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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 3.05 / 5  |  375 votes



”Dozens” is a carpet concept. Each piece consists of a cluster of twelve identical shapes. Each dozen can be used as a mat on its own or puzzling into a larger carpet of arbitrary shape.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.92 / 5  |  281 votes

Spring?s Driving Crazy!


Spring’s Driving Crazy!


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product|added May 01, 2006 1 rating 2.93 / 5  |  1355 votes

"Hypnosis" chair


"Hypnosis" chair which can be transformed into chairlong. It consists of two parts - the back and leg holder. The transforming of the chair can be due to the rail pair, which allows for the leg holder to slide along the arc and hide under the back. The aligning of two parts can be performed with help of peculiar mechanism ruled with button. For more convenient procedure of transforming, the leg holder has a rectangular opening can be dressed up on the direction stick. Bright color palette and pure form attract somebody’s attention and allow to have a rest. In collaboration with Dmitri Samal.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.9 / 5  |  1627 votes

Alex & Chloe


Alex & Chloe create unique accessories that incorporate notions of couture with a contemporary, minimal aesthetic. Often fusing precious metals and jewels contrasted with iconographic or symbolic objects in acrylic and metal, their accessories effortlessly make a statement that is sometimes intelligent, beautiful, bold, humorous, eclectic, and always wearable. Alex & Chloe have been gaining popularity since their debut collection, “Shadow and Light,” and their follow-up collection, “From Our Neck of the Woods,” and have developed a dedicated following amongst the local and international fashion scene. They are known for their originality and references to popular fashion icons such as their “Coco is Dead” pieces and “Kate (the only “Moss” in our woods)” necklace. Alex & Chloe promise to continue creating exclusive accessories and have plans to expand their collection to include such things as fine jewelry, leather goods, and even clothing.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  3363 votes



“Drop” is a tile with a relief indent in the shape of a drop.

Made by: Jenny Oldsjö and Ragnar Hultgren Oldsjö Hultgren Design


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.88 / 5  |  263 votes

Gaffer Tape wallet


This wallet was originally designed with acrylic ink and layered screen work on one of our original wallets. We used a photograph transfer process to print the image directly on to our Gaffer’s Tape canvas. You’re looking at orange and chrome a unique Gaffer’s Tape wallet.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 3 / 5  |  677 votes

red dot award - communication design 2006


Call for entries for the red dot award: communication design 2006

The red dot award: communication design is entering a new round. Designers, advertising agencies, as well as clients commissioning works of communication design are called upon to submit their products to the competition and to enter this international comparison. The competition was adjusted to the rapid changes in the field of communication design and thanks to the larger number of special distinctions for the first time offers more creative people the chance of entering the limelight with their works. The registration can be completed online at www.red-dot.de/registration. The registration deadline is 16 June 2006.

Stronger focus on advertising industry – 10,000 euros for best young designer.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.9 / 5  |  427 votes



For the past eight years designer Katja Hettler and architect Jula Tüllmann were part of the international design community in Paris and New York.

After returning to Berlin, hettler.tüllmann launched “redmaloo”, their own collection of well-designed solutions for modern life. "Modern life is busy, exciting, demanding. The tools that make it work - laptops, mp3 players, cell phones - are with us everywhere. redmaloo gives a new look to organization and efficiency.” hettler.tüllmann were selected by YoNoBI of Japan to design a collection of modern products in "traditional craftworks."

Their first laptop cover, made from traditional Japanese kimono fabric, was presented at Ambiente Lifstyle Fair in 2004 in Tokyo. Following up on the YoNoBI edition, hettler.tüllman launched their minimal felt cover series, delivering design and function to maximum effect. The laptop sleeve is one layer of colorful, high-quality felt that folds around your laptop for transportation. Unfolded, it functions as a workstation with an integrated mousepad.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.9 / 5  |  375 votes

no screw no glue


full collection of no screw no glue furniture out of plywood before this serie is made of 3mm polished Stainless steel.

It consists of approx. 40 seperate elements that you can slot together without the help of screws, glue welds or anything. In this serie a 230 cm high clock is also availlable.Website

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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.94 / 5  |  1172 votes

Soft cabinet by Kiki van Eijk


A cabinet with all the details and feelings of a soft drawer made of textile. All the drawers are completely made of ceramics and the front of each drawer looks padded and buttoned! They’re all handmade and even the handles (/buttons) are handmade and glazed with real gold. The drawers are designed by a matrix system, so any object can be made on request: a desk, sideboard, different sizes etc.

It’s a kind of 1001 drawer cupboard; enough space to stall all your special objects and papers.

(225cm x 156 x 32cm, ceramics, birch plywood)

this was shown at a exhibtion I did together with joost van bleiswijk called "curiosities now"


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