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product|added Sep 01, 2006 0 rating 2.97 / 5  |  3481 votes

modular garden furniture


Changing the position of the single elements opens new situations and moods. The elevation of one edge is not only useful to place the user's head but creates in interaction with other elements different sitting-landscapes with hills and planes. The system is expandable, it doesn't know any borders.

Designer: Rebekka Markert Made in: Germany


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product|added Sep 01, 2006 0 rating 2.86 / 5  |  356 votes

Yin & Yang Bowls


Designer: Rowena Gilbert, Contemporary Ceramics Made in: Brighton, UK


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product|added Sep 01, 2006 0 rating 3 / 5  |  532 votes

Cuda table


Cuda’s inspiration was twofold - architecture and Detroit.

Several architects at the time were utilizing the idea of a single continuous plane that could at once be the ceiling, wall, floor, and furniture. I was enamored with this idea of connection and the ability of a single form to unify parts and eliminate the need for hardware.

I like to think a place has influence on one’s work, and in this case it certainly did. The motor city, motown, the birthplace of techno music, Detroit is a very particular place. While I’m a fan of minimalist design, I wanted to design a piece with personality and character, something for the free-spirited individual, not the generic masses. I was thinking muscle car, not family sedan. GTO, Chevelle, Camaro, Barracuda...Cuda.
Designer: David Tsai
Made in: U.S.AWebsite

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product|added Sep 01, 2006 0 rating 2.93 / 5  |  911 votes

negative space


cast ceramic pieces overlap and interlock throwing warm light and distinctive shadows low fire stoneware

unit size: 8"w 6”d 7.5”h standard quantity in clusters: 6, 9 and 15 lamps can be made in various configurations to client specifications (7 watt bulbs).


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product|added Sep 01, 2006 0 rating 2.88 / 5  |  565 votes

USB-Stick to yourself


usb stick for those who what to completely sperarate the office from the private. which is always a good idea.

Designer: Marc Julian Zech Made in: Germany


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product|added Sep 01, 2006 0 rating 2.98 / 5  |  1095 votes

Suspended Spherical Treehouses


The theme of this project is "Oneness". The spheres are designed to fit harmoniously into a forest setting without altering it. They use the trees for a foundation and enable us to celebrate the beauty and wonder that is already there, without changing it. Inside the sphere, walls and ceiling become one. A single continuous shell. They aren't separated like a conventional building. If you believe in the concept of oneness then why not surround yourself with a structure that reflects it? Step up into sacred space. Then step outside and look up. You'll see the web of rope connecting the sphere to the trees reflects our connectedness to the eco-system we live in.

Suspended spheres reduce the human footprint to near zero. They utilize bio-mimicry to create a human habitation that can live in the forest. A sphere, like a nut shell, can withstand impacts and the web of rope, like a spiders web, attaches to many strong points. Its stretchiness enables sphere and trees to move freely and produces a feeling of floating when in the sphere. The well appointed interiors eliminate the need to "rough it" to live in the deep forest. Spheres can be inserted into the forest by helicopter, road or water. A crew of 3 people can install one in few days. A perfect place to meditate and commune with nature.


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product|added Sep 01, 2006 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  8895 votes

London Design Festival


Multi award winning Sprout Design have unveiled their latest original product: The Binvention. This bin that gets your recycling sorted makes an uber-chic feature of a previously unglamorous household object. Hailed as “super slick” by Time Out magazine, the Binvention will encourage even the laziest armchair eco warriors to get sorted. It makes novel use of old carrier bags to create simple compartments for your cans, paper, bottles and plastic, filing the recycling in a clever, sleek waste solution. Not only is it a laudable environmental product is a truly desirable design piece and has been short-listed for Best Eco Product at Grand Designs Magazine Awards.


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product|added Sep 01, 2006 0 rating 2.84 / 5  |  422 votes

Gathered Handbags


Each handbag is created using a vintage textile - what once was a pillowcase or curtain could be dangling from your arm! This reincarnation instills a sense of history in the works, and ensures they will be truly unique. Though we can't promise the good nights sleep the fabrics formerly involved, these recontextualized accessories still seem dreamy. These gathered handbags are made from a light weight vintage multicoloured patterned fabrics and a durable twill. Lined in a bright cordinating cotton, each has a large inner pocket, and closes with a snap.

Designer: goodmorning, morning! Made in: Canada


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product|added Sep 01, 2006 0 rating 3.05 / 5  |  453 votes



SleepSexEatWorkDrinkDream is a 24-hour furniture type for new ways of living. Through its design, it addresses the living tendencies of the contemporary lifestyle of the loft dwellers and beyond.

SleepSexEatWorkDrinkDream has no back or front, allowing it to take on a variety of spatial configurations. It has integrated storage, making it easy to stow the remote control, office files, textbooks, notebook computer, or a change of clothes. Its backrests are reconfigurable into several different positions, allowing for a variety of uses - lounge, loveseat, daybed, study place, or home office centre.

Currently,SleepSexEatWorkDrinkDream is not in production.?Despite many requests from potential purchasers and media attention from all over the world, and we have been unable to find a suitable manufacturer for this design.


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product|added Sep 01, 2006 0 rating 2.91 / 5  |  558 votes

Donna Wilson @ Designersblock


Enter the world of Donna Wilson if you dare. Be prepared, because you may be eaten by a Cannibdoll, dwarfed by a gigantic Doily or bored by a bigheaded boffin. It’s a place where your conceptions of shape and size are toyed with. A place where you could stretch out on a sea of pom-poms, have a picnic with a poodle or get grumpy with a ginger man.

New to her range is an intricately cut felt snowflake mat, A felt rug resplendent with leaves and a coaster to accompany the popular Doily place mat.

A recent addition to the family of creatures is a mischievous fellow called Rill, half racoon, half squirrel fox.


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