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E1 from cibone


E1 is the mountain table by Jamo Associates, the artistic directors of the project. E2 is the Cabinet by EM, who are usually Jewlery designers - the handles of the cabinet are the front or back end of mice and the shape of the furry legs translated from Japanese are cat legs so the cabinet is a little bit of a play on words - a cat & mouse cabinet!!

E11 is the Temple series of Furniture designed by Piet Hein Eek. Piet came and spent a few days with us seeing Japanese temples and meeting with carpenters to learn about the traditional techniques used in Japan - this provided the basis of his inspiration for the series of pieces which are all put together without use of nails or glue, just very clever joinery.


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Fashion Show VOLUTIO


invitation @ the CPD Düsseldorf - 05.02.2007


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Big german illustration e-zine with high quality illustration, arts, fashion and design.

Designer: castlemagazine - crowd Made in: Germany


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hysteric ballroom


The competition gave the unique opportunity to design an experimental house without considering building regulations. It had to be simple and cost efficient, but shouldn't renounce quality, luxury and space. Therefore we thought of a compact home, but with a big usable surface area. By using new technologies, we introduce rotating parts, which make walls and ceilings accessible. Two spheres and two spirals are integrated like ball bearings. As a result, the useable surface area increases by 40%. It's possible to manipulate the space instantly, without changing from one room into the other room.

All the furniture is integrated in design, attached to floors walls and ceilings. Therefore the function of the space changes, while the spheres and spirals are turned. In the spheres sit and sleep landscapes provide different settings in shape, illumination and views. The spirals work as turning paravents separating rooms from each other without doors.

The technique used is borrowed from the prototyping industry. That's necessary in order to reach the precision required for the rotating parts and the furniture. A computer controlled milling machine will make the shape out of polystyrene, which will be covered with a coating of glass fibre and epoxy. The result is a light, stiff and highly insulating building.

Construction of the building will start end of 2007 in Almere, the Netherlands.

Designer: bube Made in: the Netherlands


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Treble and Bass


Born as a result of absolved Fashion Design Studies at the Düsseldorf AMD and grown out of an esthetical feeling that design should never just be a mass of compatible copies of good-running industrial trends, the label found its place between the chairs right from the start. Young fashion? Street fashion? The answer is yes and no in capital letters because the road that one goes between Paris and Halfpipe, Milan and Club culture reflects again all the possibilities of a personal, individual life with a large amount of real everyday credibility.


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imm d³ designspotter exhibition


flickr picture setWebsite

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LOVE shirt


Typographic idea - weapons make up the word 'love'.

Designer: Zebranoodles for Frogbite Made in: Netherlands


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Birds Eye View


"Bird's eye view" is a dinner ceramics set that aspires to capture the dynamic and fluid movement of the bird's wings in the rigid porcelain. The project aims to turn these day-to-day objects into "conversation pieces" around the table, thus lifting them from the ordinary to the sublime.

Designer: Adi Fainer Made in: Israel


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MiniMusicMachines is a group of sample music instruments, which can be used as individual instruments and as sound studio in a set. The BLUETOOTH connection permits comfortable file swaps...

Designer: pknts Made in: Germany


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SCHWIIZERKRÜZ for all swiss or who wants to be a swiss: a set of loungetable and carpet, formed and arranged to the worlds most popular national symbol. for living rooms, lounges, hotels and other representative objects.

the table is made of steel and is high gloss coated in ral9010. the carpet is made of handtufted new zealand wool in an outstanding quality. this carpet has won the AIT-innovation award 2006 and is of course red coloured.
table: 99 x 99 x 33 cm
carpet: 150 x 150 cm
other colours and dimensions on request.
Designer: Robert Hansel
Made in: GermanyWebsite

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