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This is the ergonomic lounge chair to read and relax.

Designer: Carlos Orion Made in: Brazil


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Oh China


Gold and silver plated limited edition spool vases.

Designer: Lorraine Brennan, Fifty-Eight b Made in: Ireland


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The Tri Lamp


Tri is a concept-lamp which allows you to harvest light and to move the light sources where you want in your room.
Tri challenges conventional lighting by its innovative use of LED technology. LED lightning with its superior energysaving abilities opens up new opportunities for how light is used and managed.
LED will replace a whole range of conventional light sources, such as traditional light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. LED is revolutionary in its function and opens up for new ways to utilize light. LED consumes a severely lower amount of power compared to an ordinary light bulb, whilst still giving the same amount of light, enabling a more mobile light source.
Tri is designed for designers and creates an interest in the design world. It is a product that triggers an interest for a concept for the future because of its unconventional style.Website

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2026 – New York, Berlin, Shanghai.

The world’s largest agglomerations are situated in economical prosperity. Millions of people are travelling through these cities day by day, to reach their work, go shopping, meet friends or simply enjoy their free time. By means of technological progress in miniaturisation, communication equipment and working tools have become easy to handle and comfortable to carry. In spite of the existing technological and virtual facilities, those people who are on their way are still heavily loaded with clothing, groceries, or home accessories which technology is not able to compress.

However, now a revolution in personal urban transit has occurred. Cargonaut, a humanoid flying robot, comes to the place you are currently located to relieve you of your loads. After placing your bags or luggage in one of the publicly available sky boxes, Cargonaut delivers within minutes to a chosen destination. Considering environmental aspects, Cargonaut is equipped with the cutting edge bionic rotor that allows a nearly noiseless flight.

Designer: Matthias Schmiedbauer
Made in: GermanyWebsite

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Music in the Rain


It’s very special feeling to listen to music on a rainy day. Rain, it makes people sentimental. Especially listening to music under an umbrella with a person you love gives us big emotion. The dome structure of umbrellas allows sound to be more concentrated, and a handle of umbrella could be a great part for controlling the music. Sometimes people spin an umbrella unconsciously. If you spin this umbrella to left or right, the music will move forward (right turn) or reverse (left turn). Unfortunately even though it is not raining, you still can use this umbrella. You can just put it in the corner of your living room with cradle, and then also you can enjoy the music from speakers of cradle. Designers: DESIGNUNIT Made in: Korea. S


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Various models of 'rubber' necklesses.

Designer: adé ni ké Made in: The Netherlands


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This collection is based on traditional glass-making and smithery craftsmanship. Due to the fact they are handcrafted, resulting in each and every piece being original and unique, BRUTE, MIRAGE, MIRAGE GRANDE and NOBLE pipes have the qualities of a piece of art.

Elegant shapes of this production line are inspired by nature, the subtle forms of underwater life.

The size of all these pipes, with heights ranging from 55 to 85 cm, predestines them to be used at home (in a static way). The proportions of the glass body (being the biggest that can possibly be handcrafted) makes it possible to keep perfect visual contact with all the processes taking place inside the pipe. Every model of this collection can be easily turned into an elegant lamp using a simple accessory.

Designer: Jakub Lanča, MEDUSE DESIGN Made in: Czech Republic


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M A Y O is a multifunctional furniture for children that will help children imagination more colorfull.

Designer: fitoriobowoleksono Made in: Indonesia


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Aramis Chandelier


Chandelier in laser cut plexiglass with pendants in glass.

Designer: Andrea Langhi Design Made in: Italy


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Pendulum lamp

Designer: M.J.BING Made in: Germany


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