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A calendar that is not just checking a date.
HAVE A NICE YEAR project is about spreading year, month, date, day, hour and second in the one page so that it allows people to look at the time movement of an year of the life time.
‘HAVE A NICE YEAR’ calendar offers unique ways of checking dates by moving hours and minutes.

Designer: COOL ENOUGH STUDIO (Korea, South)
Dimension: w520 x h668mm

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Fuse Floor by Note Design Studio


New edition of the Fuse pendant lamp: floor. In ceramic and available in the new colors of the 2014 collection. The tactility of the materials plays an essential role mixed with the warm glow created within each cylindrical shade. A perfect marriage of traditional Italian craftsmanship and Nordic simplicity.

Designer: Note Design Studio (Sweden)
Manufacturer: Ex.t (Italy)
Material: Ceramic, wood
Colours: gravel, roof
Dimension: Ømax 30 x H150 cm
Price: 751 Euro

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The first spiral staircase in the world to be created using Technopolymer, a material that is 100% recyclable, durable and shockproof resistant. For indoor and outdoor use, it is also DIY.

Designer: Fontanot UK (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Fontanot (Italy)
Material: Technopolymer
Colours: red, white, green

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event|added Oct 20, 2014



ORGATEC is the only trade fair to present the whole world of work! In 2014 ORGATEC particularly focuses on solutions for the growing demand for flexible forms of work and the optimal working environement.

Be part of ORGATEC when manufacturers of all relevant sectors present their new products and solutions. @ Facebook and @ Twitter


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Pebble Pot Family


Pebble is a concrete artifact, designed to meet the requirements of an indoors pot for the smaller plants of the house.
It is made of concrete whose texture resembles the porous texture of pebbles. Pebble is therefore designed to mimic their organic forms and their smooth surface, result of the everlasting process of polishing through friction. This structure intends to reproduce the sense of the harmonic co-existing of the pebble and the microorganisms that grow on and sculpt its surface.

Designer: Aristotelis Barakos (Greece)
Material: concrete

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I was in need of a bigger kitchen table and designed this one for me and my family. The table consists of a matte black steel frame in square tubing with one leg and three leg ends made from copper tubing. The tabletop is plywood coated with matt black furniture linoleum.

Designer: per jensen

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Fokus Table


Simple and elegant 'Fokus' table in solid walnut with clear lacquer finish. Available in oak, walnut and teak.

Designer: Steven Gosseye (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Steven Gosseye (Belgium)
Material: Walnut
Dimension: Height 35 cm Length 125 cm Width 45 cm
Price: 653,50

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product|added Oct 18, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  6166 votes

Dina & Dora Chairs


Dina & Dora honor the hard work of those who have tamed the land of the oldest wine region in the world - the Douro Valley. Elegant and plain chairs, where you can have moments of sharing, tasting and contemplation.

Designer: Joana Santos & Hugo Silva
Inspired By: Douro Valley and wine region.

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Frida is a concept of demountable and customizable furniture, designed to perfectly fit into any space or situation. Frida Stool and Frida Side Table are the first two pieces of the serie, characterized by its simple mounting system that, besides providing a nice detail on the top, allows it to be easily disassembled and reassembled. A single butterfly screw locks all the structure rendering Frida immediately recognizable and adding a unique colorful touch.

Designer: Zanocchi & Starke (Italy)

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/\ table


/\ table - Geometric dining table. Top is made from solid oak wood and sits on thin, but strong, /\ -shaped powder coated steel legs. The countertop is finished with hardwax-oil which creates a smooth, natural and durable surface.

Designer: 5mm. (Poland)
Manufacturer: 5mm. (Poland)
Material: oak wood, powder coated steel
Colours: natural wood , black
Dimension: 200 x 90

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