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PixBowl is a colourful handmade pottery bowl you can use to drink milk or for any use you prefer.PixBowl borns from the idea of an unfinished ceramic piece, a bowl “underconstruction”.
You can see the typical "squares" of pixels in a half of the bowl.

PixBowl is available in different colours: White (Matte or Polished finished), Turquoise, Yellow, Orange, Green.

Designer: Cristian Sporzon (Italy)
Manufacturer: (Italy)
Material: Pottery
Colours: White, Tuquoise, Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink
Dimension: 12 cm (diameter), 5,5 cm (height)
Price: 22,00 Euro

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Penrose: patterns and poetry in Maison 203s new collection


Penrose is the new Maison 203’s 3D printed collection of contemporary jewellery designed by Omri Revesz. Inspired by the famous Penrose geometric tiling, consisting of two diamonds of different sizes, the new line of accessories features a vibrant pattern that effortlessly combines mathematics with poetry.

Designer: Omri Revesz (Israel)
Manufacturer: Maison 203 (Italy)
Inspired By: Penrose tiling
Material: sintered nylon
Colours: black, midnight blue, jungle green, blood red, clay, mustard

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Faustbook is a series of new pop-digital book covers illustrating 13 classic books of German-language literature, made for Goethe Institute Bucharest. All 13 covers have been produced as book objects.
All the hi-res pictures (photo credits: Vlad Dudum)

Designer: Julien Britnic (Romania)
Manufacturer: Goethe Institut Bukarest (Romania)
Inspired By: Digital, social media, pop culture
Material: Print

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For ODESI I designed LEAN. A archetypal woorden dining chair upholstered in luxury Kvadrat fabrics.

Designer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Odesi (Netherlands)
Material: oak, kvadrat fabrics
Colours: three shades of grey
Dimension: Length: 53 cm width: 55 cm Height: 83 cm Seat height: 48 cm Armrest height: 67 cm
Price: 365,-

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2016 DHL Innovation Challenge


Fair & Responsible Logistics – Creating Sustainable Logistics Solutions for the World of Tomorrow.

DHL’s Innovation Center has just launched their 2016 Innovation Challenge on Fair & Responsible Logistics. We would like to encourage you to participate by submitting your ideas! The winner will receive 5,000 euros and finalists will have the chance to pitch their concept at the DHL Innovation Day in Germany in front of 180+ senior supply chain professionals and thought leaders.

You can submit your ideas and concepts from now until September 28th, 2016.


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LOCK bamboo coffee table


designed out of the qualities, possibilities and characteristics of its highly sustainable material: BAMBOO. The frame is build up from layers of flexible bamboo. The layers are pressed together. The shape is formed by the bamboo's natural bending curve. The layers of bamboo curve through each other and entwine, locking each other in place. For the layered frame: two different color-tones are used: natural and caramel bamboo. This “layer cake”enhances the curves and shape of the table.

Designer: J.P.Meulendijks (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Plankton (Netherlands)
Inspired By: the qualities, possibilities and characteristics of Bamboo
Material: bamboo, glass
Colours: caramel, naturel bamboo
Dimension: length: 70 cm. width : 70 cm. Height: 50 cm. Diameter: 80 cm.
Price: 1229 Euro exc. VAT/ BTW

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Plume is the first edition in a series of printed scarves created by San Francisco-based graphic and surface designer, Melissa Crowley. Decorated in dreamy hues and plant-inspired detail, the scarves are printed on luxuriously soft silk and come in two styles; a traditional 35” square with rolled hem and a long, narrow double-faced Twilly.

Designer: Melissa Crowley (United States)
Material: 100% Silk
Colours: blushy pinks, serene blues

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CUT the festival trophy - Le Court en dit long


Short films, as their name would suggest, are characterized by their length. The trophy for « Le Court en dit long » is inspired by the forty-minute time constraint that’s given to the Festival’s featured films. The object’s form utilizes a 240° cut, making reference to the positioning of a clock's hands at forty minutes past the hour.

Status : limited edition by CWB Paris - WBI (6 pieces + 1 AP)
Photos : © Stéphanie Derouaux

Designer: Quentin de Coster (Belgium)
Material: red anodized aluminum
Dimension: W4,5 x H20 cm

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Napkin Holders designed for Design Within Reach


These are napkin rings designed for Design Within Reach. They would not be misplaced or shoved into a drawer, but a modern table top item, and a conversation piece for any meal. It can become multi-functional; ceramic tiles may be used in place of the colors to become a hotplate, and the colors can be changed seasonally. The wood inlay rare earth magnets hold the napkin holders together, making it easy to stack and pull apart. The piece can lay flat or stand upright.

Designer: Maggie Laylon Saunders (United States)
Manufacturer: Maggie Laylon Saunders (United States)
Inspired By: Eames and Design Within Reach
Material: Mahogany and Acrylic Paint
Colours: assorted
Dimension: 9''x6''
Price: $110.00

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The Worlds first vegan wooden sneakers


The World’s first vegan wooden sneakers by nat-2™
The 100% vegan, unisex sneaker’s uppers are made from real sustainable wood, which covers up to 90% of the shoe’s surface, depending on each style.
The wood is vector engraved. The feel is very smooth and soft, while you can
smell the wood and see the tree’s natural texture. The sustainable material is FSC certified ®. Made in Italy. Types of wood used are ash, birch, maple, tulip tree, walnut, cherry, elm and beech.

Designer: sebastian thies (Germany)
Manufacturer: nat-2 (Germany)
Inspired By: nature
Material: wood
Colours: black navy
Dimension: 35 x 12 x 10
Price: 350

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