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Club Monsieur MMXVII



Designer: Max Jungblut (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Atelier Jungblut (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Nature & comfort
Material: Re-used pine Wood & Rasin
Colours: Natural
Dimension: HEIGHT: 88CM WIDTH: 74CM DEPTH: 88CM
Price: 27.000 euro

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world’s first restickable, collapsible picture frame that won’t damage your walls. Flikframe is designed to allow renters to decorate their home or apartment without the risk of losing their bond. Also perfect for any home-owners who don't like to put holes in their walls.

Inspired by modern smartphone packaging, Flikframe achieves a sleek look and perfect 90-degree exterior edges. Coated with a water-repellent satin finish, Flikframe is light, sturdy, and incredibly thin: only 0.6cm when flat packed.

Flikframe is currently available on Kickstarter

Designer: Jolene Chang (Australia)
Material: 100% recycled boxboard, rare earth magnets, acrylic
Colours: Black & White
Price: From US$8.75

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Ankara armchair by David Fox for Designchairsofa


Ankara is a family of products incuding arm / side / lounge chair and Sofa. Produced from solid oak with upholstery.

Designer: David fox (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Designchairsofa (Turkey)
Inspired By: Ankara

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PASSAGEN - Interior Design Week Köln 2018

passagen cologne 2017

An exhibition event focusing on current trends in design – particularly interior design. The exhibitors are international manufacturers, furniture stores, initiatives, galleries, showrooms, networks, design offices, institutes and universities.more information here at facebook

In 2018, the design festival PASSAGEN will take place for the 29th time. Founded and organized by Office Sabine Voggenreiter as a forum, particularly for designers and manufacturers, and as a trend show of top-notch international interior design, PASSAGEN has grown steadily over the past years.  In addition to furniture, the program is shaped by accessories, lighting and a festival structure of openings and special events which focus on and provide a discussion forum for new interior-design themes. Visitors meander through the salons, furniture stores, showrooms and galleries which are primarily located in Cologne’s inner-city. Here’s where the design-interested public, the pros, the press, and the entire international design scene mingle.


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imm cologne 2018 #imm18


The imm cologne is the first interiors show of the year presents the trends that will be shaping the furniture and interiors sector – and the products that are good for business. At the imm cologne, you will find a unique variety of interior design ideas for every room, every style and every requirement – from the basics all the way to designer items and luxury furnishings. here at instagram here at twitter here at facebook


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Generative Jewelry


Inspired by nature, designed by algorithms, crafted by 3D printing. Our bespoke pieces of generative jewelry are one of a kind and only possible due to current technological advancements. Are you looking for something unique and different? Visit our Shop at Shapeways and see for yourself. 

Designer: Manuel Kretzer (Germany)
Manufacturer: Shapeways
Inspired By: Nature
Material: various (plastic, metal, ...)
Colours: any
Dimension: finger ring size
Price: starting from 8

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SELECTION - Germany's Finest Agencies 2017/2018


The 10th issue of »SELECTION – Germany’s Finest Agencies« has been released and features again numerous self-representations of well-chosen agencies and studios from advertising, design and digital media. This time on 240 pages. More details

Designer: Norman Beckmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: NBVD (Germany)
Material: Hardcover with soft-touch-foil, coated paper
Colours: Pantone 810 (neon orange), Pantone 294 (blue)
Dimension: 240 pages
Price: 29,90 Euro

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#tetrasoap A Soap Revolution


Soap – the humble, everyday household product with a history dating back to 2800 BC – may have changed in ingredients, shapes and scents over the past 5000 years, but one feature that’s never been fixed? It’s slippery nature.

TETRA SOAP is here to change that. Slow-made using a cold process production method, each handmade soap is individually cast in a unique Tetrapod-shaped mold which makes it 100% slip-free.
It’s a soap revolution!

Designer: Mike Mak (Hong Kong)
Manufacturer: FURNITURY (Hong Kong)
Inspired By: Tetrapods
Material: Extra Virgin Olive Oil base cold-process soap
Colours: Concrete Grey
Dimension: 76 x 84 x 70 mm
Price: 15 USD

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Sabien chairs by David Fox for Parladesign


Sabien is Designed by David Fox for Parla Design. Aimed at the hotel and hospitality markets. Its a cute yet comfortable collection produced from solid wood foam and fabric. Design registration 004513737-0001 / 004513737-0002 / 004513737-0003

Designer: David fox (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Parla Design
Inspired By: quitls
Material: Wood and upholstery

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Macrocosmos by Alessandro zambelli


Fantasy creatures, born of alchemy, a genuine and overt tribute to the world of science fiction: it's Macrocosmos collection, the first line of furniture accessories that marks the official launch of Alessandro Zambelli Edizioni. Macrocosmos is a collection of vases and receptacles, conceived as little presences within the household. The result is pop art: an ironic and playful Macrocosm, at home in distant galaxies.

Designer: Alessandro Zambelli (Italy)
Manufacturer: Alessandro Zambelli Edizioni (Italy)
Inspired By: science fiction
Material: Printed in 3D by fusion deposition modelling, plus brass
Dimension: different dimensions
Price: on request

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