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event|added Feb 25, 2017

Green Product Award 2017


Competition for Sustainable Products and Services Under the theme “How do we live tomorrow?” the award will address a global topic along with strong partnerships, new Jurors and more Service to support sustainable ideas with Business models.

New this year is the possibility to submit green product- and service concepts, the best ones will be accompanied to the market.

Participants can submit in 14 different Categories. The best submissions receive a package of exhibitions, book publishing, matchmaking and other services.

At international trade fairs and design festivals, the exhibits attracted more than 520,000 prospects alone in the years 2015 and 2016. In the upcoming May 2017, we will present selected Products and winner products at the international fair INTERZUM in Cologne, in October and November there will be more exhibitions on design fairs i.e. the Designers‘ Open in Leipzig, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Learn more about the Award and eligibility requirements on our website. Register and submit here to take part in the Green Product Award 2017! Submission Deadlines: March 31st for Products and Solutions & July 31st for concepts


product|added Feb 24, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  30293 votes



Metal bench. A bit irony and color to the cities landscape.

Designer: I.Solovyov, D.Tropashko (Belarus)
Dimension: 460x80x1630

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product|added Feb 23, 2017 0 rating 3 / 5  |  32990 votes

Futura Tap


The Tap design draws inspiration from the movie “Inception” and will be just perfect for a minimalistic bathroom space.

Designer: QS Supplies (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: QS Supplies (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Futuristic Design
Material: Brass
Colours: Black, Chrome
Dimension: 200mm x 400mm x 350mm
Price: 345

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product|added Feb 23, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  31141 votes

Liud - a ring that secretly touches you and me


Liud is a textural memory, a ring from inside by Napp Studio. It turns the ring inside-out. Rather than showing off, it ‘touches’ you with the internal line of texture. Concealing the ‘touch’ under the mask of a plain ring, yet revealing for a glimpse through its edge. Shy but sensual, Liud links the ‘touch’ of your skin, a ‘touch’ you share with your love. Evoking senses beyond the visuals.

Launch Date: 4pm, 14th March 2017 (30-day period)
Platform: Kickstarter
pre-order email subscription:

Designer: Napp Studio (Hong Kong)
Material: bronze/ silver
Colours: bronze/ silver
Price: 119-159usd

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product|added Feb 16, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  45418 votes

Soccer media solutions


Within an area of 500 sq m located in Santa Fe, México City, RIMA Architecture, made an interesting office complex centered on the functionality and aesthetics needs requested by the client.

Designer: RIMA Arquitectura (Mexico)
Dimension: 500 m2

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product|added Feb 16, 2017 0 rating 3 / 5  |  44115 votes

Cave by Stipfold


As soon as you enter the space, the core aesthetic of the design unfolds and it is only possible to see the main room through the tilted hallway. The slopes direct the visitor from the narrow spaces toward the wider ones and vice versa. Leaning walls bend the space, making it simultaneously modest and sharp. The intention of diagonal walls being directional carries through the bedroom as well, but here, the steepness accentuates the workstation.

Designer: Beka Pkhakadze (Georgia)

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product|added Feb 16, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  40673 votes

Neba Table by Nüvist


We have hurry and chaos life and environments. And we need simple and tranquil things in our lives. So we try to represent simplicity with easy endless loop movement for Neba Table to create continuous form with fluid contemporary language.

Simple continuous loop lines blend for ergonomic functions with an effect of lightness. Thin lines and solid volumes combine in a sophisticated form and it is for multi-functional use as meeting table, worktable or office desk.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Dimension: 215x150x75 cm

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product|added Feb 15, 2017 0 rating 3 / 5  |  40397 votes



Reptilian is an ode to children's imaginary and pure world, where all beings can be friendly and partners (even those who would make anyone hide in fear). Snakes and reptilian motifs are drawn in contrasting vibrant colors, where each cushion have a story to tell.

Designer: Maria Figueiredo (Portugal)
Manufacturer: My Friend Paco (Portugal)
Inspired By: Children's tales and imaginary world
Material: cotton
Colours: multi
Dimension: 45x45 cm
Price: 52

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event|added Feb 13, 2017

Munich Creative Business Week 2017 #designconnects


Since its inception, Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW), the largest design event held in Germany for designers and contractors, has become one of the main attractions for top international designers, architects, creative people, business and economic sector representatives and all those who have a general interest in design. The reason: MCBW clearly is aimed at sensitizing people for design and its relevance to society, culture and the economy. For one week, life in Munich will focus on Design connects! Diverse events organized throughout the city – exhibitions, conferences, workshops, company tours and much more – attract an increasing number of visitors to MCBW including entire delegations from Germany and abroad. here at facebook and instagram.  MCBW has become all the more fascinating because of its annually changing themes that focus on current trends and topics of discussion in society. Sustainability of products and services and the advancement of young professionals play key roles in all the events.


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Lloyd-Loom-Chair in modern design. The seat is made of original Lloyd-Loom. Chair-legs made of natural oak. Modern-Loom-Collection by Blue Wall Design.

Designer: Sheppard

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