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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.9 / 5  |  502 votes

zarah voigt


Danish Haute Couture jewellery designer Zarah Voigt has worked profesionally with design for theatre and music videos; and styling of fashion shows and pop artists. Zarah Voigt has just launched her new collection at the Copenhagen Fashion Week.


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.94 / 5  |  1121 votes



A floating armchair equiped with underwater telecomanded motors, out of the HARDCORE collection.

HARDCORE is a collection of peculiar furniture and other multiple use design objects, inspired by the old toy Mecano.

Made from aluminium profiles according a construction system called Alluminium Digital Design and related to the concept of the digital display. As the digit, the initial basic element, combines with others to form numbers, letters or any 2-D representations, so in this case the alluminium profile, after being cut and perforated, combines through stable or flexible join, in order to produce the desire forms. The successive articulation of such 2-D forms, allows the construction of 3-D objects. Tricky things and expensive toys for adult children.

Designer: Dionysios Skalos Made in: Athens, Greece


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.87 / 5  |  2234 votes

Ibar- Intelligent surface system.


Designspotter says - best interior design 2006!

The iBar is a system to make any bar counter interactive. The completely integrated system can project any content from effects, to animations and real video onto the milky bar surface. The intelligent tracking system detects all objects placed on the bar and responds to them. Objects can be illuminated at their position and virtual objects can be touched or even moved by hand.

The iBar is available from Betaminds and will soon begin to appear in bars, clubs and hotels.


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 3 / 5  |  1660 votes

Miele Flagship store designed by FAK3.


FAK3 founded by Johnny Wong is an innovative design studio based in Hong Kong and Barcelona, have just completed Miele’s new Flagship store in Hong Kong. They have created a stunning super sexy exterior, to compliment Hong Kong’s dense raw urban context. The façade is a unique red to black reflective graduation glass, hand crafted in Guangzhou, China. The interior is made up of hidden mechanical compartments, displaying key products and integrated technologies to enrich their consumers shopping experience.

Designer : Johnny Wong Made in : Hong Kong


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.94 / 5  |  655 votes



AME DESIGN presents a range of progressive mobile phones which reflect the rapid turnover of trends often found in today’s fashion culture. Pushing the boundaries of the acceptance in disposability of mobile phones AME have created the card mobile phone cover, a fashion accessory which only has a short life span and can be replaced as fast as it is disposed. The cover is a card cut out which once folded simply envelopes your phone and creates a new gender of mobile phone fashion.

We have identified 2 emerging trends to base the covers around both adding a perceived value and echoing common trends becoming prevalent in today’s urban culture. TREND #1_ARTISTS enables in vogue designer the chance to express themselves in a new media and mobile companies to commission some of the biggest names of the moment. TREND #2_CUSTOMISE takes phone cover design in a completely new direction. Enabling users to have their say in how they want their mobile to look and create an individual design reflective of their personality.


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.96 / 5  |  501 votes



A collaboration between 2 local indie brand design(lestat&scorn). A limited hand printed tee with high quality fabric and graphic. Support local is what we always shout for !!!


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  4525 votes

DESIGN 21: Social Design Network LOGO COMPETITION


To kickoff the launch of our exciting new venture, we want YOU to create the official logo of the DESIGN 21: Social Design Network™! The winner will receive a cash prize of $5,000!

The Logo Competition was designed as an exciting way to pre-launch the Social Design Network, a new online community that will bring designers and non-profit organizations together to create, share and discuss socially responsible design.

Since our objective is to involve and encourage the design community, we ask you to create the content. The logo that best embodies the qualities of the Social Design Network will be chosen as the winner and adopted as the official logo. There is no fee to enter – simply join our Network of designers to compete.

DESIGN 21: Social Design Network Logo Competition Closing date for submissions: September 4, 2006 Prize: $5,000

To find out more about the DESIGN 21: Social Design Network™ and enter your design.


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.98 / 5  |  2499 votes

tudor black vases


black coloured porcelain vases – decorated with black silkprints (3 different patterns) the patterns are inspired by embroidery and laces worn in ´Tudor-England` during the 15th century glazed on the inside, outside unglazed – polished. dishwasher proof.

size: dia ca. 4,5cm – h. ca. 30cm


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.93 / 5  |  2185 votes



PLAY is a modular storage and shelving system designed to be assembled without tools or fixings nor instructions. Assembly is through snap-fitting (the pieces are pressed into each other). Screws or glue are therefore unnecessary.

The elements interlock in a system reminiscent of jigsaw puzzles. Using three basic elements (all available in 6 exciting colours) you can create an almost endless variety of configurations or even landscapes which you can modify as often as you like.

The PLAY shelf is made from the lightweight material ARPRO EPP and was designed by French Designer Antoine Phelouzat.


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  4085 votes



Cometogether friendship-weddigrings. Both rings have a different notch, symbolic for the characters wearing them. Brought together the two notches give shape to the ultimate love symbol.

Designer: Joost Wever
Manufacturer: Made in: Netherlands

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