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Poligon - wooden animal wall decor


We make handmade wooden wall decors. Our first collection contains of cruelty-free wooden animal trophies. We make it by grinding edges of wooden elements and connecting them to reach the final effect. All elements are hand-painted.

Designer: Tomasz Ciurka & Patrycja Batko (Poland)
Material: spruce wood
Dimension: about 50x50cm thickness: ~2cm
Price: 40-70 USD

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Ledo LED wall light for Martinelli Luce


Studio Natural design for Martinelli Luce an indirect LED wall light with die-cast aluminum. Thanks to double concave this lamp assumes a unique geometry from each point of view.

Designer: Studio Natural (Italy)
Manufacturer: Martinelli Luce (Italy)
Material: Aluminium

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Noria Window Air Conditioner


Noria was designed to address all the pain points of current window air conditioners. From beautiful design to easy installation to remote connectivity and schedule creation, Noria makes living with a window air conditioner a pain-free experience.

Designer: Devin Sidell (United States)
Manufacturer: Likuma Labs (United States)
Material: Metal, Plastic
Colours: Silver, Black

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Lampscapes by Frederik Roijé


We are proudly relighting the Lampscapes for you! To continue the success of the Frederik Roijé Collection, we redeveloped the Lampscapes. The original design of the Lampscapes is maintained, however a new material and production method are selected to meet modern standards.

The pure white material of the lampshade has a soft, silk like appearance, and gives a beautiful uniform light transmission. The new Lampscapes is stronger, more sustainable and resized to serve a broader audience.

Designer: Frederik Roijé (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Frederik Roijé (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Inspired by mountains and landscapes, familiar lampshades are melted into one, creating Lampscapes.
Material: PET G, powder coated steel
Colours: White
Dimension: 116 x 61 x 25 (l x w x h) cm
Price: From 599,-

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Playground Equipment


It consists of a series of children's games with a marked stamp author. The first two pieces of this collection, which will be expanded in the future, are a swing and a dock. A colorful touch of playful art for parks and gardens, both public and private.

Designer: Javier Mariscal (Spain)
Manufacturer: Benito (Spain)

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When Bas attended a lecture about industrial design at the age of 17, he came in contact with the work of Raymond Loewy and his streamline style. He founded his vocation at this lecture, and saw the influence design can bring in this world. Those glasses have an organic controlled silhouette designed to honor the man who give me a goal in life.

Designer: Bas Kamp (Netherlands)

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Qvist Side Chair


Qvist Side Chair consists of a network of curving lines which meet into a composite whole expressing a lovely poetry and elegance.

Qvist Side Chair consists of 17 sub-elements made of laminated birch veneer individually oiled and waxed.

Designer: Peter Qvist (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Peter Qvist (Denmark)
Material: Laminated birch veneer
Dimension: H. 95 cm. W. 45 cm. L. 52 cm.
Price: 1,799.00

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Humane Wasp Trap


Wasps are lured by the sweet smell of syrup placed in a cartridge, which hangs freely in the opening of the glass top part. By separating the liquid from the caught wasps they will not drown compared with the traps you find on the market today. Wasps will always try to find the highest point to fly away, so if you take out the cartridge there is a big chance all wasps are able to fly out again.

Designer: Bas Kamp (Netherlands)
Material: Ceramic Glass

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VINCENT stool and side table


VINCENT is a stool and side table with one ear (handle).

Designer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Monoprix (France)
Inspired By: Vincent van Gogh
Material: metal, wood
Colours: white with yellow feet and yellow with white feet
Dimension: height 45 cm, round 35 cm

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A stylized cloud takes shape from a metal sheet and becomes functional thanks to its bent ends which let it be a spacious wall hanger.

Designer: Simona Sacchi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Offiseria (Italy)
Material: metal
Colours: white, yellow, blue, violet

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