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product|added Jun 29, 2014 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  11745 votes



an array of modular interchangeable sensors that via bluetooth communicate with your smartphone and collect data in a cloud based network. Air quality, temperature, Uv index and many other parameter can be monitored and shared by user very easily thanks to a dedicated app.
You can bring sensblok always with you and understand better the environment that surrounds you or your beloved. Now on IndieGoGo

Designer: givingshape (Italy)
Manufacturer: Sensaris (France)
Inspired By: phonebloks
Material: abs
Colours: many
Dimension: 65x65x12

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product|added Jun 27, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  12361 votes

New Concrete Cabinet Knobs


Every couple months, Kast Concrete Knobs releases new hardware designs, inspired by both the classic and the up-and-coming. This month's knob release is the posterboy of this style ideology.
Three new cabinet and drawer knobs adopt every era: the voluptuous feminine, the art deco revival, and the geometric infusion.
Take notes and stay tuned. Kast Concrete Knobs is expanding, introducing styles the market has never seen before.

Designer: Grey Hensey (United States)
Manufacturer: Kast Concrete Knobs (United States)
Material: Concrete
Colours: Light Grey
Price: 15.97 per Pair

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product|added Jun 26, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  10746 votes

Honest Tradition Collection


NEVOA is a brand dedicated to the design of interior products that suggest a new vision of the fusion between contemporary design and craftsmanship. Having focus on traditional methods, greatest care and highest quality materials, NEVOA design emphasize the union of woodworking techniques with the art of handmade silkscreen. The first colletion, Honest Tradition, is inspired on the patterns of Portuguese tiles.

Be Honest, Choose Tradition.

Designer: Mariana Morgado (Portugal)
Inspired By: Portuguese Tiles and Silkscreen Techniques

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product|added Jun 26, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  11380 votes



FLÖHR-a new material for furniture- and interior design

Designer: christian reder (Germany)
Manufacturer: christian reder (Germany)
Inspired By: nature
Material: giant knotweed,wood flour,wood glue,steel
Colours: nature-orange

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product|added Jun 25, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  12067 votes



Bottle Cooler made of concrete. Handge-Pack chills your beer bottles down and keep them in a stylish transport box made of pure hand casted Portland Concrete. Just put the cooler for 90 min. in the fridge and stuff it whith your favorite cans or bottles.

Designer: Sven Frankl (Germany)
Manufacturer: Ambientshop.com (Germany)
Material: concrete
Colours: pale grey
Dimension: L 28,5 x W 19 cm x H 15 cm
Price: 129

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product|added Jun 25, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  12048 votes

Plank Table


The Plank has a large reused pine plank tabletop on powder coated steel zigzag legs. Perfect as a dining table or a large desk. Made in Britain.

Designer: Jo Wilton & Mirka Grohn (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: &New (United Kingdom)
Material: Reused pine plank top and powder coated steel legs
Colours: Legs come in orange, turquoise, pale grey and lacquered steel
Dimension: 183cm by 76cm
Price: £670

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product|added Jun 25, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  10533 votes

Inspired By Architecture


Inspired By Architecture is a jewellery brand representing architect made conceptual jewellery. The products are characterized by their urban minimalist style and how they communicate stories and symbolism.

All items are utilizing 3D printing.
Buy it here:


Designed by multi award-winning Danish architect Michael C. Poulsen.

IBA10 - Crossroads
IBA7 - 9/11 memorial ring
IBA2 - Opera
IBA4 - A Room With A View
IBA9 - Curiosity

Designer: Michael C. Poulsen (Denmark)
Manufacturer: Shapeways (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Architecture
Material: 14K gold, premium silver, gold plated brass, polished brass, raw bronze and matte black steel
Colours: 14K gold, premium silver, gold plated brass, polished brass, raw bronze and matte black steel
Dimension: US6-US8.5 standard ring sizes
Price: Starting from $40

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product|added Jun 24, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  5179 votes

Lounge table


The lounge table is made from a single steel panel and is coated in two colors.
It is available in different sizes and colors and made in Germany


Zweisatztisch aus Stahlblech, 2-farbig.
Erhältlich in verschiedenen Größen.
Fertigung und Preis auf Anfrage!
Made in Germany

Designer: didid | Produktdesign | Bastian Diephaus (Germany)
Material: Steel

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product|added Jun 24, 2014 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  5548 votes

inKastro ring


Minimal stacking-design with a twist. The inKastro ring consists of three elements (1x 925 silver, 2x fine polyamide), which are connected to each other by there geometric architecture. And it`s this particular finely designed combination of elements, which is the main eyecatcher of this beautiful design.

Designer: Dario Scapitta Design (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: STILNEST.COM (Germany)
Inspired By: Geometry
Material: Nylon, Sterling silver
Colours: Black, Grey, silver
Price: 105.00

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product|added Jun 24, 2014 0 rating 3 / 5  |  5689 votes

bikepot : urban planter + bikestand combo


bikepot combines urban green with urban mobility.
The frost-proof xxl planter holds up to 6 bicycles.
bikepot kombiniert die großstädtischen Trends "urbanes Grün" und "urbane mobilität"
Der ca. 94cm hohe Pflanzbehälter aus robustem frostsicheren PE hält bis zu 6 Fahrräder. Diese können an den integrierten Metallösen sicher angekettet werden. Ideal für öffentliche Plätze, Hotels...

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: objektbereich
Inspired By: urban green, urban mobility
Material: PE
Colours: anthracite, green, red, orange...
Dimension: Height: approx. 950mm

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