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product|added Oct 08, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  17731 votes

Cara de Planta


Cara de Planta, which means plant face in english, because it is literally a fun face, is a 100% PET DIY vertical gardening system that persons of all ages and sizes can use to make their own personal, professional vertical garden without hassle and in a short period of time.

You can view a video of Cara de Planta in action on Kickstarter

Designer: César Bejarano (Mexico)
Manufacturer: GECER (Mexico)
Inspired By: Fun and nature
Material: 100% recycled PET
Colours: Gray with yellow
Dimension: 16.5

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product|added Oct 07, 2015 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  17028 votes



The first piece from the range Garage Productions Sidelined draws on the bench mark we use for design and manufacture, with quirky cubby holes for those modern day essentials Sidelined offers fun and practical storage solution.

Designer: Jon Mitchell (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Jon Mitchell (United Kingdom)
Material: Oak Veneer, White MFC, Egg Shell Blue Paint

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product|added Oct 06, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  20344 votes

CLOUD by Quentin de Coster


CLOUD is a work on light and particularly on reflection. Made up of four hundred ninety-three hanging steel petals and a fluorescent tube, this unique installation models the fragmentation of a lampshade. Each ellipse randomly mitigates and reflects the light coming from the tube.

Designer: Quentin de Coster (Belgium)
Material: electropolished stainless steel, powder coated aluminium, nylon thread
Dimension: W200 x D80 x H150 cm
Price: 8500

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product|added Oct 05, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  19046 votes

Cacti Coasters


Cacti Coasters are designed to protect work surfaces whilst having the remarkable ability to blend into your environment by transforming into different shapes of cacti.
This unique design allows you to securely interlock each coaster to build and arrange your cacti in a multitude of orientations and creative compositions.
Whether you leave your cacti fully assembled or neatly stacked inside its pot, it's the perfect companion for your coffee table.

Designer: Clive Roddy (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Clive Roddy Designer & Maker (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Cacti
Material: Terracotta, Birch Ply, Engineered wood
Colours: Green
Price: £20 (excluding postage)

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product|added Oct 03, 2015 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  16543 votes

Cactus Chair


The cast acrylic planes make the chair completely transparent. The geometric shape gives the chair its rigid structure. The initial fear of sitting on top of the cactus will keep them on the edge of their seat.

Designer: Vedat Ulgen (United States)
Manufacturer: Thislexik (United States)
Inspired By: Shiro Kuramata
Material: Lucite, 10 inch Barrel Cactus
Dimension: 23 W x 25 D x 29.5 H
Price: $2,200.00

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