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A lounge chair that strikes the perfect balance between solid and void, light and shadow. The design uses primary shapes: rectangles and parallelograms. The arms and shelf below the seat are all parallel to the reclining seat and are unified into a tube to support the seat back. The seat back appears to float atop the parallelogram volume. A felt seat and back cushion are available and sold separately.

Designer: voukenas petrides (Greece)
Inspired By: brutalism architecture
Material: birch plywood
Colours: natural

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Architect Fabio Ferrillo renovates MSGM production site


Italian architect Fabio Ferrillo designed the renovations to the production site lobby of MSGM, one of the most exciting fashion brands of the moment which was founded by Massimo Giorgetti in 2010. The project has a precious soul that redevelops the original building's details and geometries while reinterpreting them with an entirely contemporary sensibility, incorporating glamorous and sophisticated touches.

Designer: Architect Fabio Ferrillo (Italy)
Inspired By: Okura Hotel in Tokyo and Casa del Cedro in Milan

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Self Excavation Hurricane House


Hurricane house twists with wind force excavating its own substructure to shelter it from hurricane winds. An artificial wetland directs floodwater away form the design. An architecture choreographed by environmental forces.

Designer: margot krasojevic (United Kingdom)

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PostBOT Deutsche Post AG


Self-propelled electric robot to follow mail carriers automatically and carry their mail items

Designer: Felix Stark
Manufacturer: Deutsche Post AG

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event|added Dec 21, 2017

International Eyewear Design Contest 2018


The application phase for the 3rd issue of the International Eyewear Design Contest, organized by OWP Brillen, is starting now. The contest is geared toward university-level students in programs of study that emphasize creativity or graduates who have completed. We are looking for young product designers, who think differently and challenge themselves, and would like to provide them a platform for themselves and their designs. A jury of designers of different special fields – including Alfredo Häberli – will select three winning concepts that convince by the choice of materials, wearability, manufacturability and functionality. The international winner projects will be presented at the largest optical trade fairs in Germany and abroad. Detailed information under

The OWP Brillen company has created glasses collections of international quality ever since its establishment in 1947. A total 75 percent of our production is designated for export. We have our own subsidiaries in Germany, France, Austria, the Netherlands and the US, as well as sales representatives in 42 countries worldwide.

To continuously accommodate our international orientation, we make substantial investments in product development, technology, logistics and service. In this way we can always respond to the needs of diverse markets and target groups.

Our well-balanced portfolio of our own two, well established, private labels OWP and Metropolitan and the brand Mexx ensure the successful sales of our collections. OWP is therefore considered one of the top suppliers in the industry today, and has earned its reputation among opticians throughout the world as a creative, highly innovative company.


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Isle Lounge


Isle Lounge is an iconic piece of furniture, a sofa large enough to seat several people in eclectically stellar comfort. Glossy carbon/epoxy sandwich with a natural carbon-fiber appearance or in any RAL color. Upholstered in a special 3-D textile (indoor version only). Outdoor upholstery fabrics UV and water resistant. Indoor and outdoor versions. Available in 3 sizes.

Designer: Asobi (Slovenia)
Manufacturer: Asobi (Slovenia)
Material: Carbon fiber
Price: from 21360$

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TRIlight TRI18


The perfect triangular tiling honeycomb, the Tri Light. An enlightenment piece for the post-factual era. A paracompact flexible design system that can easily be perpetuated into infinity.

Modular structure in anodized aluminum. Different color finishes. LED, 2.3W per module. 2700K-4000K adjustable. CRI90.
Dimmable. Programmable. 12, 18, 26, 36, 46, 58, 82 modules standard sizes. Custom sizes available. 110 V - 240 V

Designer: Asobi (Slovenia)
Manufacturer: Asobi (Slovenia)
Material: aluminium
Dimension: 33.7
Price: $5249

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video report|added Dec 20, 2017

MADE.COM TalentLAB launched at the V&A

MADE.COM's Design Director Ruth Wassermann explains TalentLAB, the new
crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform where anyone with a great design idea
can upload it with a view to getting it manufactured and sold on


event|added Dec 19, 2017

Heimtextil 2018

Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles, and will next be held in Frankfurt am Main from 9 to 12 January 2018. The first trade fair of the year for its sector, it is a climate and trend barometer for the new business year.


event|added Dec 18, 2017

3D Pioneers Challenge 2018


The unique 3D Pioneers Challenge covers a range of verticals and is aimed at designers who are breaking new ground in the field of 3D printing, taking into account the complete value-added system of additive technologies and who understand the key trends in the industry.

International, top-class, interbranch Jury
First-class partners

Verticals: Design, Digital, Architecture, Material, FashionTech, MedTech, Mobility

Die challenge adresses already for the third time specialists that are thinking outside the box - pushing boundaries!

The Challenge seeks to uncover specialists from around the world who are thinking outside the box and - pushing boundaries.

3D Printing supports a range of new technologies and visions. Combining several different manufacturing methods creates innovation. We are standing at the edge of a new digital era of speed, fusion of human and environment, Industrial Internet Consortium and smart factories up to artificial intelligence. The opportunities seem to be unlimited – already today in our everyday life robotic is as imaginable as fashion that reacts towards its environment.
Additive manufacturing technologies give the chance to go forward future and help visions to take shape.


Prize money 15.000 Euro
Exhibition at Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D in Erfurt (5.–7. June 2018)
Award ceremony at gala evening in Erfurt
Roadshow at international faire and events

Further prizes will be awarded by our partners: MakerBotEMEA hands for the best student project the MakerBot Replicator Mini+ and designreport offeres online-subscriptions (Englisch or German) for the lucky winners!

Dates 3DPC 2018

October 2017
Start of 3DPC 2018

15th March 2018
Submission deadline

5th-7th June 2018
Exhibition of the finalists at the Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D, Messe Erfurt

6th June 2018
Galaevening and award ceremony in Erfurt
After that international roadshow stops

Here you may download the detailed 3DPC Formalities 2018.

Learn more about the challenge here at facebook

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