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perlen vor die säue


wallpaper. tapete-meets-couture-event "perlen vor die säue" is a fotographic wallpaper. a game with picture and type. we show these and other digital wallpapers together with men fashion from "joah kraus" in cologne (ursulaplatz 8). 15. - 21. januar 2007. daily 11h - 19h (during the International Furniture Fair and the Passagen 07) special event: "jahrmarkt der eitelkeiten". 19. januar 2007. 19h Designer: sb 2designers Made in: Germany


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Magazine rack that allows magazines to be organised and fully visible. Made of lacqued wood. Available in different colours and sizes.

Designer: Cristina Toledo


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Hoover Bag Bear


A show with OKAYstudio at the PASSAGEN, the offsite programe of IMM Cologne January 2007.

A simple employee at the council rubbish disposal services had a peculiar imagination: he could see teddy bears in every object he observed. As a child he would stare at the clouds imagining that he could see teddy bears in the sky… and today...everywhere, even the black bin bags looked like teddy bears to him.

No one at work could stand his excited cries every time he shouted 'look at that bear...look at that one...don't throw it into the garbage crusher… nooooo!..'

Of course he was fired from his job, lost his family and friends and became homeless. Yet even though many people thought he was strange, none of them would admit that they too saw the teddy bear bin bags dumped around the streets of London.

Designer: Shay Alkalay Made in: Israel


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Get you own fontshirt!

Designer: Mareike Münder Made in: Germany


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cheese 4+1 system


Children furniture kit, opportunity to put stools into boxes, different opportunities to application for children plays: platform, tunnel, scene, blocks

Designer: Iwona Kosicka Made in: Poland


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Designspotter interview @ Trendhunter


Interview with markus gogolin co-founder and ceo of thank you jeremy @ trendhunter.


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Bali Barret Shop Red tente Tokyo Omotesando


The project of the military « red tent » gives another radical image based on the archetype of military tents. The red color is the trademark of bali barret since the beginning , 032C pantone is a very strict color we followed since the beginning for all architectural and graphic design work for the company.

The textile is initially beige or kaki, in a very voluntary manner, like the intervention of an artiste, the fabric is suddenly turned into red, it is transvestied, touched in the very heart of the fibres.

The main idea is to impose to the space of the street and of the city an archetype out of its initial geographical context. By playing on the common imaginary, the object of fiction is thus revealed by the geographical move of a strong architectural archetype. Once away from its initial space, the object reflects a sideways image that moves the surrounding urban space.

The project is made of a facade of red oiled fabric, hold by natural leather straps and suspended by a metallic structure. This fabric is held at the bottom by sand bags. The entrance is through a metallic chamber.

customer: bali barret production/bali barret Japan/Sazaby Inc. architect: Franklin Azzi building firm: Sazaby Inc. surface: 110m ² cost of the operation: 250.000 euros HT delivery date: September 2004 completion periods: 3 months activity: shop loan-with-to carry for the mark bali barret site: 5-1-15 Jungumae shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan

Designer: design studio - Franklin Azzi Made in: France


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ISOMO C stool


The ISOMO C stool (the name gives away the form) is created from polystyrene; a material that we know as a feathery light packing material. It has been processed here in a unique way. The special coating creates an amazing effect. The result is a very light yet strong chair for inside or out.

Product details: - dimensions: 411mm*400mm*447mm - core material: polystyrene

Designer: Bieke Hoet Made in: Belgium


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laptop at home


Soft laptop accessories for the home designed by mike and maaike for Belkin.


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Earless cap


This cap has little cuts above the ears, which make you able to wear your favorite headphones and leave your head no chance to be frozen in winter. In case you do not have the headphones on, holes above the ears can be covered with the round stickers.

Designer: Petro Akzhigitov MAde in: Ukraine


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