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UK cargo trike manufacturer Boxer are on a quest to create the world's most elegant family trike. The Rocket aims to provide a thrilling, everyday riding experience for both the child occupants and the adult, with slick features like reclining seats and cutting-edge lights to seal the deal.

The Rocket is an entirely unique addition to the family cargo trike market.

Designer: Jeremy Davies (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Boxer Cycles (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Jules Verne, 1930s airliners, Flash Gordon, Dymaxion
Material: Aluminium, chrome
Colours: Silver, red

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Inclusive Watches


People spend a lot of money on EXCLUSIVE watches in order to differentiate themselves from the others. Lega-lega and Bruketa&Zinic OM suggest you do the complete opposite. Design your first Inclusive Watch. Make your own time. Inclusive Watch consists of a pen and your imagination. Open, think of something cool, then get busy. Inclusive Watch includes your personality and displays your creativity. VIDEO

Designer: Bruketa&Zinic OM (Croatia)
Manufacturer: IBL (Croatia)
Material: paper, pen
Colours: balck, white
Price: 30,00 HRK

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SB02 Series Dinning Table and Bench


The SB02 series is a bold take on everyday furniture, having a solid oak 'box' top and a gently tapered leg frame in stained oak, giving a floating effect as well as a delicate profile. The dining table has a concealed cutlery drawer. SB02 pieces are made entirely from English oak.

Designer: Steve Baines (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Baines&Fricker (United Kingdom)
Material: Solid Oak
Dimension: 1900 x 850 x 740

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