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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.95 / 5  |  377 votes

Puzzled [bERT&dENNIS]


Puzzled is a modular seating system, simply add puzzle pieces to grow your sofa. Bert en Dennis are Bert van der Grift and Dennis van der Burch, dutch designers of some very nice contemporary chairs and seating systems.Website

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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 3.1 / 5  |  812 votes

ova lounge & ottoman


(ova) lounge & ottoman is a product of simplicity, technology, efficiency, and sustainability. The set is made of 72 separate flat parts (lounge) & 36 flat parts (ottoman) , cut from one & one half sheets of stock, that when stacked horizontally, make the form of an architecturally organic structure.

The simplicity is in the form and design. The technology is in the process of fabricating the separate 44 pieces on a CNC (computer numerically controlled) router. The efficiency and sustainability stem from the technology of the CNC machining which allows the cutting process to be done in a fraction of the time it would take to do with conventional routers. This also makes more efficient use of the material, by creating less waste and better usage of the sheet goods.

The efficient use of the sheet goods, as well as the consideration of consumed energy to manufacture the parts, touches on the chair’s sustainable qualities. The inspiration for the (ova) chair was to create an affordable chair that embraced technology, and the ever-present global need for sustainable design & products.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.95 / 5  |  640 votes

daheim magazin


"daheim" is an independent online magazin in German language. Each issue covers one subject and takes different views on it. The magazin gives food for thought and takes the time to get to the bottom of current debates. "daheim" is issued quarterly in a PDF-format.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.83 / 5  |  223 votes

house bag ototo design


Salone Satellite 2006 Prototype Designed by Rie Yokoyama

Home mobile storage furniture. The kind of furniture you want to be with always. For example, put your favorite magazines in it and take it out to the terrace… Makes you want to take it around all over the house. Inseparable.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.83 / 5  |  252 votes

rockandroll [paolo minola]


double sofa with adjustable positions.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.98 / 5  |  602 votes

Magazine Bob


"A monothematic magazine looking at things from multiple perspectives, in touch with our daily reality." that's Bob; released biannually and produced by a group of four young people calling itself Club Bellevue.

This publication with its highly diverse contributions engages with contemporary problems and develops positions, approaches and plans for action. Multiple perspectives are an expression of democracy; Bob gives speech to minorities, (re)presents different realities and complex environments instead of delivering 'instant information'.

Bob invites people to contribute to each issue by sending out a call for papers. Bob publishes young talents as well as people who are already well known experts.

To purchase the latest issue of Bob, visit selected magazine-shops in Germany, Switzerland or Austria or go to the magazines webpage at


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.96 / 5  |  451 votes

Blooming Desert


'Blooming Desert' is a fashion exhibition of new creations in women's clothing, handbags & jewellery from oldbag (sydney, Australia) and kleidsam (st. gallen, Switzerland). The exhibition wil be held in the new Cuphub Design.Kultur.Cafe in Arbon, Switzerland, with a digital presentation of concepts to finished products with sounds by DJ Merek, Berry cupcakes and a glass of Swiss 'Holunder-Proseco' to ease into a relaxing summer evening.

I have attatched some photos of oldbag design, summer collection 06 which are made from recycled leathers, silks, metallic-silks and quality sequin textiles from Switzerland, Australia & Korea. The oldbag concept is one-off productions and original design ideas to suit the sassy, young at heart, independent woman which always looks unique.


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  3982 votes

Offside coat rack


A humorous, stylish wall mounted coat hanger incorporating a row of Foosball players. Choose either the ”full team” rack with 11 players, or ”five-a-side” rack with of course; five players. Players come in different colours.

The product has been exhibited in Stockholm Furniture fair (Greenhouse), Milano, Salone Satellite (together with Mixko) and last Berlin, Designmai Youngsters (also together with Mixko).


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.98 / 5  |  575 votes

Mixed Light Chandelier [Aude Genton]


Mixed Light Chandelier offers several atmospheres with bulb and circular neon, that can be used independently or combined.

Material: polypropylene Size: 60 cm of diameter


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product|added May 01, 2006 0 rating 2.67 / 5  |  105 votes

dogbowl [Leo Yiu]


fast food for your dog and prevent the food go out.


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