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Hermez Ottoman Large Arlequin Hide


The sublimely elegant Hermez knocks all other ottomans out of the park! The Hermez comes in two matching sizes flat packed and super easy to assemble! The largest is an opulent 60cm diameter round ottoman and the smaller is a 40cm diameter. Both feature with long tapered polished pine legs.

Designed to be bought together but can also be purchased separately. Made in Australia from our sell-out Arlequin hides!

Designer: Art Hide (Australia)
Manufacturer: Art Hide (Australia)
Material: Cowhide rug
Colours: Grey Base/Gold,Grey Base/Silver,Cream Base/GoldCreamBase/Silver
Dimension: 60cm diameter round ottoman and the smaller is a 40cm diameter

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Complément d'objet direct


COD Furniture is a French editor of designed furnitures. The first collection of the brand comes out late 2015. It is composed of 6 furnitures, with its inspiration rooted in the Scandinavian design of the 1950s.

While designing our collection, key words chosen were simplicity, solidity and elegance. You can choose colors from a wide range as well as the wood to be used, oak or walnut.

Designer: Mathieu Fort (France)
Inspired By: Scandinavian design of the 50'
Colours: various colors (orange, yellow, petrol, red, green...)
Price: from 690 < 1990

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The Abric Collection is inspired by the cover, a classic reflecting the company’s universe synonymous with warmth and relaxation. The ulpholstery and cushions envelop the sofa structure while horizontal seams and rounded oak legs convey simplicity and comfort to the whole piece. Abric is available in 1, 2 and 3-seater versions. A chaise longue and pouf are also available in this collection."

Designer: Silvia Ceñal (Spain)
Manufacturer: BOSC (France)

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HEXADROP - pendant light by hopkk


HEXA - series pendant lights are designed by designer Ho P.K. Kenneth (hopkk).
hexadrop – is the second design in the "honeycomb" series lights. This water droplet makes your room more warm and comfortable feeling.

Designer: Ho Po Kwok, Kenneth (Hong Kong)
Manufacturer: hopkk (Hong Kong)
Material: Polypropylene, PMMA
Colours: White
Dimension: 280 mm (D) x 320 mm (H)
Price: $700.00 HKD

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Werksdesign introduces first smart walking aid with app


The Berlin-based design office Werksdesign has developed a solution as a design concept study, the "e-crutch". This smart walking aid is particularly ergonomic, there are no pressure points and the use is very comfortable thanks to a special patented suspension.
Through its app the innovative device will be particularly efficient and smart. With this data the patient can adjust his use of the walking aid for optimal rehabilitation. The recovery time is shortened, the healing is more successful.

Designer: Eric Hinz, Emese Papp (Germany)
Manufacturer: Study (Germany)
Material: Hight Tech plastics

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Moai Building


Easter Island has almost been erased from history as it has no clear documentation of its past. Mysterious Moai statues are the only evidence of civilization. I gained a similar impression of Samjeon-dong, Seoul. Modern Moai at Samjeon-dong began with the consideration of a symbiotic structure for a city, including housing created by stacking commercial facilities and residential units on the everyday cultural ground.

Designer: L'eau Design (Korea, South)

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Duga Coffee Table


Our aim to change ordinary coffee table form with some little design touches like bending and twisting movements. So we have made all curvy minimalist asymmetrical form and extraordinary effect.

Designer: Nuvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Nuvist, Ltd. (Turkey)
Dimension: 55x55x65 cm

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Boris / magazine & book rack


Boris is a freestanding magazine & book rack that offers a practical and fun way to organize your casual reading, wherever you need it. The cat-inspired structure is made of 6 mm powder coated metal rod produced in Italy.

Designer: Libero Rutilo & Ekaterina Shchetina (Italy)
Manufacturer: DesignLibero (Italy)
Inspired By: Cat
Material: powder coated metal rod
Colours: Orange
Price: 50 - 70

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Transit chair


Chair with low back (ONE) or high back (TWO).
Transit is an armchair with real character, where the focus is on the optimal interaction between form and comfort. And designer Roderick Vos has managed to do that in a very subtle way. With sleek lines and a seat that looks almost as if it’s floating, thanks to the sophisticated feet made of curved tube material.

With PODE all products are made to order.

Designer: Roderick Vos (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: PODE (Netherlands)
Material: Leather / Fabric (PODE collection)
Colours: All colors (PODE Collection)
Dimension: Available as chair
Price: from EUR 1295 (Transit in fabric, low back)

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Vines chair 3d print



Cast chair from a 3D print

Designer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Manufacturer: Peter Donders (Belgium)
Inspired By: Vines, nature
Material: Aluminum, Bronze, Aluminum Painted
Colours: Aluminum chair also in different colours (Painted)
Dimension: 535mm x 665mm x H 813mm Aluminum +/- 19kg Bronze +/- 58 kg
Price: on request

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