Manufacturer: Formabilio (Italy)
Inspired By: Floor lamps archetype
Material: Beech wood, cotton fabric, fireproof pvc, varnished steel.
Colours: Black and white
Dimension: 63 x 40, h 200 cm
Price: 239.00

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product|added Jun 17, 2015 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  25229 votes

rocking swing


If one could think that a swing is reserved only for children’s pleasure and a rocking chair a concept for grandparents, »Rocking Swing« proposes the dynamics of both furnitures to bring intergenerational fun. The furniture for in- and outdoor use is an hybrid of a swing and a rocking chair designed to generate a playful double-mouvement - you can rock, you can swing, you can do the both at the same time, as your body coordinates what the chair will do with it.

Designer: Tobias Nickerl & Clara Rivière (France)
Inspired By: rocking chair / swing
Material: iron, rope and leather
Colours: green, orange
Dimension: 800 x 1200 x 800 mm
Price: on request

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product|added Jun 16, 2015 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  38991 votes



Confetti, confetti: The 10th issue of the yearbook »HAMBURGS KREATIVE« is available now! Once again the Norman Beckmann Verlag presents (this time on 432 pages) an illustrious collection of self-portraits from agencies (advertising, design, digital), freelancers, photographers, illustrators and additional service companies. 100% Hamburg. More details:

Designer: Katja Knoblich, Norman Beckmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: NBVD (Germany)
Material: Caribic, Galaxi Keramik
Colours: blue
Dimension: 432 pages
Price: 24,90 Euro

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product|added Jun 15, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  25047 votes

Beautiful custom wallpapers


Wallpapered is committed to producing the highest quality, custom printed wallpapers.

Designer: Wallpapered (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Maps, nature, textures

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product|added Jun 15, 2015 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  12871 votes



Hand knotted Rug in Nepal
Wool and Silk

Designer: Florian Pretet (France)
Manufacturer: (Nepal)
Price: 9850$

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product|added Jun 13, 2015 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  27197 votes

SNAKE_evo collection


A bold and elegant collection that is born as natural evolution of our previous SNAKE collection. the possibility to combine different colours and the minimalist detail of a metal element make of this collections the perfect combination between elegance and contemporary design. Made by strong and flexible nylon combined with a 24 kt gold plated steel, all pieces are finished by and assembled by end. The possibility to combine different colours allow to add an extra unique touch.

Designer: Dario Scapitta Design (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Snake, architecture
Material: 3d printed nylon, 3d printed gold palted steel
Colours: black, white, red, gold

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product|added Jun 08, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  31629 votes

Pli, stool + side table + storage


Pli, stool + side table + storage is made of Ash wood and copper, it has been inspired by the folds of origami art and has a delicate sculptural touch. The stool is hand carved with the idea to be “one of a kind” in each new piece. This multifunctional piece of furniture is designed thinking in the current small living spaces, it gives you the possibility to have a side table, a stool and a storage space all in one. The table top could be removed and the stool stored inside

Designer: Monoculo Design Studio (Spain)
Manufacturer: Monoculo Design Studio (Spain)
Inspired By: Origami folds and geometry
Material: Ash wood and copper
Dimension: Stool 35 x 46 cms. Table 40 x 50,5 cms.
Price: 1740

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Bris is a lightweight outdoor furniture collection with a table, two different size benches and a serving tray.

Designer: Ben Fredriksson (Finland)
Manufacturer: Lumberloon (Finland)
Inspired By: Modern Woodworking
Material: Pine and aluminum
Colours: different
Dimension: table 80x80 cm
Price: from 200

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product|added Jun 07, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  28475 votes

GRIN - The Emoji Diary


Have you ever dreamed of keeping a diary but been too busy to do so? GRIN makes it fun and easy: just mark an emoticon! This book offers you 365 pages with ready-made emojis to capture your memories.
Powered by Amazon.

Designer: Talking Days, S.Wagner (Germany)
Manufacturer: Amazon (United States)
Material: Paperback
Colours: 372 pages
Dimension: 4x6
Price: 9,80$ / 9,80

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product|added Jun 02, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  34595 votes

Spun Planter


Yield's new medium sized planter is made locally in Florida from a single piece of pure copper or galvanized steel. At 8 inches in diameter, the planter holds a range of standard plant size and can be used as a cachepot (holding already potted plants) or as a standard planter with soil placed directly inside.

The planter contains a 1" water reservoir at the base separated from the main body by a piece of perforated steel.

Designer: Rachel Gant, Andrew Deming (United States)
Manufacturer: Yield (United States)
Material: Copper
Colours: Copper
Dimension: 8
Price: $140 USD

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