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The Basslet


The Basslet is a wearable subwoofer for your body. Using a whole new technology for sound, it delivers the beats and basslines of your music directly to you – so you literally feel the music.

Designer: WertelOberfell (Germany)
Manufacturer: Lofelt (Germany)

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SINK cabinet bar


A unique blend of rustic and elegant.
...and as time is the core concept, the piece is slightly tilted simulating partial sinking as a result of erosion.
Made of 100% recycled wood, this insane masterpiece is lined with chocolate padded and has two glass shelves, a drawer, and five rests for bottles, two made of inox and three of hexagonal netting

Designer: João Sá Pereira (Portugal)
Manufacturer: POTREBBE exclusive design furniture (Portugal)
Inspired By: antique renaissance cabinets
Price: 2895

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Alfie Chair


Alfie is a tribute to the 1960s film and features stylish, clean and tailored lines.

Designer: Sean Dare (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Knightsbridge Furniture (United Kingdom)

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Birdcage Acoustic Lighting


Flexible work spaces enhance creativity but they can be very loud. ThinkLab's Birdcage acoustic pendant utilizes the desk to ceiling plane void to address sound - a previously untapped space in workplaces.

Sound privacy increases employee productivity. It means less disturbances resulting in higher concentration and a reduction in sound fatigue and stress .Features include: long term stability, a Group 1 fire Rating, a Class D sound absorption NRC 0.45 - Class C NRC 0.70, min 65% recycled.

Designer: Jason Bird (Australia)
Manufacturer: ThinkLab by Luxxbox (Australia)
Material: PET Acoustic Felt
Colours: various - see website
Dimension: various - see websitev
Price: various - see website

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Base Jump is a simple yet true reflection on contemporary Scandinavian design combining moulded plywood and solid timber with a clear matt lacquer finish. Available in natural Oak, a selection of face veneers on request or a variety of coloured lacquered finishes preserving the natural grain and beauty of the timber. The option of an offset natural felt seat and backrest are also available.

Designer: Francois Papastefanou (United Arab Emirates)
Manufacturer: [urban]culturelab (United Arab Emirates)
Material: Solid timber and moulded plywood
Colours: Select from our range of timbers and coloured lacquer finishes

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Lotna Hand-Cast Concrete Lamp Shade


The Lotna is a beautiful hand-cast concrete lamp shade that has been cleverly designed to have a unique hollow bowl like shape, and steel elements that resonate with industrial sleekness. The shade itself looks heavy; however the use of specially formulated glass fibre reinforced concrete has ensured that the shade is light enough to be hung from a simple braided cable that only adds to the elegance of the piece.

Hand-cast concrete shade with steel elements and braided cable

Designer: Daniel Wanat (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Living Concrete (United Kingdom)
Material: Glass fibre reinforced concrete
Colours: natural, grey, anthracite, black and chocolate
Dimension: Diameter 48cm, shade height 15cm, maximum suspension height 120cm, weight 2.95kg
Price: £235.00 £302.00

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Linear Task Light


Linear Task Light is a light-weight, stable-structured LED lamp which is suitable for any modern home, hotel and trendy commercial environment. It applies highest standard (CRI 95), flicker-free dimming light chips with memory function. Linear Task comes with flat-packaging, and can be assembled easily by the user.

Designer: Ray Teng Pai (Taiwan)
Material: aluminum
Dimension: 57*15*34 cm
Price: USD 430

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The eyebrows are represented by the Studio PAULBAUT logo. The smirk is represented by the hour indices, 3 to 9.

Designer: Paul Kweton (Austria)
Manufacturer: Studio PAULBAUT (United States)
Inspired By: Smirk Dial
Material: Premium Veneer MDF | Acrylic
Colours: varies
Dimension: varies
Price: varies, on request

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Spidy is a bistrot chair designed from the laser cutting of metal tubes.
This chair has been shaped as a consequence of its manufacturing process.
The laser cutting on the tube makes possible to create a lot of slots that makes it easy to fold and then soldered.
Spidy has a lot of bendings as a speaker for this technology, a shape that is very complicated to do with traditional toolings.

Designer: Mario Alessiani (Italy)
Material: Iron - wood
Colours: Black

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Valentim sofa - continues to inspire a passionate life


Valentim is a sofa that refers to the nostalgia of the serenades dedicated to a maiden at the balcony. The sofa was designed to be attractive from any angle and the structure leaves the upholstery suspended. Its delicate curves welcome us and express the ideal serenity that makes any environment unforgettable.

Designer: Hugo Silva and Joana Santos (Portugal)
Manufacturer: DAM (Portugal)
Dimension: W1955 x D820 x H785cm

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