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LOCK bamboo coffee table


designed out of the qualities, possibilities and characteristics of its highly sustainable material: BAMBOO. The frame is build up from layers of flexible bamboo. The layers are pressed together. The shape is formed by the bamboo's natural bending curve. The layers of bamboo curve through each other and entwine, locking each other in place. For the layered frame: two different color-tones are used: natural and caramel bamboo. This “layer cake”enhances the curves and shape of the table.

Designer: J.P.Meulendijks (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Plankton (Netherlands)
Inspired By: the qualities, possibilities and characteristics of Bamboo
Material: bamboo, glass
Colours: caramel, naturel bamboo
Dimension: length: 70 cm. width : 70 cm. Height: 50 cm. Diameter: 80 cm.
Price: 1229 Euro exc. VAT/ BTW

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Plume is the first edition in a series of printed scarves created by San Francisco-based graphic and surface designer, Melissa Crowley. Decorated in dreamy hues and plant-inspired detail, the scarves are printed on luxuriously soft silk and come in two styles; a traditional 35” square with rolled hem and a long, narrow double-faced Twilly.

Designer: Melissa Crowley (United States)
Material: 100% Silk
Colours: blushy pinks, serene blues

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