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product|added Aug 12, 2015 0 rating 2.98 / 5  |  28676 votes

Chesterfield Skateboard


The Chesterfield Skateboard is made for the kid in all of us, with classic lines and an homage to simpler days spent coasting from one beach to the next. The aged leather nose guard ads character while protecting your board from small dings and scratches.

Designer: ByAndrewCoslow (United States)
Manufacturer: ByAndrewCoslow (United States)
Inspired By: Chic take on a modern classic
Material: Walnut and Ash wood with leather detail.
Colours: Walnut or Ash. Contact for wheel color of your choice
Dimension: 33x9x3.75 with 149mm trucks.
Price: Starting at $275

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product|added Aug 11, 2015 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  564 votes

GeoGlow Reversible, Flatpack Lampshade


GeoGlow is a family of self-assembly, reversible lampshade which have been inspired my Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes. The lights consist of a number of identical modules that slot together to form a range of shapes and require no additional fittings for assembly.

Designer: Gráinne Lyons (Ireland)
Manufacturer: (Ireland)
Inspired By: Orgimai, Geodesic Domes, Buckminster Fuller
Material: Polypropylene
Colours: Red, Purple, Teal, White, Grey, Black, Gold, Bronze
Dimension: 400mm dimateter, 800mm diamteter, 400mm x 800mm
Price: 80.00 - 240.00

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product|added Aug 09, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  84794 votes

The Function Collection


The idea of fusing mathematics with fashion might be surprising at first, since for most of us, mathematics is the equivalent of strict and rigid systems, formulae “But in fact, maths is exciting and playful, not to mention how nice it is to look at!” says the designer, Sára Fleischer. She has been tutoring students in maths, her goal is to communicate the same playful vibe that transpires also in her jewellery designs.

Designer: Sara Fleischer (Hungary)
Manufacturer: (Hungary)
Inspired By: maths
Material: brass
Price: 16-90 $

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product|added Aug 09, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  24405 votes

design furniture for cats or dogs


Your dog or cat love to be around you? Bedside table with drawers and a special compartment for animals is a perfect multi-functional solution. House for your pet - two sections for clothes and a table, it's - D&C house.
Aesthetic design and various colors of pillows fit into any decor.

Designer: Studio (Ukraine)
Manufacturer: Oakland (Ukraine)
Material: MDF, wood and textile.
Colours: Black and wood'scolor

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