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RD4 chair by COHDA


RD4 chair by COHDA is produced by new UK based contemporary design company Cohda. It has evolved from their early URE research that was developed in house as a means of tackling the UK’s waste packaging problem. The process re-heats waste plastic packaging that is then hand woven into unique recycled plastic forms, due to its hand made nature no two piece are the same. Often mistaken for metal but produced in recycled plastic, the chair posses an inherent flexibility, which allow the piece to naturally flex under the weight of the occupant. This is the first design in a series of products, which we will be launching soon.
The pieces are produced in batch production to order. All designs are individually branded so you can be assured the product is made from 100% recycled waste materials. Rd4’s are currently available in black, green and blue with future runs of additional colors being produced in ltd editions.Website

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Kinetica is the UK's first museum dedicated to kinetic, electronic and experimental art. It opened in Old Spitalfields Market, London, on 6 October 2006. Kinetica is a unique showcase for pioneering art which embraces movement, light, energy and sound for creative expression, constantly evolving to embrace new innovations and available technology.

Kinetica showcases an eclectic range of artists from the 1920s onwards, including seminal magnetic works by Nam June Paik, retinal art 'rotoreliefs' by Marcel Duchamp as well as Chico MacMurtrie's groundbreaking robots and new work by contemporary artists including by Daniel Chadwick, Chris Levine and Tim Lewis.

Kinetica is situated within a new building over two floors in Old Spitalfields Market, East London. This building was provided through generous sponsorship from Ballymore properties Ltd. The project was brokered by FutureCityArts and has attracted a major award from Arts council England.

Admission: FREE Address: Kinetica, SP2 Pavilion, Old Spitalfields Market, E1 6AA Nearest Tube: Liverpool St / Aldgate East Public enquiries: 0207 684 1261

Opening hours: Monday/Tuesday - CLOSED, Wednesday-Sunday: 11am to 6pm


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Champagne is a range of modern furniture consisting of a wall unit, low line entertainment unit, dining table and coffee table. The furniture is made of EST (Engineered Solid Timber) a new material which makes it easier for designers to design modern furniture with hardwood. 8mm thick local Australian hardwood is sandwiched with plantation pine in the middle which makes it very strong. This range is very popular in West Australian Marri, a blonde feature rich hardwood. The range is available in different varieties; with a white glass top or a vertical grain top. The open space in the wall units can be natural or in a color of choice with a light in the back for a bright and playful touch.

Designer: Wilma van Boxtel (Deseos Design group) Made in: Australia


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Floris System


Floris is a modular system of wooden tiles in several heights, which you can use to create your own floor or carpet. A floor that becomes an island in a bigger space, and making it more intimid. All tiles are 40*40cm, and have a height of 5, 25 or 45cm.

These differences in height give them different functions, like a floor, a place to sit on or a table. The tiles are made of MDF and cardboard sandwichpanels, finished whit 3mm oiled walnut veneer. Because of the sandwichpanels the weight of a 5cm thick tile, is reduced to just 3 kilo´s. Inox crosses will keep the tiles in place. Glued underneath each tiles is a polyethylene foam, to reduce sound and to avoid an uneven carpet.

Designer: Klaartje Daamen Made in: The Netherlands


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schindlersalmerón tischgestell


The tischgestell is a table frame that can be set up in seconds and without any tools. The interlocking crossbars swivel in the centre like scissors, without any visible connection detail. The table plate is just placed on top, no fixing. All bars are black powder-coated oval profile steel tubes.

The tischgestell is available in two sizes: small – for tables ca. 160 x 80cm, folded size 145 x 72 x 5cm large – for tables ca. 200 x 100cm, folded size 175 x 72 x 5cm

category: furniture design

Designer: schindlersalmerón architecture + product design made in: Switzerland


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product|added Mar 01, 2007 0 rating 2.9 / 5  |  544 votes is a self-marketing tool for architects, interior designers and students. The users publish their work and architectural projects in an online portfolio with an own URL.

Architectural studios, companies and clients visit daily and use the intellegent search tools looking for potential co-workers and employees.

Made in Germany


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From the Yonoh study, it pleases to us to present you our last project made for the company COMERSIL. DUETA, chair upholstered in leather with chromed iron feet. Possibility of adding arms or of changing the legsby a cental foot. 

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Fortune Tootsies - Lucky Baby Socks


Every baby needs some lucky socks. Your take-out box contains: two pairs of white and one pair of red socks, each with individual fortunes printed on the bottom. Plus fortune cookies for mom and dad! Mac

Fortunes Included on Socks:

* Lucky numbers: 1 a.m. 2:36 a.m.3:15 a.m. 5:20 a.m. (Luck) * Do not underestimate your own power. (Power) * This is just a phase. (Life) * Your last journey was just the beginning. (Journey) * You will sleep through the night… soon. (Sandman) * Your smile is a treasure to all who know you. (Smile)

Designer: Julene Ewert Made in: USA


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Prototype - Toaster

Made in: Turkey


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The floor lamp "Lichtnote" allows a lot of modulations. Racks of music stand fragments enable many different formal changes. These variations express themselves as fascinating light effects. The desired effect can be functional or a playful light object as well. The Lamp allows two striking associations. On the one hand, poetic imaginations as a result of the music stand. On the other hand, functional appearances like a photo light.

In contrast to music tones, light compositions arise.

Designer: Tobias Juretzek


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