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The fascination of broken glass; light reflections on the edges make visible what is transparent and invisible in the first place. That surprising effect led us to design this collection of stylized crystals. They are apended on pure brass profiles which will beautifully oxidise within time.

Designer: Sandra Turina (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Sandra Turina (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Broken glass and light reflections.
Material: fine goldplated brass chain, transparent acrylic glass (recycled)
Colours: Gold
Dimension: Chain: ca 60cm
Price: 39 euros

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The Balloon


The Balloon, our original sitting ball, is exclusively a product of nature. The 3mm-thick genuine cowhide leather is naturally tanned and a masterpiece of saddlery craftsmanship. Just like natural wood, every piece of leather tells a story of its own and continues to develop. A fully developed patina is proof of the leather’s pure, natural character. Every Balloon sitting ball will unmistakably become one of a kind.

Designer: Nikolaus Hartl (Germany)
Manufacturer: Sellando (Germany)
Inspired By: World Cup Brazil 1950
Material: 3mm-thick genuine cowhide leather
Colours: honey colour
Dimension: Diameter 57 cm
Price: 595.-

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MANUFRACT® - Made in Germany


MANUFRACT® - Inspired by the self-healing process of trees and we created a new and unique design. If a tree gets injured, it will naturally release resin to close the wound. This natural concept of woundhealing is used for the manufacturing process of these products. Broken pieces of wood are formfilled with a novel ecoresin to get the final shape. Each product is unique and crafted out of broken hardwood. It's carefully selected and polished by hand.

Designer: Marcel Dunger / Florian Meier (Germany)
Manufacturer: Marcel Dunger / Florian Meier (Germany)
Inspired By: self-healing process of trees
Material: oak / coloured ecoresin
Colours: blue
Dimension: 990x660x425mm
Price: price on request

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The Borough Table


The Borough Table by Taylor Donsker Design combines the self supporting functionality of a traditional saw horse with interlocking joinery and premium hand picked hardwoods. The base assembles without glue or fasteners by simply hammering the quarter sawn stretcher into each flat sawn leg joint. Available in two sizes: 28" H x 36" W desk/dining table height and a 36" H x 24" W buffet table height.

Designer: Taylor Donsker (United States)

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99 Classics headphones


Beautifully crafted headphones that will acquire personal meaning for the user over time.
The 99Classics headphones combine modern with hand crafted design, using natural materials and focusing on delivering the best premium sound.

Designer: Antonio Meze (Romania)
Manufacturer: Meze Headphones (Romania)
Inspired By: early industrial revolution machinery
Material: wood, zinc, spring steel, leather
Colours: woodgrain, black, bronze-gold, silver
Dimension: 200mmX160mmX70mm
Price: 309USD

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Jentle by David Fox Design for Connection


Jentle is a lounge chair made from the finest european timber, with detailed panneled upholstery. Offered in both a four leg and swivel base options. Ideal for contract or hospitality applications. Designed by Award winning british designer David fox.

Designer: David Fox (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Connection Seating (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Wing chairs
Material: Wood steel leather
Colours: All

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SPARKLING_evo collection


A delicate and sophisticated evolution of our previous SPARKLING collection. The dimension are growing and pure colours as black and white are combined with a delicate metal detail creating a contemporary and classic mix of glamour with a stronger accent. Made of strong and flexible nylon and a detail of 24 kt gold plated steel, each piece is very light and easy to wear.

Designer: Dario Scapitta Design (Netherlands)
Material: 3d printed nylon, gold plated 3d printed steel
Colours: Black, White, Gold

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Papestack - a firepalce made of cardboard


PAPESTACK is a real looking open fireplace made out of cardboard. The picture and the sound of the cozily flickering fire are created by your home TV-Set. Papestack is affordable, comes in a small cardboard box to your door and can be put together easily without tools or glue. Your TV-Set delivers the recordings of a real fireplace! When the season is over and you want to free the space in your flat, the cardboard stack can simply be taken apart and stored in its box, until next Christmas.

Designer: Werner Petricek (Austria)
Manufacturer: Papestack (Austria)
Material: corrugated cardboard
Colours: texture print
Dimension: 52x42x14
Price: 65 earlybird Kickstarter Pledge

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The Paper Clock


The Paper Clock is a uniquely designed clock – the perfect accessory for home and office. It makes a great gift for lovers of contemporary and mid-century modern design.
The clock is comprised of a die-cut glossy paperboard inner body, rigid matte paperboard outer body, choice of colorful segmented face, and painted metal hands. It comes with an accurate quartz movement, guaranteed for one year, and AA battery. Each clock is hand assembled in Vermont, USA. HERE AT ETSY

Designer: Eric Albinson (United States)
Manufacturer: Albinson Design (United States)
Material: paper card stock
Colours: white, black
Dimension: 3 W x 4 H x 2 D
Price: $35 + shipping

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Olive Oil Shelving Unit


The Olive Oil Shelving Unit is the ultimate option for customizing your space just the way you like it. This wall leaning shelf doesn't over impose on your space yet offers a wide array of functional solutions you never knew you were missing. Each shelf is customizable for a different function.


Designer: NyAndrewCoslow (United States)
Manufacturer: ByAndrewCoslow (United States)
Material: Solid Ash Wood and Hot Rolled Steel
Colours: Ash or Walnut Wood, Hot Rolled or Painted Steel
Price: Starting at $275

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