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event|added Nov 04, 2015

Living Interiors - innovative rooms and bathrooms


Every two years LivingInteriors presents a concept of intelligent room solutions and holistically staged living spaces, formed by the interaction of various interior design products and materials from the segments bathroom, flooring, wallcovering and lighting. Together with imm cologne, LivingInteriors offers a comprehensive and innovatively staged picture of the entire interior design world. National and international exhibitor from the various key segments present trends and new opportunities, which sets incentives for trade visitors and end consumers


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Sophisticated in design, TableAir is a smart, connected table with unique lifting process for tech-savvy executives and demanding individuals who care about their health as much as productivity. With the help of a user-friendly smartphone app, the workstation can be scheduled to take lower or higher positions according to selected time settings. While working, TableAir keeps you on track when posture change is advised. Integrated LED ambient lighting can become the focal point of any interior.

Designer: Lukas Lukosevicius (Lithuania)
Colours: White Glossy, Dark Glossy, American Cherry, Dark Walnut
Dimension: W150cm x D75cm, Maximum height - 130cm, Minimum height - 64cm
Price: 2299 - 2798

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product|added Nov 02, 2015 2 rating 3 / 5  |  22764 votes

AL the Fanning Wallet


AL the Fanning Wallet is a stainless steel, minimal wallet that sits amongst many. But with a twist. AL is the first minimal wallet that can fan its contents out. Keep cards, some cash and watch them fan outwards for easy access. Being a simple assembly of 2 stainless steel plates, a spring steel bend and an inner pouch, means there are no additional mechanisms to fail at the wrong moments. Available in three finishes - Steel, Noir and Bronze.

Designer: Lee Han Xi, Lim Jun Jie, Lynn Ho Xin Yi (Singapore)
Material: Stainless Steel
Colours: Steel, Noir, Bronze
Dimension: 6.1 cm x 10.4 cm
Price: USD$29

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product|added Oct 30, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  23272 votes

kinetic sculptures by MomentumMobiles


Sascha Raftovic is a sculptural designer and the creative force behind MomentumMobiles. Since 2014 he has been focusing on on the design and production of kinetic sculptures, better known as hanging mobiles and stabiles. His passion is to build sculptures that are both inspirational and affordable. He is also interested in creating large scale kinetic sculptures for private and public spaces.

Designer: Sascha Raftovic (Germany)
Manufacturer: Sascha Raftovic (Germany)
Inspired By: Alexander Calder, architecture, kinetics, vintage aircraft, body construction
Material: Natural Fibre, Resin, High Grade Steel Wire, Acrylic Lacquer

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product|added Oct 28, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  23453 votes

Aspera Cloud Art


Aspera has been inspired by undulatus asperatus cloud formations. Our ambition is to create sculptural art piece with continuous and dynamic geometric form which represents movement and dynamism of cloud motions. As always, you will see and feel different fluidity lines with every angle for every times.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Inspired By: undulatus asperatus cloud formations

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product|added Oct 27, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  21743 votes

Belt hanging Series


The Belt hanging wardrobe is designed by Munich-based Jessica Nebel. It is a distinctive, self-supporting structure made from solid wood hanging bar, five plywood hangers and leather straps. The leather elements have been painstakingly created by master craftsmen.
The meter-long hanging bar comes finished in natural oiled oak, ash and European walnut, while the leathers are available in light brown, brown and black options.

Designer: Jessica Nebel (Germany)
Manufacturer: H Furniture (United Kingdom)
Material: natural oiled oak, ash and European walnut, leather
Price: upon request

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FLOW sculptural


Developed from 300 plywood components, FLOW’s sculptural form becomes the focal point of a new £10million creative education campus in North West England. Designed, manufactured and installed by Lazerian, it draws on the movement of dancers to inspire future arts and media professionals studying at Clarendon Sixth Form College.

Designer: Liam Hopkins (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Lazerian (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: The movement of dancers
Material: Cherry-veneered plywood
Colours: Natural
Dimension: Variable
Price: Custom/On Application

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product|added Oct 25, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  20977 votes

Cuckoo Clock


With the clock, I sought to bring something new and modern to the genre while still evoking some of the comfy memories many of us have of our grandparent’s wind-up Black Forest clocks.

Designer: Derek Taylor (United States)
Manufacturer: Object Works (United States)
Material: laser cut mdf, plywood, quartz clock mechanism
Dimension: 31
Price: 600 USD

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product|added Oct 24, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  20411 votes



The fascination of broken glass; light reflections on the edges make visible what is transparent and invisible in the first place. That surprising effect led us to design this collection of stylized crystals. They are apended on pure brass profiles which will beautifully oxidise within time.

Designer: Sandra Turina (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Sandra Turina (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Broken glass and light reflections.
Material: fine goldplated brass chain, transparent acrylic glass (recycled)
Colours: Gold
Dimension: Chain: ca 60cm
Price: 39 euros

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product|added Oct 21, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  27868 votes

The Balloon


The Balloon, our original sitting ball, is exclusively a product of nature. The 3mm-thick genuine cowhide leather is naturally tanned and a masterpiece of saddlery craftsmanship. Just like natural wood, every piece of leather tells a story of its own and continues to develop. A fully developed patina is proof of the leather’s pure, natural character. Every Balloon sitting ball will unmistakably become one of a kind.

Designer: Nikolaus Hartl (Germany)
Manufacturer: Sellando (Germany)
Inspired By: World Cup Brazil 1950
Material: 3mm-thick genuine cowhide leather
Colours: honey colour
Dimension: Diameter 57 cm
Price: 595.-

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