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Black and Colhours


Dsignio has designed and developed a watch for Colhour Watches characterized by combining live colors with black. Dsignio has looked for clean and timeless lines to create a colorful collection where the combinations of its parts allow a large number of possibilities.
The watch´s black alloy case houses a Japanese Seiko PC 215 movement and it guarantees a type of water resistance of 3Atm. Dsignio has also designed strong silicone straps in various colors so the users can customize their watch.

Designer: DSIGNIO (Spain)
Manufacturer: Colhour Watches (Spain)
Material: Alloy and silicone.
Colours: several colours
Price: 50

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video report|added Jul 01, 2017

Token identity ring - to access everything

Token lets you live securely in a digital world. One ring to access everything. Token is your password, house key, credit card, car key, access badge and transit card.



newadded Jun 30, 2017


English speaking Copywriter f/m wanted


Berlin Germany
English speaking Copywriter (f/m)


English speaking Copywriter (f/m)


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Wealth watch


Wealth Watch aims to merge the benefits of cash and card in money management. Using a central hub, it allows users to set long and short-term savings goals, allocate budgets for days/weeks/months. The budget is then transferred to a wearable device that allows electronic payments whilst offering tactile feedback. The wearable will let the user know when they are getting low and stops working when the user has reached the set budget. An app gives on-the-go control over spending and savings.

Designer: Ruaidhri phelan (Ireland)
Inspired By: Cashless society
Material: Copper detailing, ABS, acetal POM
Colours: Grey copper

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product|added Jun 23, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  69140 votes

shelving system DIY


The shelving system is assembled in layers. The connection of the lements is achieved by sliding in simple metal pins in one vertical axis. Hence the vertical elements can be swiveled freely.
There are many option – free configuration in height and length or combination of materials. Complex forms can be reallized, like bows, overhangs or junctions.
The shelving system is an open source – project published on bysomeone. Plans, a configurator and assembly references can be downloaded here.

Designer: tpunktr (Germany)
Manufacturer: do it yourself
Material: SwissCDF
Dimension: variable

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