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Every detail of Flow chair has been designed and developed with the greatest love. we think Flow is one of the most beautiful wooden chairs created during the last 100 years. It is light and stackable multi-purpose chair that combines the beauty of plywood with innovative moulding technique putting precision and details in focus. It’s clean look, timeless design and excellent sitting comfort make it suitable for the widest spectrum of public and private interiors.

Designer: Jakob Berg (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Chair Baltic (Latvia)
Material: Clear lacquered birch, oak, walnut, zebrano, wenge. Bleached birch or oak. Stained birch or oak.
Dimension: FV: 512x840 Profile:575x460

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event|added Jul 22, 2015

The beauty and the book award 2015 #fbm15


The nomination of titles and voting is open to everyone. The selection criteria are wide open, as well! Decide for yourself what makes your submission beautiful: attention to detail, stunning layout, immaculate typography, outstanding cover, impressive graphics – you name it. Design, Architecture, Photography etc.

The award ceremony will take place at an event during the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2015. The winning titles (the ones that attract the most votes) will be on exhibition in Hall 4.1, so Fair visitors will also have the chance to vote for their favourites.

In cooperation with Stiftung Buchkunst and the Frankfurt Book Fair.


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FRAMES 2.5 bookcase


Grid, made up of 10 metal frames that as a free standing bookcase or as a room divider can be used.
The ‘boards’ have different widths and are open in the middle. This makes them suitable for some books, but also something can be hung in.

Designer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Inspired By: frames
Material: 15 mm square steel tube
Colours: black
Dimension: h 193,5 x w 190 x d 39 cm

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product|added Jul 20, 2015 0 rating 3.11 / 5  |  43759 votes

Counterpoise Chair


Counterpoise is a plywood chair comprised of two parts with dynamic shapes that balance each other. Taken separately, each part would be unsteady, but taken together they function as a steady-state system.
Kaptura de Aer designs are intended to be defined by what’s beyond their materiality, thus the shape is not a final goal but hint. On this line, Counterpoise final shape brings up the idea of interplay. At the same time its flowing form and textures offer a sensuous sitting experience.

Designer: Kaptura de Aer (Romania)
Material: beech plywood
Dimension: 50x60x85cm (LxWxH)

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TRI USE is an extraordinary well-thought-out piece of furniture: by different arrangements you decide about using it as a side table, book shelf, magazine rack or stool. The multiple applications turn this multifunctional furniture into a perfect companion for everyday. TRI USE is available in acrylic glass and in the three classic colors white, black and red.

Designer: produktsalon // Susanne Uerlings Produktdesign (Germany)
Manufacturer: Wohntechnik (Germany)
Inspired By: functionality, straight lines
Material: acrylic glass
Colours: white, black and red

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product|added Jul 16, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  18685 votes

New bookcase Skaffa Wood RANDOM


SKAFFA WOOD RANDOM another idea of bookcase of the company Piarotto that produce and delivery their furnitures from Venice Italy Skaffa is one the the many bookshelves designed by the pen of Ampelio Piarotto ,founder of the Piarotto company that is specialized in modular furniture since 1960.
Shelves are handmade in laminated ash solid wood ,varnished with ecological paint.Side Metal boxes are very light ,tickness 1,5 mm A wooden goose with boots is included in each composition

Designer: ampelio piarotto (Italy)
Manufacturer: piarotto (Italy)
Inspired By: solid wood
Material: solid laminated wood , metal boxes
Colours: ash, shithe
Dimension: 300 x 211 h x 30 cm.
Price: 2012,00 euro

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Parking Level M.


The architecture of this design addresses the tree house with all its well known features we remember from childhood and includes this basic idea with the features of a luxury, modern garage. Especially the situation of the construction site invites us to an imaginative staging.

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)

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Sylpo - Vase & Candle Holder Tetrapode


Sylpo - The org. Sylt miniature tetrapode is a tribute to the distinctive breakwater structures, protecting Sylt's coasts from the harsh North Sea. Sylpo consists of hand casted concrete and combines the functions of candle holders, vases and coastal protection in a double-feature design object. Just like its big Pendents, helps Sylpo receipt the Island by supporting the Foundation `coastal protection Sylt`.

Designer: Jörn Kreienbringck (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)
Material: Concrete
Colours: grey
Dimension: 11 cm x 11cm
Price: € 79,95 ( 2er Set )

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Stick-Up the Heat


One size fits all: Stick-Up the Heat is a flexible trivet made of three identical slim elements which are connected by a string. Various trivet shapes can be generated: square, rectangular, round each as mini or maxi version, to be used as a small trivet for little pots but also as a big trivet for large casseroles. For storage it can be hung up or put together to save space.
Made from natural materials such as bamboo and corn and is 100% biodegradable and dishwasher proof.

Designer: produktsalon // Susanne Uerlings Produktdesign (Germany)
Manufacturer: Capventure Zuperzozial (Netherlands)
Inspired By: organic forms, flexibility, diversity
Material: bamboo and corn
Colours: Carbon Black, Coconut White, Stone Grey, Powder Blue and Lollipop Pink.
Dimension: approx. 9 x 5.2 x 1.6 cm

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video report|added Jul 13, 2015


MusicMachine 3 is inspired by Star Wars' legendary imperial TIE fighters. These lattice-like vertical wings support and protect the dual music cylinders, each playing three melodies: the theme tunes from Star Wars, Mission Impossible, and James Bond on the right and The Godfather, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, and The Persuaders on the left.

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