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Napi chair by Bartoli Design for Bonaldo


The Napi design is born from the exact need for a comfortable and padded chair, yet not upholstered in fabric or leather. Bartoli Design choses the polyurethane for the seat-back shell: a material which in Bartoli design's opinion is positively simple, not snob. They regard Napi as a “pop” item: as for its intended use (for anybody), as for its formal features and materials.

Designer: Bartoli Design (Italy)
Manufacturer: Bonaldo (Italy)
Inspired By: A curvilinear seating that tilts and bends softly like the butterfly Napi
Colours: The shell is available in white, anthracite grey, taupe, brown, arctic blue, brick-red

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BoBo side table


The design for this unconventional side table was inspired by the African Baobab tree. 
This tree with its wide trunk and fragile branches defies all laws of correct proportions, which makes it one of a kind in nature.
There are two standard versions of the BoBo: burned oak with brushed brass and solid oak with white steel. 
The black version is colored using the Shou-sugi-ban technique, an ancient Japanese technique in which wood is burned to form a natural protection. 

Designer: Ronald Knol (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: RKNL (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Baobab
Material: Oak / Brass
Colours: black / brass
Dimension: 57cm
Price: 495

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