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product|added Aug 05, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  22651 votes

Shining Tree


Indoor & Outdoor light in shape of a snow covered pine tree – for an elegant Christmas illumination of home and garden.

Shining Tree is available in three sizes and in the colours white, green and red.

Designer: Susanne Uerlings I produktsalon (Germany)
Manufacturer: 8 seasons design (Germany)
Inspired By: nature & simple forms
Material: polyethylen
Colours: white, green, red & various colors via LED system
Dimension: three sizes available: 55 cm, 77 cm and 100 cm

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product|added Aug 04, 2014 1 rating 3 / 5  |  121279 votes

Mannequin chair


The raw shape of the Mannequin chair is plain, friendly, ergonomic and comfortable. The choice of one of the three 'quilted dresses' & bases gives the chair it's final character.
The inspiration for it comes from our interest in patterns & structures and the concept of changing the appearance of a chair by dressing it in different 'clothes'.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: IKER (Poland)
Inspired By: Structures & fashion
Material: upholstered fabric, plywood, wood or steel wire
Colours: various
Dimension: 40x44x81

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product|added Aug 04, 2014 0 rating 2.97 / 5  |  22048 votes

Regalstruktur 2x4 Sideboard


The wooden structure gains its stability from the tension within the ash bars. Their characteristic bended shape sharply contrasts the straight lines of the plates thereby creating an unique and fascinating look. The Regalstruktur 2x4 Sideboard fits well into any modern living or office situation.

Regalstruktur )( is a modular shelving system made in Germany. The 2x4 Sideboard is just one of many versatile configurations.

Designer: Florian Ritter (Germany)
Manufacturer: Regalstruktur )( (Germany)
Inspired By: German design tradition
Material: ash
Colours: black or white
Dimension: width 159 cm, height 75 cm, depth 39 cm
Price: 740 EUR

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product|added Aug 02, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  27454 votes

Indienrad Racer


Indienrad Racer is inspired by the first Tour de france 1903.

Designer: Nikolaus hartl (Germany)
Manufacturer: Indienrad (Germany)
Inspired By: Tour de France 1903
Material: Steel, genuine leather
Colours: White and black
Dimension: 57 & 59 cm
Price: 468.-

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product|added Jul 30, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  42330 votes

The Everyday Watch is...


A 10-in-1 timepiece with easy-change straps and a clean, simple design that retails for the price of one. HERE AT KICKSTARTER

1) Versatile. The Everyday Watch is one watch with ten variations. A perfect fit for every occasion.

2) Affordable. Quality timepieces commonly range from $250 - $400. We’ve created a ten-piece collection that retails for the price of one.

3) Timeless. Two clean, classic faces and five bands emphasize our desire to a create a timeless unisex watch that will never go out of style. Each package includes 2 faces along with 1 brown leather, 1 tan leather, 1 black textured leather, 1 blue rubber, and 1 green mixed canvas/leather band.

4) Durable. The Everyday Watch is as sturdy as it is handsome. Our bands come with a 5 year guarantee. Should they wear down within this period, send us a digital photo of your worn out strap and we’ll replace it. Each collection also includes 2 replacement batteries to save you the hassle of purchasing your own.

5) Easy. A simple button at the base of each strap makes it easy to switch faces and bands in a matter of seconds.

Designer: Glenn Michael

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product|added Jul 30, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  37049 votes

Facile outdoor sofa


FACILE outdoor is the sofa that allows you to really enjoy your comfy outdoor hangout.
With the adjustable seat system you can personalize the layout according to your needs. Just like a sunflower track the sunshine across the sky, with a simple movement, you can pull the cushion out and re-arrange them for comfortable reading, chit chat, chess match, tan session, relax!
Designed by Marco Gregori for Formabilio

Designer: Marco Gregori (Italy)
Manufacturer: Formabilio (Italy)

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product|added Jul 28, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  36782 votes

Mineral Wall Panels


Mineral wall panels by 3DWalldecor
Brand new collection of wall panels in 4 unique designs. Relatively light weight due to hollow backside composition and still very strong due to glass fiber reinforcement.

Material: High grade industrial gypsum
Dimensions: 500 mm X 500 mm X 30 mm max. relief
Colour: Pure white
Paintable in any color, but not required

Shipping information
Shipped from The Netherlands
Available from stock
Packed 4 tiles p/box, covering 1 m2

Designer: Jan-Willem Leeuwenburg (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: 3DWalldecor (Netherlands)
Inspired By: -
Material: Molded reinforced industrial gypsum
Colours: Pure white (paintable in any desired colour)
Dimension: 500mm X 500mm X 30mm
Price: Eur 125,- (per 1 m2)

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product|added Jul 27, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  36287 votes

luxifer - charcoal barbecue for purists


luxifer is the charcoal barbecue for purists, made in Germany out of cast iron and wood. for all lovers of pure materials and forms, luxifer is the ideal charcoal barbecue. Its simplicity is functional and beautiful at the same time.
The cooking grate and fire corpus are entirely made of cast iron. Its legs are turned from solid wood. All parts are manufactured in small series in Germany.

Designer: Frank Person (Germany)
Manufacturer: fp.formgebung (Germany)
Inspired By: pure form and materials
Material: cast iron, wood, steel profile
Dimension: height with legs circa 61 cm width 48 cm depth 45 cm
Price: on request

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product|added Jul 26, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  35481 votes

Alhazen LED Task Lamp


The task lamp is very simple and visually very light. The overall appeal of the lamp is understated and very much essential and pure. It's synthesis of technology & craft, natural & high-tech.
The MDF/Wood base and the aluminium hilt (housing), the acrylic tube and the LED strip create a very harmonious yet dynamic desk lamp. The carefully determined slant is optimized so that there is no need to adjust the lamp. The light is uniformly diffused, about 5' in the front with no shadows.

Designer: SAIF FAISAL (India)
Material: Base loop in WOOD/ MDF & Light in Anodized aluminium housing, brushed/clear LED acrylic tube.
Dimension: 360/230/555 mm.

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product|added Jul 23, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  34720 votes

GUS washbasin


Gus is the ‘small brother’ of the iconic Ray washbasin.
Both objects are inspired more by contemporary classic furniture than by typical sanitary installations and give bathrooms a touch of living room atmosphere.
The slim handmade ceramic basin with hidden siphon is supported by a light and transparent structure which reminds of Gustave Eiffel's Parisian Masterpiece. This makes Gus perfect for small or narrow bathrooms.

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: Ex.t (Italy)
Inspired By: Gustave Eiffel's Parisian Masterpiece
Material: Ceramic, chromed/matt varnished metal
Colours: white, black
Dimension: 54,5x 37,7xH85 cm
Price: 1020 Euro

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