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A three fold floor cushion. Use it as stool, foot support, lounge chair or laptop table. For everyone who likes living playful and flexible

Designer: Thomas Durner (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Thomas Durner (Netherlands)
Inspired By: long nights in front of the fire place
Material: cover 100% wool
Colours: light grey
Dimension: 50cm/50cm/40cm
Price: Euro 465.-

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Bookcafe House


The most characteristic feature of a book house resembling a book is the bookcase where all books on the bench can be stacked. It had always been the client's dream to have a house full of books on the one side of the wall.These spaces gathered to make the house that open inside and outside, top and bottom unimpededly and coexist.

Designer: KDDH (Korea, South)

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Da Desk - combining Computer and crafts


Da Desk :: combining Computer and crafts

made out of 7.5 sheets of 12mm Birch plywood.

62 layers - 126 pieces.

optimized 2D nesting for 2D routing ( Zünd )

a lot of sanding and a lot of fun,,,,

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Inspired By: 3D print layers
Material: plywood
Colours: natural
Dimension: 2400mm x 900mm x 750mm
Price: on request

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event|added Aug 26, 2017

CAMP Festival - Creative Technology, Art and Design

CAMP celebrates creative technology, art and design by bringing together like-minded professionals, artists, and students to share and shape experiences that educate, challenge and inspire. CAMP is hosted at the historical Theatre Junction GRAND in Calgary.

Are you an industry professional, independent artist, a student or an educator looking for a creative spark? Have you always wanted to know more and stay relevant in an industry that’s in constant flux? Do you want to be inspired? CAMP Festival is two solidly packed days of cutting-edge creative technology, art and design, with hand-picked speakers from around the world coming together in Calgary.

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