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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.92 / 5  |  576 votes

Roger Bittel


Funky Fine Bag for all Situations. For all, who like it in a different Style.

Art bags, made in Swiss


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  1899 votes

Nola Star


Nola Star has various functions: as a curtain, as wall paneling, as a room divider or as a transparent accent element in large and small rooms. With multi-functional variations Nola Star dictates no rules allowing for individual assemblage in different heights, widths and colors. Nola Star is a building block system that invites creativity. Nola Star is a true quick-change artist that bathes the window and room with light and color even on the gloomiest day.

The basic module of Nola Star is a 0.5-mm strong plastic panel in a 20 x 20-cm format. The small plastic squares with rounded corners have wholes on all four sides through which they are easily connected with metal rings. Forming spineless columns, which can be hung in conventional curtain tracks, Nola Star creates a mobile room element, and when necessary can easily be folded together and pushed to the side.


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.97 / 5  |  2609 votes



design3000, founded in 1999, is Germany's biggest online store for gifts, living accessories and fresh design ideas. The range of more than 5.000 products varies from exclusiv to trendy and offers the right choice of gifts and accessories for every age and moneybag.


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.98 / 5  |  9628 votes

Léonardo dining table


Is it a still life? This object fossilizes a moment of intimacy in a couple. Such a photo, Leonardo is moment of life who testifies a story, a fossil living formally animated the time of a meal by souls, we can still perceive the movements and the feelings in the immobility. And so form does not follow anymore the function, it follows the feelings then the emotional prevails on the functional. Leonardo is ode to love. Designers: Olivier Gregoire Bertrand Clerc


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.9 / 5  |  512 votes




Exhibition of Jewellery, Life Style Accessories and Furniture in MOSCOW

For a couple of years now, Berlin has been developing its very own, original appeal and dynamic in terms of design and is slowly starting to establish itself as a new design metropolis. Not only is this development being recognised on an international level at the latest since Berlin was awarded the title “City of Design” by the UNESCO in January of this year the designers of the city Berlin themselves strive to actively position themselves on the international design stage.

CREATE BERLIN - the initiative of Berlin Designers and companies from all disciplines of design - presents the “Best of Berlin in Product Design” exclusively at the new order platform RED in Moscow.


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 3.1 / 5  |  1113 votes

Kisskalt Designs


FlexiTube is mobile and can be changed into a transparent room partitioner. This fantastic tube rolls and fits into any corner and changes into a sculpture of a shelf. The various elements get support through their velvety surface. Inside each tube is a shelf for storage which serves as a visual horizontal line. FlexiTube is available in two different sizes and can be combined in any number either lying side by side or on top of each other. Chocks will support your FlexiTube sculpture in case that you want to set it up without the support of a wall.

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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.98 / 5  |  3132 votes

cuckoo clock


digital clock, metal housing, chromed nails, chromed chain, cuckoo (cuckoo died of natural causes in 1958).

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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 3 / 5  |  909 votes

3 New concepts by SMOOL


What's the connection between a mobile telephone, shoes and a wristwatch? They're all products that have been taken in hand by Robert Bronwasser of SMOOL design studio. Bronwasser has redesigned a number of products in his own style so as to project his own design vision and inspire both businesses and consumers. The result is a series of recognisable and striking designs for everyday products.

*Mobile The most striking thing about the SMOOL mobile phone is its simplicity. Bronwasser says: A lot of telephones are black and very technical. In my opinion a telephone can be less complex. The rubber back can be easily replaced with different colours and gives a better grip on the telephone.

*Shoes Bronwasser has translated his liking for shoes into a combination of a classic loafer with modern features borrowed from sports shoes. The design is included in the exhibition 'Design anno nuÂ’ at the Dutch Leather and Shoe Museum in Waalwijk, to be seen until 10 October 2006.

*Wristwatch The SMOOL wristwatch makes use of a colourful display that clicks into a rubber wristband. Bronwasser says: The display can easily be adapted with various themes or your own photos, so that your wristwatch becomes very personal. This goes without saying in mobile telephones, so why not in a wristwatch?


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.93 / 5  |  516 votes

Pug Angels


He’s an ex-porn cat who used to live in L.A. Steve got caught up in that stuff in the 90’s. Cat on cat, cat on dog, cat on deer, cat on horse. We got him out of porn industry and into business management. He now runs Toke Industries. The other three of us just sit around all day getting red-eyed and making nice t-shirts.

Designer: ‘Dirty Steve’. Origin: UK


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product|added Aug 01, 2006 0 rating 2.98 / 5  |  1621 votes

Starter pack...


Just moved in? Need immediate furniture? A furniture pack which is quick and easy to assemble and ready to transform any bare, empty space into a practical environment. The design wastes little material making it economy and affordable to first time buyers. Its flatpack form allows for it to be easily transported and lends itself to nomadic lifestyles. Within the current available range is a table, stool and shelving system. Laser cut birch plywood.

Designer: Nick Jordan Origin: UK


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