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hand screened duvets & pillow shams


A collection of hand screened graphic duvets and pillow shams. The line stands out from other linens in the fact that they appear as art on your bed. Produced in limited runs and quantities so once a design/color scheme is sold out, then it is no longer offered, and new designs will be produced. This insures that we always offer fresh designs and maintain the feeling that the products are unique.

Website: Luxury Lab Linens Made in: USA


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The lamp LUMIR enlightens outside areas. If you don´t have electricity on your balcony LUMIR can be attached on the innerside of the balcony door or window. With the aid of a vaccum cup LUMIR sticks to the window glas. The light is send from indoors to outdoors.

Designer: Henrik Drecker
Made in: GermanyWebsite

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Frank desk


A contemporary bureaux for use with a laptop. Open the bureaux to reveal laptop storage area and paper tray, while the wrap around lid becomes the desk lamp. A fully extending hidden drawer provides storage for stationary, cables etc...

Overall Dimensions: Height 700mm . Width 1100mm . depth 500mm

Materials: Top box - medium density fibreboard Light - folded 1.6mm sheet steel Frame - 22mm tubular steel Paper tray - 1.2mm sheet steel

Finish: Top box - vinyl matt black with matt laquer top coat light - powder coat black gloss Frame - powder coat black gloss Paper tray - powder coat matt yellow

Designer: John Slater


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The radiator


The raw expression of functional industrial radiators was a source of inspiration for RADIATOR. While maintaining this raw strenght, the object was transformed for living spaces.

The rotation of the individual element is reminiscent of the sheet metal spirals of old-fashioned radiators.

Designer: Marco Dessì Made in: Austria


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Balkon & Garten


The new issue #19, "rank growth" is out now.

contributors: Stella, Erika und Helmut Buttke, Harri Brill , Gerd Brunzema, Carmen Gohlke Renate Gutdeutsch, Magret Köhler, Marc-Rajan Köppler, Diana Kristan, Kai von Kröcher Maditi, Elisabeth Moors, Raphael Otto, Jörn Lauterbach

Next Issue Apr/May comes with the topic: "Veronika". Everyone is invited to take part.


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"beschwingt" is a creative stand-up workstation with a playful design approach to meet the highest functional and ergonomic requirements. Based on the concept of a swing, the workstation consists of a high desk, a standing aid attached to the desk and a rubber wedge under the table to ensure that the standing position is as natural as possible. The ability to lean back and relax, the amount of elbowroom and the fact that the legs are disencumbered enables you to stay fit and keep up your concentration a lot longer.

Designer: Thomas Duester Made in: Germany


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Pig Skin collection


Nature is cruel. She taught us that we have to kill to survive. And even when I don't buy meat for dinner, I always fell guilty when I am chopping lettuce with my knife. It's not because it doesn't scream that it doesn't feel the pain. Anyway, I decided to try to consume only products approved by animal welfare. Animals deserve a better life than the one our bioindustry offers them now. I asked leather crafter Eliane Magalhães, who hates machines and makes everything with her hands, to design with me a leather bag approved by animal welfare. Since nowadays you can easily buy eco meat at the supermarket, it should be easy to buy eco leather as well, right?

Wrong. It was impossible to find it. It does not exist in Holland. Chefs already have the choice to cook eco meat, So isn't it time that we designers get the same right? Designer: Bea Correa and Eliane Magalhães


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»I love Pasta« Cookbook


One can fall in love with everything – pasta is one possible object of affection. That’s why Daniel Jung and David Weiss who founded the design agency “Formstil“, dedi-cate their modern concept-cookbook to “pasta-philic“ people who know how to deal with culinary as well as with visual pleasure.

It unites the passion for pasta with a pure and modern design. 31 selected recipes are classified in 5 extraordinary categories: Starters, quick, fitness, lounge and business. Extravagant pictures, such as “the business type with pasta bow“ open each rubric. Due to three degrees of difficulty (simple pasta, advanced pasta, pro pasta) everybody’s free to decide how much of the offered finesse he or she is going to involve in the own cooking skills. Short and easy-to-understand instructions guarantee a smooth flow at everybody’s stove.

19,80 EUR (incl. shipping Germany)

Designer: Daniel Jung, David Weiss Made in: Germany


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You might think: "Hey, this chair reminds me of that time me and my girl made reservations for a room with a twin-bed that turned out to be two singles, which sucked all of the romance out of our one-year anniversary, which made me so angry that my girlfriend began to have second thoughts about our relationship and ran off with my best friend, who was also my boss, and made him fire me.", but no, it has nothing to do with that(although this chair is called 'Split').

See, the two pieces that make this lovely chair are fully attached to each other. It's just one of the optical jokes the designers like to put into their work. b & d also told me the design had something to do with a guy named Pierre Paulin... something about an homage to...? Oh well, whatever. Designer: bERT&dENNIS, © 2007 Made in: The Netherlands


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SPIRO is a beautiful and elegant lamp. The fusion of different materials achieves a result that surprises by its spectacular nature..

Designer: Amin Bouchti Made in: Germany


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