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Tulip by Pierre Cabrera


Like a graceful and timeless flower of light, this tulip-shaped lamp enhances emotion, technology and high-end materials. For Pierre Cabrera, HI-MACS® proved to be the ideal material to create "Tulip". The flower inspired the designer to create a warm and intimate atmosphere through soft and indirect lighting. The ellipsoidal HI-MACS® thermoformed ribbon intertwines to produce smooth, flowing and sensual shapes.

Designer: Pierre Cabrera (France)
Material: HI-MACS®
Colours: Alpine White

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Tzero Table


Franco Eccel presents "Tzero Table" a range of tables, kitchen work surfaces and items for the bathroom made from HI-MACS®. Their most notable feature is their green credentials. Created from offcuts and surplus materials taken from major architectural projects they are given a second life in the form of individual pieces. Of special note is the "fragmented" pattern as well as the adhesives in contrasting colours, which highlight the fractures between the individual elements and their joints.

Designer: Franco Eccel (Italy)
Material: HI-MACS®
Colours: Alpine White, Banana, Concrete Grey, Fiery Red, Deep Indigo, Orange, Sapphire

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Primitive Kitchen Tool


Swedish designer Erik Bele Höglund’s Primitive Kitchen Tool for modern cavemen: The tool is constructed from HI-MACS®, a new-generation acrylic stone that is ultra-resistant and completely hygienic. Its pore-free surface prevents any build-up of waste or bacteria. It is made up of two pieces: a platter, with various hollows in which foods may be placed and prepared, and a “stone”, which has two functions: the sharp end, to slice and cut, or the blunt end of the handle, to crush and grind.

Designer: Erik Bele Höglund (Sweden)
Material: HI-MACS®
Colours: Alpine White, Dark Night

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