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Werksdesign introduces first smart walking aid with app


The Berlin-based design office Werksdesign has developed a solution as a design concept study, the "e-crutch". This smart walking aid is particularly ergonomic, there are no pressure points and the use is very comfortable thanks to a special patented suspension.
Through its app the innovative device will be particularly efficient and smart. With this data the patient can adjust his use of the walking aid for optimal rehabilitation. The recovery time is shortened, the healing is more successful.

Designer: Eric Hinz, Emese Papp (Germany)
Manufacturer: Study (Germany)
Material: Hight Tech plastics

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Moai Building


Easter Island has almost been erased from history as it has no clear documentation of its past. Mysterious Moai statues are the only evidence of civilization. I gained a similar impression of Samjeon-dong, Seoul. Modern Moai at Samjeon-dong began with the consideration of a symbiotic structure for a city, including housing created by stacking commercial facilities and residential units on the everyday cultural ground.

Designer: L'eau Design (Korea, South)

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Duga Coffee Table


Our aim to change ordinary coffee table form with some little design touches like bending and twisting movements. So we have made all curvy minimalist asymmetrical form and extraordinary effect.

Designer: Nuvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Nuvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Dimension: 55x55x65 cm

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Boris / magazine & book rack


Boris is a freestanding magazine & book rack that offers a practical and fun way to organize your casual reading, wherever you need it. The cat-inspired structure is made of 6 mm powder coated metal rod produced in Italy.

Designer: Libero Rutilo & Ekaterina Shchetina (Italy)
Manufacturer: DesignLibero (Italy)
Inspired By: Cat
Material: powder coated metal rod
Colours: Orange
Price: 50 - 70

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Transit chair


Chair with low back (ONE) or high back (TWO).
Transit is an armchair with real character, where the focus is on the optimal interaction between form and comfort. And designer Roderick Vos has managed to do that in a very subtle way. With sleek lines and a seat that looks almost as if it’s floating, thanks to the sophisticated feet made of curved tube material.

With PODE all products are made to order.

Designer: Roderick Vos (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: PODE (Netherlands)
Material: Leather / Fabric (PODE collection)
Colours: All colors (PODE Collection)
Dimension: Available as chair
Price: from EUR 1295 (Transit in fabric, low back)

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Vines chair 3d print



Cast chair from a 3D print

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Inspired By: Vines, nature
Material: Aluminum, Bronze, Aluminum Painted
Colours: Aluminum chair also in different colours (Painted)
Dimension: 535mm x 665mm x H 813mm Aluminum +/- 19kg Bronze +/- 58 kg
Price: on request

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Facella by Oliver Schick for DUA


Facella is inspired by historical portable lanterns, transposed due to its reduced and strong graphical shape into contemporary times. The shade is made of mouth blown opal glass, whose matte surface makes a smooth light scattering. High grade types of leather with German origin are used for the encasement with the bracket. They are handcrafted in traditional saddlery and bag-maker techniques and all seams are handsewn. 

Designer: Oliver Schick (Germany)
Manufacturer: dua (Germany)
Inspired By: historical portable lanterns
Material: leather, opal glass
Colours: brown
Dimension: 320*320 mm
Price: 495,- Euro

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Scooter for Life by PriestmanGoode

The Scooter for Life is a special commission for the New Old exhibition at the Design Museum in London, which opens on 12 January. Presented in the exhibition is a prototype designed for older demographics, which aims to provide users with more independence through greater mobility. The exhibition explores the potential for design to enhance the experience of our later lives. As our population ages rapidly, the exhibition looks at how design can help people lead fuller, healthier and more rewarding lives in an ageing society.


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X-Ray table


Infinum office design was inspired by superheros and their supernatural powers. The office conference room design was influenced by x-ray vision. The challenge was to achieve a table, made from a heavy and rough metal, appear translucent and futuristic. Brigada used thin metal profiles coated in a characteristic, X-ray bluish color, and glass for the table plate. To maintain specific tech needs, power outlets and network lines are discreetly integrated into the table.

Designer: Brigada (Croatia)
Inspired By: X-ray vision
Material: metal, glass
Colours: blue, black

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SASKIA DIEZ interview

Firstly, can you tell me a little about yourself? How would you define what you do? I am a designer. I create jewellery, mostly for my own label, Saskia Diez.
What is your definition of beauty? Where do you seek to find it, or how to you aim to create it? Beauty has a lot to do with your attitude. It can be found everywhere. To create beauty, a kind of coherence is needed. A harmony. A reality. A concentration.
What does jewellery mean to you? Jewellery is decoration, for sure. It can [take] an outfit into any direction. But it also can secure me, be my company. It is a means of expression. It shows that I care about myself, it makes me feel more beautiful. Jewellery is something very intimate. How does it lay on the skin and on the body? What does it do with you and how does it change when it moves, how do you feel with it?
Can you tell me about the production process? Where do you source materials or products? We work together with a handful of goldsmiths in and around Munich, in Pforzheim and Werne. Everything is very local. We know everybody that is producing for us. And the gold and silver we use are mainly from recycled materials.
Who is the archetypal Saskia Diez woman? Do you keep a certain individual in mind when designing? The typical Saskia Diez woman may be me. At least I always start with myself. I do not have a certain target woman in mind. Even if I do not wear everything that I create, I try everything on me, I take [myself] as a reference. But I think my pieces suit a lot of different women, and I think that these are proud, independent, loving, sensible, strong, [and] beautiful in various aspects.

Words: Sophie Flecknoe from a conversation for Hall of Furs.

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