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Cell - Maximum privacy and Hi-Tech equipment


Enchanting designs with shapes that accentuate the furniture's function, allowing you to freely experience and enjoy today's new living scenarios. Cell is a system of armchairs and sofas that respond to the new demands of daily life, designed to offer users both a public and, at the same time, a private space.

Designer: Dorigo Design (Italy)
Manufacturer: Cell (Italy)

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Quasimodo, poetry in a table


Intuition, textured finishes and a great personality are the words to use to sum up the Quasimodo table. It is immediately eye-catching thanks to the unprecedented shape of its base and to its extremely modern textured mood. Quasimodo is a sculptural table, with significant styling yet concurrently a versatile look; this characteristic feature makes it suitable for all living room and contract settings at the medium to top end of the market.Ronda Design

Designer: Adriani&Rossi Edizioni (Italy)
Manufacturer: Quasimodo (Italy)
Material: painted metal base and black glass or brushed concrete top.
Dimension: 220 x 120 cm

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Gobi is a side unit where you can store your favourite things. It is both light yet sturdy because it is built with curved wood. Gobi is manufactured in Europe and hand-finished one by one, so you will be purchasing a unique item.
Invite Gobi into your house. It won’t bring its own drinks, but it will bring love.

Designer: Juan Tobares (Spain)
Manufacturer: (Spain)
Inspired By: robos, toys
Material: wood
Colours: gray, mustard, natural wood, coral, blue,
Dimension: 40x55x30.5 cm
Price: 379

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Nosy - A night lamp that wants to wonder around


“Nosy” finds life so interesting and exciting that he takes every chance to explore. He comes with a cable like a dog leash stored in a box which also serves as his stepping box. This is like a stool to help him climb higher, see wider and shine more. With the cable plugged into a USB socket, he is a practical night lamp with a 5V LED lamp in his tummy but he is also my favorite travel companion, besides my wife.
View the Adventure of MY Nosy here :

Designer: Michael Ho (Hong Kong)
Manufacturer: MH (Hong Kong)
Inspired By: Puppy Bull Terrier
Material: Polypropylene
Colours: Black and White
Dimension: 320mm L x 130mm W x 220mm H
Price: HKD750.00

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Vetka Stool


Our aim to give the natural free movement to form of the stool design like in the nature. So we consider that two legs of the stool as a growing tree and branches. Structure shape of the legs and also form is like dancing two branches with the twisting and rotating movement of the branches and connecting together at the final.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Dimension: 50x50x90 cm

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Ackurat Watches - Introducing M38


The M38 features a 38mm diameter satin brushed case, housing a Swiss Ronda movement. The scratch-resistant double domed sapphire glass, with a high chamfer on the edge and a anti-reflective coating, gives a clear view of the dial.

The smaller diameter and the 8,1mm thin case, combined with a high quality Italian leather strap manufactured in Switzerland or a stainless steel Milanese mesh strap, makes it easy to pair the watch with any outfit, providing a sophisticated look.

Designer: Ackurat Watches (Sweden)
Inspired By: Our watches are a modern twist on time honored, simple Scandinavian design.
Material: Swiss ronda movement, Sapphire glass, 316L all stainless steel, Italian leather strap.
Colours: gold/white, gold/dark grey, silver/steel, silver/light grey and black/white
Dimension: 38mm
Price: $140 - $225

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Valley bathroom sink


Valley is a ceramic bathroom sink designed for the Italian company Hatria.
The concept behind this project was born taking the standard material shaping idea upside down. Ceramics are seen more as a moldable surface, while in this case it is more a shaped solid everything following its function in a gentle way.
An evident contrast beetween the body geometry and the organic of the basin which receives the water like a excavated rock.

Designer: Mario Alessiani (Italy)
Manufacturer: Hatria (Italy)
Inspired By: .
Material: Ceramic
Colours: White, black and on request
Dimension: 60 x 40 x 17,5 cm
Price: on request

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Say hello to Urb


Our love of natural materials and great design created the Urb. Not only is Urb a magnetic key rack but also a beautiful handcrafted planter.
We believe that by reimagining the most ordinary, everyday product in new ways, we can create treasured spaces to enhance your environment. Say goodbye to stress. Say goodbye to clutter. Say hello to Urb.

The Urb family launches on Kickstarter March 13th!

Designer: Diane Decocq (United States)
Manufacturer: Good to the Grain (United States)
Inspired By: Diane DeCocq
Material: Hardwood
Dimension: 3
Price: $25 - $69 US

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Writers Block - The Coffee Table via #kickstarter


The Writers Block coffee table via kickstarter takes on the playful guise of a giant scrunched up ball of paper, handmade in Paris. It's a unique blend of form and materials that captures the ups and downs of the creative process. The geometry of crumpled paper is so inherently strong and complex it has physicists and supercomputers baffled. Writers Block enhances this form using a combination of finishes and bio-resins, capped off with toughened glass.

Designer: Dash Lucky (France)
Manufacturer: Dash Lucky (France)
Inspired By: the Creative Process
Material: Recycled paper, bio-resins, toughened glass

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Matte Reflective Sunglasses via #Kickstarter


Introducing Mariener, named after Marien who started the brand in 2012. It all started like so many other businesses. The lack of cheaper alternatives. Now with this kickstarter we need your help to introduce a revolutionary new lens treatment technology that makes the lenses matte reflective from the outside, but completely clear from the inside.

Designer: Mariener Eyewear (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Mariener Eyewear (Netherlands)

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