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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 3 / 5  |  908 votes

3 New concepts by SMOOL


What's the connection between a mobile telephone, shoes and a wristwatch? They're all products that have been taken in hand by Robert Bronwasser of SMOOL design studio. Bronwasser has redesigned a number of products in his own style so as to project his own design vision and inspire both businesses and consumers. The result is a series of recognisable and striking designs for everyday products.

*Mobile The most striking thing about the SMOOL mobile phone is its simplicity. Bronwasser says: A lot of telephones are black and very technical. In my opinion a telephone can be less complex. The rubber back can be easily replaced with different colours and gives a better grip on the telephone.

*Shoes Bronwasser has translated his liking for shoes into a combination of a classic loafer with modern features borrowed from sports shoes. The design is included in the exhibition 'Design anno nuÂ’ at the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum in Waalwijk, to be seen until 10 October 2006.

*Wristwatch The SMOOL wristwatch makes use of a colourful display that clicks into a rubber wristband. Bronwasser says: The display can easily be adapted with various themes or your own photos, so that your wristwatch becomes very personal. This goes without saying in mobile telephones, so why not in a wristwatch?


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.93 / 5  |  515 votes

Pug Angels


He’s an ex-porn cat who used to live in L.A. Steve got caught up in that stuff in the 90’s. Cat on cat, cat on dog, cat on deer, cat on horse. We got him out of porn industry and into business management. He now runs Toke Industries. The other three of us just sit around all day getting red-eyed and making nice t-shirts.

Designer: ‘Dirty Steve’. Origin: UK


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.98 / 5  |  1621 votes

Starter pack...


Just moved in? Need immediate furniture? A furniture pack which is quick and easy to assemble and ready to transform any bare, empty space into a practical environment. The design wastes little material making it economy and affordable to first time buyers. Its flatpack form allows for it to be easily transported and lends itself to nomadic lifestyles. Within the current available range is a table, stool and shelving system. Laser cut birch plywood.

Designer: Nick Jordan Origin: UK


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  844 votes

CarLoft® Berlin


TOPOS.Paul-Linke.Höfe GmbH&Co.KG of Berlin and the international project developer PORR Solutions Immobilien & Infrastruktur-Projekte GmbH of Austria are making real estate history: at the this year's Expo Real, they presented CarLoft® – a totally new concept on the residential property market – and a ground-breaking concept for urban living in the future. The name of this innovative living concept says it all. It is often said in jest that a German's favourite family member is his car. Now, the car can be part of your household, even parked next to your bed if you wish. No more endless searching for a place to park, no more parking far from your home and no more carrying heavy shopping up endless flights of stairs. Theft and vandalism are a thing of the past. "CarLoft is unique. Our concept meets all the requirements of modern living," emphasises Manfred Dick, architect and initiator of CarLoft®.


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  1472 votes

A red mobile telephone.


Design against the current trend of making phones smaller and less conspicuous. When you use this phone everybody knows about it, they can see you’re communicating with someone else, they understand and are not confused or left out (for example by people hiding their phones in their hand, or by talking on the little remote ear pieces). Also it’s a commitment to retro design, more than others like Nokia have tried. It’s a different take on handsfree, you can balance it in your neck and shoulder and keep your hands free.

The shape is a design Classic, Resurrected into current usefulness. It’s less likely that you are going to leave it in a cab, or drop it. An optimum model wouldn’t require a new casing for new phones, you just put your regular electronics in this shell. The infrared port allows the phone to communicate with the computer and the charging point is located at the microphone end.


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.93 / 5  |  551 votes

CLAMP Light System


The CLAMP Light system offers flexibility where the light can be "clamped" anywhere around the desk, offering an alternative ambient display light fitting. More importantly, the design is compact and space saving. The lamp can be used at the bed-side, or placed along book shelves, proving itself to be both functional and yet decorative. The inclusion of the handle design also makes one yearn to carry and handle the light.

Designer: Eujin Pei

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product|added Jul 01, 2006 0 rating 2.92 / 5  |  2137 votes

The Badeschiff Berlin


A first drop of fresh water in the river Spree, which flows through Berlin. The Badeschiff is an old river cargo container, which was recycled into a swimming-pool. Anchored in the Spree-water of the East-Harbour it runs as a public swimming-pool. The fresh water of the Badeschiff now enables the city’s inhabitants to figuratively swim in their river, which itself is too polluted.


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product|added Jul 01, 2006 0 rating 2.89 / 5  |  357 votes



SASAN manifests the balance between speeding up and speeding down in one single item. It is multipurpose: One can use it for example as a chattel to lay or to sit on, partition, toll-ground or as a couch for children. It flexibly adjusts itself to its occupant and his changing demands to space, equipment and function. SASAN invites to celebrate and enjoy a physical relation to the ground. Its space is underneath the hectic everyday hassle and withdraws itself from it. Its form is unostentatious, reduced to the essential and its overall picture is very light and two-dimensional. These features calm down and subordinate SASAN to the room. With its generous total size of 160 x 210 cm, SASAN is just 4,5 cm thick, unbelievably light, highly resitant and still very comfortable.

This is made possible with a sandwich-construction of very capable and variably flexible high-tech-materials.At the same time these materials provide for the hinge-function.

designer: Alexander Munk (Dipl.Des.) made in: Germany (Krefeld) e-mail: info[AT]munk-a.de


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product|added Jul 01, 2006 0 rating 3 / 5  |  45641 votes

Kubik illumes Berlin


modulorbeat develops open air-club at Berlin#s river Spree

Illuminated cubes, visual games, electronic beats: these are the three elements of Berlin’s new open air club Kubik which opened at the beginning of July. From quite a distance you can see the illuminated Kubik which is located at a factory ruin near the Berlin river Spree.

The installation is based on the so called concept ’big tanks’ invented by modulorbeat, a team of three young architects and urbanists in Münster: modulorbeat used dozens of conventional 1000-litre water tanks to create a temporary installation.

However, the intention was to design an installation that provides both the room with an architectural structure and the possibility to fill each tank with an illuminant (bulbs). On the one hand the 160 plastic water tanks illume for all the visitors, on the other hand they serve another purpose: At weekends when dusk is falling different VJs will use the room of the architectural structure and play with it visually by “programming“ the tanks due to a complex controlling and timing for which special control units (e-cue) were installed by the company Lightlife, Cologne. The electric bulbs inside the tanks are individually controllable and can be used just like an oversized low-tech screen.

The daily electronic music events are organized by BalestraBerlin who were able to invite top-class DJs from quite a few European metropolis. The Kubik outdoor club opens daily except on mondays. You will find Kubik at Köpenicker Straße 36 in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

pictures by Robert Ostmann (www.republish.org)Website

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product|added Jul 01, 2006 0 rating 2.96 / 5  |  3113 votes

Hotel Bleibtreu - Berlin


Stay in a cosmopolitan, modern and communicative hotel, the individuality of which is underscored by furniture designed exclusively for the hotel and made in accordance with ecological criteria.

With 60 room, the Bleibtreu Berlin has a restaurant, an espresso bar and wellness area with steam bath and anti-stress treatment. Rounding off the range of facilities is a catering service for private and business events, a 'New York Deli' run by the hotel and a flower shop specialising in roses.


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