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KNOT is a family of tools to cut, crush and grind.

This family was created around the natural particularity of a knot in the wood. The knot receives the users thumb at the top of the handle.
The shape of the branches makes the function of each tool instinctive. In this way Knot leads the user back to their roots.

©photos: Julien Hayard

Designer: Félicie Eymard Ericsdottir (Belgium)
Material: wood
Colours: beige

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Dodo is a limited series lamp made of MDF laser cutted parts.
Each lamp is conceived as a simple assembling system without tools aid.
The structural system is made of 27 strips, wedged in two disks by hand pressure.
Disks are designed to permit a standard light socket (with ring) installation.
It has been thought in three different shapes in order to create several configurations and light effects. A colored fabric cord it's available in two colors (electric blue, orange).

Designer: Dino Salvatico & Ernesto Di Giorgio (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Limited edition (Switzerland)
Material: laser cutted MDF 3mm thin
Dimension: 60x30 cm / 50x42 cm / 48x82 cm
Price: CHF 200.- / CHF 250.-

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report|added Feb 28, 2014

URBAN JUNGLE - 25hours Bikini Berlin Hotel

For 25hours hotels, one of the most advanced and innovative hotelmakers in the world Werner Aisslinger and his team created a concept which connects the city of Berlin and its creative subcul- ture with the hotel. Travellers and guests will as soon as they enter experience Berlin as a culture hub and be linked to the experimental lab character of the city.


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LAM is a pellet stove with an iconic shape that matches elegance and smart design. The essentiality of its architecture is in contrast with the metallic textile that covers its sides making LAM an elegant design object. LAM is equipped with the Still technology, that exploit the convection motion to diffuse heat guaranteeing silence, it i salso equipped with an app. Aesthetically, Emo design proposed the application on the sides of a metallic textile that gives it a technologycal appeal.

Designer: Emo design (Italy)
Manufacturer: MCZ Group (Italy)
Material: metalic textile, cast iron
Dimension: 60 x 52,6 x h 108 cm

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news|added Feb 28, 2014

Table collection for Walt Disney Japan by NENDO

A table collection for Walt Disney Japan, based on Winnie the Pooh and his friends. To reflect the stories' setting in the Hundred Acre Wood, the tables use natural-feel maple extensively, and come in sizes and silhouettes intended to recall the stories'  characters.


Coloured knit cladding on different parts of the tables subtly indicates each character through their distinctive clothes, hair and tails, and suggests that the tables are like stuffed animals, too.


Copyright : Disney



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Oksa* ("Branch" in Finnish) - Oksa is a family of light, practical and instinctive tools.The idea behind this project is to bring the magic of a campfire into the home.

Designer: Félicie Eymard Ericsdottir (Belgium)
Material: tubular steel / felt
Colours: black

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This collection was developed in cooperation with wood specialist Ruben van der Scheer.
Inspired by some splits that fell off Ruben’s work bench, we were fascinated by their effect on perspective. Due to special cutting angles which Ruben used for some other products of his, the 3D impression of these wooden blocks was enhanced.
Finished with a coloured resin layer these wooden forms take the starring role. Providing them in 3 versions as necklaces or brooches we hope to make you happy.

Designer: Sandra Turina (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: TURINA.Jewellery (Netherlands)
Inspired By: perspective, material, wood, resin, colour, graphics
Material: wood, colour resin, (rose) goldplated brass/925 silver
Colours: powder blue, graphite grey, cherry red, gold, copper, antique silver
Dimension: Chain ca 66 cm. Pendant ca 8 x 2cm.
Price: 34 EUR/brooch, 54 EUR/necklace

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Cork and clay lamp


How to combine cork and clay in a suspended light fixture? The cork, which has been shaped manually gently, locks the clay lampshade. The clay shade provides the necessary weight for the good suspension of the lamp and conceals colourful motifs that are discovered when the light is switched on. There are three different patterns.

Designer: Projecto TASA / The Home Project
Manufacturer: Projecto TASA (Portugal)
Inspired By: Ancestral techniques from Algarve
Material: cork + clay
Dimension: high: 22cm approx/ Diameter: 22cm

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The Ticky Blanket


Our Ticki Blanket is made of the finest alpaca wool available. Each fiber of our unique material journeys from the High Andes to refinement in Bolivian and Peruvian factories before the yarn is woven in traditional German wool mills. We carefully considered every step in the production process to ensure the most fair, transparent and sustainable result. Woolhunter is one of the first companys, to share radically the full cost breakdown of its products.

Learn more on

Designer: Frauke Maier (Germany)
Manufacturer: Woolhunter (Germany)
Material: Alpaca wool
Colours: grey
Dimension: 145 x 200
Price: 245,00

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Spring Rugs


“Blossom” is a beautifully made traditional rug available exclusively from Kush Rugs in Portland, Oregon. It was hand-knotted in India with a wool background and raised silk design. Secondly, “Static” is a more masculine rug that was also hand-knotted in India and available exclusively at Kush.

Designer: Kush Handmade Rugs (United States)
Dimension: The Blossom rug is $11,900. Static is $7,400.
Price: Blossom is photographed 91X121 and Static 8'X10', but can be ordered i54 sq ft and above.

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