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Handmade Stools


The design originates from Berlin and captures the raw, urban industrial style of the city by the use of copper. The classical design of a stool was not changed, only simplified. This reflects the minimalistic zeitgeist of urban environments.
A range of possible combinations allows to adapt the piece to individual arrangements. The following materials can be chosen for the seating

Designer: Freund + Kupferstecher (Germany)
Manufacturer: Freund + Kupferstecher (Germany)
Inspired By: industrial sector
Material: Copper
Colours: All
Dimension: All
Price: 60-300

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Functional Fashion for Your Keys.
The World's most beautiful fashion accessory to keep your keys anywhere your credit card would fit. INDIEGOGO campaign

Designer: Euclid Design Studio (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Euclid Design Studio (Turkey)
Material: Leather
Colours: 10 different styles
Dimension: 54 x 85,6 mm (credit card size)
Price: $ 29,-

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Tubes bench by Peter Donders


copper tube bench

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Material: Cast Aluminum from 3D print + Copper coating / leather pads
Colours: copper
Dimension: 1700mm x 760mm x 720mm
Price: on request

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Maison 203 presents the new brooch collection inspired by Venice


Maison 203 presents Fritto Misto, the new series of 3D printed brooches ispired by Venice, that becomes a collection of contemporary souvenir. The Fritto Misto collection designed by studio Zaven is in fact composed by brooches shaped as the typical Carnival masks known as Bautta and Moretta, the Venetian biscuit called buranello, inspired by the Grand Canal curve, the mouse, the squid ring or the red mullet.

Designer: Zaven (Italy)
Manufacturer: Maison 203 (Italy)
Inspired By: Venice
Material: sintered nylon
Colours: blu, black, white

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Fold sofa


Fold is a stylish, abstract sofa with no excessive details. Roderick Vos’s designs even verges on the minimalistic. A cool family sofa – a sofa for young and old. The name Fold wasn’t plucked out of thin air. The upholstery fabric is folded as much as possible.

With PODE all products are made to order

Designer: Roderick Vos (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: PODE (Netherlands)
Material: Fabric / Leather
Colours: All PODE colors
Dimension: love seat / three seater / corner sofas
Price: from EUR 2.195,- (3 seater sofa in fabric)

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NOSE candle holder


NOSE is a minimal candle holder evoking an abstract profile whose nose serves to hold the candle. The object is made of two laser cut and welded steel pieces. With or without candle, NOSE is a sculptural candle holder that adds a touch of art to your interior.

Designer: Quentin de Coster (Belgium)
Material: powder coated steel
Colours: white, grey or black
Dimension: W7, D4 x H6 or 9 cm

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Sweet 3D printable Sugar Bowl Table7 Collection


Sweet Sugar Bowl is a 3D printed design object that you can print with your own 3D printer. You just have to download the digital files here. to make it by your own. This is the start of a collection of 7 simple tableware products made by polish designers UAU Project. Look at the product video here

Designer: UAU Project (Poland)
Manufacturer: Cults. (France)
Material: Filaments EUmakers
Colours: Pastel pink
Price: 3

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VOORT ONE: A Swiss Crownless Timepiece


 with A Satisfying New Way to Set Time. While lifestyle products have drastically changed over the years, the user experience with analogue watches has not really changed much. In fact, the jutting watch crown can sometimes be a bother. We thus wanted to create a timepiece that is not only visually beautiful, but also pleasurable to use, fiddle and wear.

Designer: Kevin Chiam, Lim Yong Kang (Singapore)
Inspired By: One draws inspiration from marine sundials which use shadows cast from the Sun to tell the time.
Material: 316L Surgical Stainless Steel with
Colours: Classic Silver, Space Black, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold
Dimension: 42mm Diameter and 10mm thin (Excluding NATO Strap)
Price: 133 SGD (Inclusive of Shipping)

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Twiggy 3d printed wall clock


Twiggy is a wall clock, and tells time by the number of twigs each branch ends with. The hands were modelled to be as light weight as possible, and contrast the organic design of the clock with their mechanical and constructed design. The whole clock including the hands is 3d printed. For the movement we used a standard sized clockwork.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)

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Monolith Ring


The shape of the ring collection is a geometric form with sharp edges and a smooth textured surface. It’s a jewelry sculpture developed from one piece of natural mineral and high performance acrylic: a monolith. First cutting the monolithrings with a CNC machine from a big sheet, then the final step is polishing every single ring by hand.
It is a special combination between stone surface and the light weight of the acrylic, between the high advanced CNC technology and handcraft.

Designer: Gesine Dölle (Germany)
Manufacturer: Gesine Dölle (Germany)
Material: solid surface
Colours: black and white
Price: from 120.- to 165.-

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