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event|added May 05, 2017

fifteen seconds festival 2017


The festival for curious minds challenging the status quo. Join a global community gathering leaders, creatives and innovators at Europe’s leading conference to network, learn and get inspired.

Leading executives travel south to 
meet, share, discuss in Graz. New York, Amsterdam, Sydney or Tokyo: Once a year, all roads lead to Graz. We are proud that a remarkable number of leading executives from global brands decided to join our past and upcoming events.

Program 2017 Challenging the commercial future. Which methods and techniques allow us to stand out from thousands of brand messages? What is crucial to advertising that makes a difference? How does the dynamic consumption of content shape tomorrow’s media business? By which means can companies maintain a culture that makes talent willingly strive for the best while finding satisfaction in their jobs? And: Where will new technologies keep on creating potential within an interconnected world? Join 3,000 curious minds reflecting solution approaches and embracing the future. learn more at youtube


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F&M Retail Corporate Design & Fair Stand


Simple develops Corporate Design for F&M Retail and designed stand, website, image brochure, stationery. Creative principle is a “room corner” – where wall, ceiling and floor meet seamlessly. At EuroShop 2017, surfaces such as concrete, rubber granules, solid wood along with corporate colors create a three-dimensional collage of materials. The folding ruler is showcased as space-defining curtain, give-away, interactive game. Paying tribute to the corporate color, red Bitterinos awaited visitors.

Designer: Simple GmbH (Germany)
Manufacturer: F&M Retail (Germany)
Material: concrete, rubber granules, solid wood
Colours: red

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product|added May 04, 2017 0 rating 3 / 5  |  20866 votes

Breuninger Customer Service


The new customer service of the fashion and lifestyle company Breuninger in Stuttgart addresses all concerns of its customers in an area of over 300 square metres.

The philosophy of the department store – exclusive service – is translated into a clear, functional design with quality materials and lovely details.

Designer: DIA Dittel Architekten

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event|added May 02, 2017

DHL invites creative minds to join Innovation Challenges 2017


Students, start-ups, visionaries and forward thinkers asked to submit their solutions for a mobile piece picking robot and ideas for sharing economy concepts
Winners will develop joint proof-of-concepts with DHL to be displayed at DHL Innovation Centers
Total prize pool of 20,000 Euros to flow into winning entries

DHL launches its second Innovation Challenges and calls students, start-ups and inventors worldwide to submit their ideas for two logistics-related challenges. Participants are invited to either develop a prototype of a mobile piece picking robot or develop a solution to a logistics problem using a sharing economy business model, platform or concept. Participants should submit a written document and video explaining their idea until September through the competition’s website at

All entries will be reviewed by senior DHL executives in a pre-selection process. Three finalists of each challenge will be chosen, whose concepts meet the criteria of functionality, aesthetics, potential to solve the given problem and commercial feasibility. The nominees will present their solutions in front of 180 senior supply chain professionals and trend experts at the DHL Innovation Day 2017 in Germany on November 16.

The winners will be selected in a live-voting process while the two top scorers receive the prize money and will have their concepts displayed at the DHL Innovation Centers in Germany and Singapore. They will also have the opportunity to develop proof-of-concepts with DHL.


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An installation that captures shifts between work and life


With the lines blur between work and living spaces, Arper presented their interpretation of this trend with an elaborate stand design at Salone del Mobile 2017. Named Together, the stand resembles the shape of a pizza that enables visitors to stroll through larger collaborative areas and modular rooms, all surrounded by a striking geometric shell and ceiling. Because each room has its own unique facade and ceiling structure, they can be interpreted as stand-alone architecture in themselves.

Designer: Studio Maio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Arper

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Flotte Lantern


The Flotte Lantern is an elegant pendant light that emits a soft, delicate
white glow. Whether suspended in trees, along trellises, or lighting
internal walkways, the sensual curve takes its cue from celebratory
floating paper lanterns. Flotte comes in three forms featuring a delicate
cross worked pattern imitating the soft drape of fabric.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Inspired By: Celebratory floating paper lanterns and a unique client brief
Material: Polymer

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product|added Apr 30, 2017 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  18785 votes

check chair


The chair is reduced to a minimum, aesthetically and constructional. It consists only of a belt of fabric with two inner pockets in which two wooden panels are inserted.
In a nutshell, it is a self-supporting hammock, that uses the person sitting on it as a constructioal element. The chair only provides one skid underneath the person sitting on it, hence he or she has to balance, the sitting position becomes an active one.
If not needed it can be collapsed to a thickness of 15 mm..

Designer: tpunktr (Germany)
Inspired By: We do not tilt on our chairs! Who does not remember this phrase from our past in school?
Material: tear resistant fabric, plywood
Dimension: 93 x 39 x 1,5 cm

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product|added Apr 27, 2017 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  21932 votes

Pop Up Box


The Pop Up Box is a versatile piece of design, finding first use in the mall of the Gerber shopping centre in Stuttgart. As convertible retail space, it offers retailers and exhibitors a customizable presentation area. It’s a system that is self-contained, an out-of-the-box solution. Technology, utility and design are coming together in a cube.

Designer: DIA Dittel Architekten (Germany)
Manufacturer: (Germany)

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product|added Apr 27, 2017 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  22156 votes



Drapè is a collection of upholstered furniture, characterized by the abundant drapery lining, that makes it instantly recognizable.
The special tailoring designs the soft forms and makes each piece unique and unrepeatable, creating an aesthetic which is rich and informal at the same time.

Designer: Bartoli Design (Italy)
Manufacturer: Laurameroni (Italy)

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product|added Apr 26, 2017 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  21979 votes

Halo shelf - bend to slender unique form


Halo is a beautiful three-dimensional shelf where small interior objects can be displayed gracefully.

The orbit body of Halo is slender and light, the two frames are attached together without any fasteners. The tensioned structure gives Halo a strong form when assembled together by a simple bending technique.
The Halo wall shelf is crafted from highest quality Finnish plywood.

Designer: Janne Uusi-Autti (Finland)
Manufacturer: be&liv (Finland)
Material: Wood
Colours: black and white wood
Dimension: 62cm x 37cm x 20cm
Price: 79

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