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product|added Dec 03, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  10531 votes

Javi Letterbox


We have produced an Iconic letterbox range for the style conscious generation of home owners. The Javi Letterbox Range is sleek, custom designed and suitable for residential and commercial environments.

Designer: Lee Rodezno (Australia)
Manufacturer: Javi Design (Australia)
Inspired By: Style Concious generation of home owners, modern architecture and bespoke furniture.
Material: Accoya Wood, Zinc coated + powder coated mild steel.
Colours: Timber - Natural, steel - Charcoal or white. Stainless steel - natural
Dimension: WM- 380x290x110 mm. PM 1400x260x120 mm
Price: WM - AUD $425 PM - AUD $555

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product|added Dec 01, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  15346 votes



Multifunctional felt containers cute, handy and sustainable!
Imperativo is fun because you can assemble your own box, folding the felt surface and inserting the laces in the holes, and voila, It is ready to store your items, books, laundry and everything you want to put inside it. Design elements to collect in various shapes and sizes, as storage box, these are also the perfect gift idea.

Designer: Giuliano Valeri (Italy)
Manufacturer: Formabilio (Italy)
Inspired By: origami
Material: felt
Colours: Dark beige melange/Ocean blue/Zinc Yellow melange
Dimension: Small 22x22, h 10 cm; medium 42x25, h21 cm; 25x33, h 30 cm
Price: S 29 € / M 59 € / L 69 €

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product|added Nov 27, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  17429 votes

Paper Scarf


The Paper Scarf resembles a long sheet of notepaper with embroidered lines. You can add even more fun by writing on it.

The scarf is made of renowned paper-like material Tyvek ® from DuPont™, which is widely used as protective apparel for industrial workers and medical packaging. The material is elastic, extremely durable yet lightweight, water resistant yet breathable. It becomes softer as you wear it. Surprisingly, it keeps you warm from moderately cold weather.

Designer: Dennis Wong (Hong Kong)
Material: 100% Tyvek
Price: 25 USD

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product|added Nov 27, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  19517 votes

Inquadro / magazine rack


Inquadro keeps your favorite magazines tidy and nicely framed! The sleek design and its handiness makes it a smart object aesthetically attractive. It easily suits different interior styles, helps you to keep everything at its place and, at the same time, have your magazines right at hand in the living room, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the studio!

Designer: Paolo Foglini (Italy)
Manufacturer: Formabilio (Italy)
Material: Birch plywood lacquered with water based varnishes.
Colours: White Light blue Light green Yellow Cobalt blue
Dimension: 24 x 35, h 52,5 cm
Price: € 105.00

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product|added Nov 27, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  14717 votes

Wall Ride


Wall Ride is a practical and versatile wall mounted rack, perfect for those who want to proudly display their skateboard. With Wall Ride the wheels of your skateboard never risk dirtying the walls and the graphic of the shape is always in plain sight. Three hooks and two shelves allow you to hang and host anything else used in everyday life. Making it also useful for those who do not have a skate yet! You can buy Wall Ride here:

Designer: Zanocchi & Starke (Italy)
Manufacturer: Zanocchi & Starke (Italy)
Inspired By: Leave your cares, open a beer, take your skate and enjoy your ride!
Material: Metal
Colours: Black, Orange, White
Dimension: 55 x 16 x 14 cm
Price: 139 €

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product|added Nov 25, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  18374 votes

Acorn: The natural way to dock


The Acorn is inspired by nature and crafted from warm-toned Kebony maple; it embodies simplicity, sustainability and functionality. Acorn has a warm deep glow and its rich, woody smell enabled to bring a sense of the organic to these technological products.

Designer: enveo (Denmark)
Manufacturer: enveo (Denmark)
Inspired By: Nature
Material: Kebony

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product|added Nov 24, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  13923 votes

Lulla doll


Lulla doll imitates closeness with soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat. Lulla's unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness to these sounds improves sleep, wellbeing and safety. By nature babies tune into these sounds and stabilize their own rhythm. The doll is thoughtfully designed with human features and colors chosen to be gender & race neutral.

Designer: Eyrun Eggertsdottir (Iceland)
Manufacturer: RoRo (Iceland)
Inspired By: Closeness
Material: Natural cotton
Colours: Pink, Blue & Beige

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product|added Nov 24, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  13138 votes



To solve space needs and combine design and functionality is Stac main purpose. Use it as bookcase, cabinet, storage unit, Stac provides many useful shelves by stacking the single elements into each other in order to build your own domestic skyline

Designer: Davide G Aquini (Italy)
Manufacturer: Formabilio (Italy)
Inspired By: Fifties
Material: Wood fiber top, lacquered with water-based varnishes
Colours: white, light grey, turquoise and orange
Dimension: Cm 100x40, h66
Price: Euro 185

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product|added Nov 24, 2014 1 rating 3 / 5  |  11018 votes

360 shelf


Put things in the right perspective.

Change the way you organise your space, books, things and tech and reach out for a beautifully simple and practical solution, easily adjustable under any angle. 360 shelf fits everything and puts it right at your fingertips. Simple, aesthetically perfected multi-use shelf in variety of vivid colors and materials will change the way you see and use things in your living and working space.

Designer: Luka Pirnat (Slovenia)
Manufacturer: 360 shelf (Slovenia)
Inspired By: simplicity
Material: solid beech wood
Colours: Naturally natural, Classy stained, Mustard yellow, Pure white
Dimension: 200X200x40 mm (wooden frame)
Price: from 40 usd

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product|added Nov 22, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  12509 votes



A truly sustainable product. We’ve been pestering local businesses for their off cuts of ply that would normally destined to the scrap bin. The steel we use is recycled from discarded washing machines and dish washers. We trim it and bend it into shape before coating it with tough satin white paint. The perch is hand machined from solid brass with a knurled finish providing excellent grip for our feathered friends as they survey their surroundings. We love this Jam Nestbox and we hope you do too

Designer: Ben Cramp (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Jam Furniture (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Milk
Material: Reclaimed Birch Ply and recycled steel
Colours: Natural timber and gloss white
Dimension: 160mm x 160mm x 280mm
Price: £54.50

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