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product|added Apr 11, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  41102 votes

Gibam Composit stand - Euroshop 2017


The stand at Euroshop 2017, conceived by Anidride Design Studio, houses not only the shopfitting systems created by Gibam Composit, but also the innovative online product configurator.
In the center of the stand is placed a nearly 8 meters long table where visitors
can start learning about this new configuration system.
Along the sides of the stand, 7 towers were made whose almost 5 meters of height efficaciously frame the 13 product lines presented by Gibam Composit during the event.

Designer: Nicola De Pellegrini - Anidride Design (Italy)

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product|added Apr 06, 2017 0 rating 3 / 5  |  40891 votes

Red Mirror Strips


It has a two story building covered with layers of horizontal mirror strips and vertical red transparency strips. Overlapping transparency and reflection, these layered strips of different materials create a visual illusion. Walking along the narrow stair passage between the layers, the visitors may feel dizzy for the optical repetition and trembling of the strips. The stair passage links the ground level to the roof deck changing the ordinary views of typical commercial blocks. Photo: kyung Roh

Designer: Wise Architecture (Korea, South)

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product|added Apr 03, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  41556 votes



THE WORLD'S FIRST MODULAR NECKTIE THAT COMBINES SILK WITH CERAMICS here at kickstarter The silk and ceramic ties present a silk end sewn with the authentic sartorial seven-fold technique and a ceramic-sculptured four-in-hand knot. The redesigned self-adjustable closing mechanism - consisting of bespoke elegant hooks with ceramic- mounted stone - enables the modularity of the necktie, hence, the mix and match between different colours and patterns of silks and ceramics.

Designer: YOJO (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Joe Sorrentino (Italy)
Inspired By: the intersections between fashion and interior design
Material: italian silk, authenthic ceramics and stainless steel
Colours: minimalist prints, black, blue, brown, silver
Dimension: Length: 47cm
Price: £50-60 on kickstarter ; £110 Retail Price

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product|added Mar 31, 2017 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  33479 votes

Supports / Surfaces*


200 meters of extruded profiles in aluminium assume unprecedented curves: impossible to achieve by bending the bars mechanically, the evolutions of his designs are created through subtle and repeated operations of subtracting material, small, delicate cuts that become decorative patterns.
Out of these metal curves arise podiums, supports of various types, tables, lighting systems, consoles, framing supports to create new and bespoke stages for each of the objects.

Designer: François Dumas (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: François Dumas (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Supports / Surfaces French Art Collective
Material: Anodised aluminium and veneer Alpi wood
Colours: Dark blue, grey and burnt sienna
Dimension: Bespoke
Price: from £300 excl. VAT

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product|added Mar 29, 2017 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  33003 votes

Capitalism is Over


Capitalism is Over is a project by Raumplan and Cascina Cuccagna. The old barn in the centre of Milan is the backdrop for an imaginary farewell party to capitalism. The special guests are iconic products from the golden age of 20th century capitalism, joined by their contemporary successors, born of the crisis and new business models. The exhibition creates a fictitious scenario to raise a few questions about the world of production and the role of the designer in it.

Designer: Raumplan

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product|added Mar 29, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  27811 votes

Lindlund Ruler


here at kickstarter Thought you might be interested in a new product me and my partner Axel have been working on the past year — the Lindlund Ruler. It was created to bridge the gap between physical and digital by including scales for Pixels and Picas (typographic measurement) as well as iPhone and iPad screen sizes.

Designer: Jens Marklund
Material: Aluminium
Colours: Black, Silver, Blue, Gold
Price: 25 USD

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product|added Mar 29, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  26955 votes

Celebra Reception Area by Nüvist


The final sculptural solution allows different perceptions and views of the building from each angle, as 360º of views from the building. It will would become a symbol of the high level of industries and services hosted at Zonamérica. And Nüvist provides Evfyra Table, Eidos Chair, Moojnna Seating, Arktykka Lounge and our special custom drawer unit products for reception and also terrace area.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)

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product|added Mar 29, 2017 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  26431 votes

T3TRA - 3d printed and digitally made loudspeakers


We used SLS sintering 3D printing to create the main structural frame for this speaker. Made all in one piece, without any seams or joints, eliminating conflicting vibrations and resonances. Because the unibody frame is 3D printed, the material is absolutely uniform in density at all points making it perfect for loudspeaker applications.
Seamlessly tied together by the frame are four precision laser cut sides made of high grade, multi-layer birch plywood to produce a warm and natural feel.

Designer: Igor Knezevic (United States)
Manufacturer: Alienology (United States)
Inspired By: platonic solids and sound behaviour
Material: 3d printed SLS nylon, laser cut plywood, bluetooth electranics
Colours: red, orange, green, yellow, natural wood
Dimension: 15cm x 15cm x 13cm
Price: $155USD - $225 USD

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product|added Mar 29, 2017 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  26248 votes



Xkube wont to be a table with x form containing four puofs with a personalized textile. The poufs can be contain many things such as magazines.

Designer: XKUBE (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Material: Wood and textile
Colours: color wood,white and others
Dimension: 120cmx120cm
Price: 300

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