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product|added Jun 16, 2015 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  38465 votes



Confetti, confetti: The 10th issue of the yearbook »HAMBURGS KREATIVE« is available now! Once again the Norman Beckmann Verlag presents (this time on 432 pages) an illustrious collection of self-portraits from agencies (advertising, design, digital), freelancers, photographers, illustrators and additional service companies. 100% Hamburg. More details: www.hamburgskreative.de

Designer: Katja Knoblich, Norman Beckmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: NBVD (Germany)
Material: Caribic, Galaxi Keramik
Colours: blue
Dimension: 432 pages
Price: 24,90 Euro

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product|added Jun 15, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  24492 votes

Beautiful custom wallpapers


Wallpapered is committed to producing the highest quality, custom printed wallpapers.

Designer: Wallpapered (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Maps, nature, textures

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product|added Jun 15, 2015 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  12300 votes



Hand knotted Rug in Nepal
Wool and Silk

Designer: Florian Pretet (France)
Manufacturer: (Nepal)
Price: 9850$

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product|added Jun 13, 2015 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  26277 votes

SNAKE_evo collection


A bold and elegant collection that is born as natural evolution of our previous SNAKE collection. the possibility to combine different colours and the minimalist detail of a metal element make of this collections the perfect combination between elegance and contemporary design. Made by strong and flexible nylon combined with a 24 kt gold plated steel, all pieces are finished by and assembled by end. The possibility to combine different colours allow to add an extra unique touch.

Designer: Dario Scapitta Design (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Snake, architecture
Material: 3d printed nylon, 3d printed gold palted steel
Colours: black, white, red, gold

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product|added Jun 08, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  30715 votes

Pli, stool + side table + storage


Pli, stool + side table + storage is made of Ash wood and copper, it has been inspired by the folds of origami art and has a delicate sculptural touch. The stool is hand carved with the idea to be “one of a kind” in each new piece. This multifunctional piece of furniture is designed thinking in the current small living spaces, it gives you the possibility to have a side table, a stool and a storage space all in one. The table top could be removed and the stool stored inside

Designer: Monoculo Design Studio (Spain)
Manufacturer: Monoculo Design Studio (Spain)
Inspired By: Origami folds and geometry
Material: Ash wood and copper
Dimension: Stool 35 x 46 cms. Table 40 x 50,5 cms.
Price: 1740

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product|added Jun 08, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  28826 votes



Bris is a lightweight outdoor furniture collection with a table, two different size benches and a serving tray.

Designer: Ben Fredriksson (Finland)
Manufacturer: Lumberloon (Finland)
Inspired By: Modern Woodworking
Material: Pine and aluminum
Colours: different
Dimension: table 80x80 cm
Price: from 200

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product|added Jun 07, 2015 0 rating 3 / 5  |  27627 votes

GRIN - The Emoji Diary


Have you ever dreamed of keeping a diary but been too busy to do so? GRIN makes it fun and easy: just mark an emoticon! This book offers you 365 pages with ready-made emojis to capture your memories.
Powered by Amazon.

Designer: Talking Days, S.Wagner (Germany)
Manufacturer: Amazon (United States)
Material: Paperback
Colours: 372 pages
Dimension: 4x6
Price: 9,80$ / 9,80

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product|added Jun 02, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  33731 votes

Spun Planter


Yield's new medium sized planter is made locally in Florida from a single piece of pure copper or galvanized steel. At 8 inches in diameter, the planter holds a range of standard plant size and can be used as a cachepot (holding already potted plants) or as a standard planter with soil placed directly inside.

The planter contains a 1" water reservoir at the base separated from the main body by a piece of perforated steel.

Designer: Rachel Gant, Andrew Deming (United States)
Manufacturer: Yield (United States)
Material: Copper
Colours: Copper
Dimension: 8
Price: $140 USD

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product|added Jun 02, 2015 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  34472 votes

Data Line


New infrastructure for internet and lightning at the half demolished sugar factory in Groningen (NL).

Designer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Lambert Kamps (Netherlands)
Inspired By: lightning and old infra structure
Material: wood, steel, electronics
Colours: divers
Dimension: 50 m x 1m x 8m
Price: 6000.-

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product|added May 31, 2015 0 rating 3.02 / 5  |  33823 votes

OKEY - kickstarter project for runners


Team:Indeed created an effective solution for runners. OKEY is a flexible and elastic key ring pendant made of skin-friendly silicon, which is easily fixed to your sport pants by two small, strong magnets. Simple and safe: You neither have your keys loose nor they rattle when you are running. Now prototypes are tested and patent application is filed – last thing missing is the financing that shall be generated via Kickstarter.

Designer: TEAM:INDEED (Germany)

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