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The MIH watch


Industrial designer Christian Gafner was brought in to create the watch’s exterior. He was viewed as ideally placed to design a watch that was unlike anything seen before. His experience lies mainly outside the watch industry, as a consequence of which the MIH Watch has managed to sidestep the traditional design cues normally passed down through the generations of mechanical watches. It is, instead, reduced to its essential elements. Gafner resolved not to allow any labelling or logo on the dial other than the day/date display at 3 o’clock and the initials MIH (Musée International d’Horlogerie) replacing the 9 o’clock index. The fact that the watch is «Swiss Made» is self-evident, even if there is no wording to that effect on the dial. References to its watertightness are made in the accompanying documentation.

The dial is kept matt black to optimise the readability of the superluminova-coated hands and indices, whose interrelationships are clear and unambiguous; a nice touch – the min-ute hand forms an unbroken line with the longer 6, 9 and 12 o’clock indices.The red marking at the end of the virtually invisible sweep second hand highlights its position where it is needed most: in close proximity to the seconds/minutes markings. The length of the red marking is twice that of the longer hour indices. The MIH initials at 9 o’clock – they are placed there to symbolise the nine components of the calendar mechanism – form an index that is precisely the same size as the longer hour indices at 6 and 12 o’clock.

The case of the 42-millimetre diameter watch is fashioned from titanium, a lightweight and contemporary material that makes the large timepiece easy on the wrist and conveys to the wearer the movements of the chunky winding weights inside. The width of the strap lugs corresponds to that of the bezel, and the curvature of the sapphire crystal merges seamlessly with it, too. In fact, every curve is referenced to the centre of the watch, including even the radiuses of the end of the strap, the clasp and the curvatures of the pusher and crown. The watch is large, succinct and the twelve serrations in the crown allude to the twelve subdivisions of the dial.

Designer: Christian Gafner - Industrialdesign Made in: Switzerland


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Green Army Clothing Company


Promoting environmental awareness thru graphics and design. Various products ranging from mugs to organic t-shirts. Our goal is to donate part of the proceeds to an environmental NGO's.

Designer: Ayham Rimawi Made in: USA


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J Schatz Egg Bird House


Give birds a welcome home and a place to hatch their young with the colorful and durable Egg Bird House. The glossy ceramic Egg Bird House has a 1 1/8" diameter entry hole to attract chickadees, wrens and smaller birds, keeping house sparrows out. The handmade Egg Bird House is easy to use, durable, predator proof and available in eight glossy colors. A perfect outdoor companion to the Egg Bird Feeder that will keep birds coming to your home all year long.

Designer: J Schatz Made in: USA


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Fan Hummingbird


New type of fan based on the principle of a hovering hummingbird ! The device has 2 wings which oscillate at around 10 bits/sec. During the oscillation the wings are rotated 2 times to generate a smooth breeze. Very low energy consumption.

Designer: erfinde GmbH Made in: Germany


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Foldableis a table that defines the function of a table in a totally new way. It surprises with its simplicity. The table has three folding legs and a silkscreen print on its surface, which gives the illusion of a tablecloth. When it is not being used, the table legs can be folded away. A hole on the underside makes it possible to hang the table on the wall. A table metamorphoses into a painting on the wall.

Designer: Isabel Quiroga Made in: Germany


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Urbana - 355 gram - picnic set from Wolf Wagner for Simplicitas „Have you ever had picnic in the Tuileries Paris, Centralpark NY, Gamla Stan Stockholm, Tokyo Aoyama or at the English Garden Munich? When visiting my favorit places like this I enjoy to go to „real“ food stores to buy some regional specialities to celebrate an urban picnic directly there…“ - Wolf Wagner, Designer PICNIC is a light and compact set of plates, cups and cutlery which allows to celebrate a picnic with „cultur“. The set can be used by groups from 2 to 5 persons. Just combine the number of parts you need and fix them together. Each plate has a grip to hold it when no table is available. The same grip is useful when you carry the set. The cup can be positioned in a secure mould where it will be fixed perfectly. The triangular cutlery includes fork, spoon and knife in one piece – it can be positioned in the centre of the plate when not in use. All parts fit perfect together and it is completly „hygienic“ capsuled. But before I forget, it is perfect for a picnic in untouched nature, too. Urbana Urbana, the Latin word for city-stuff, is a collection of products developed for easy urban travelling. During the design-process we have focused on creating functional and light-weight products in order to help you focus on your business, sightseeing or cultural pleasures. Future adventures with these indispensable darlings will not only keep you fresh, it will also support the planes, cars and ships in their emission-combat for a better planet. Enjoy! Talented companions ”Opposed to the complicated and breakable, we look for evident, unthought-of solutions to the problems of everyday life. Perfection lying in the detail, we trust the skills of leading designers and engage fully in the process of creation. Our common product is never complete until minimal design honours the quality of the material and pleases the eye again and again.”

Designer: Wolf Wagner
Made in: GermanyWebsite

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fresh leaves


Bottle stopper made from wood with silicone rims text for candle: Make 2nd hand single bottles a family with a serie new caps. These caps are available in 4 standard sizes and with the use of flexible rim they are suitable for every bottle.

Made in: The Netherlands


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Serving coffee after dinner or during a social gathering has most of the times a formal character. Veil is style, formal aesthetics, and elegance translated into sober and fashion ceramic objects. Small and concise illustrative motives of vintage patterns have been applied so that combined with the modern design of the pieces, makes them fit to be used in any social situation. The wing grip allows piling up to four cups.

Designer: Hugo Danti Made in: Portugal


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Thin Mdf boards attached with zipper, inside the ?bags? at the carpet, become a retractable structure, easy to set up with the Velcro ends. Your every day and under estimated carpet, might become the life of the party, when you push the coffee-table to the corner and set up your Carpet-lounge for your friends to chill out.

Designer: Felipe Zanardi. Made in: Brazil


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