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Penrose: patterns and poetry in Maison 203s new collection


Penrose is the new Maison 203’s 3D printed collection of contemporary jewellery designed by Omri Revesz. Inspired by the famous Penrose geometric tiling, consisting of two diamonds of different sizes, the new line of accessories features a vibrant pattern that effortlessly combines mathematics with poetry.

Designer: Omri Revesz (Israel)
Manufacturer: Maison 203 (Italy)
Inspired By: Penrose tiling
Material: sintered nylon
Colours: black, midnight blue, jungle green, blood red, clay, mustard

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Faustbook is a series of new pop-digital book covers illustrating 13 classic books of German-language literature, made for Goethe Institute Bucharest. All 13 covers have been produced as book objects.
All the hi-res pictures (photo credits: Vlad Dudum)

Designer: Julien Britnic (Romania)
Manufacturer: Goethe Institut Bukarest (Romania)
Inspired By: Digital, social media, pop culture
Material: Print

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For ODESI I designed LEAN. A archetypal woorden dining chair upholstered in luxury Kvadrat fabrics.

Designer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Odesi (Netherlands)
Material: oak, kvadrat fabrics
Colours: three shades of grey
Dimension: Length: 53 cm width: 55 cm Height: 83 cm Seat height: 48 cm Armrest height: 67 cm
Price: 365,-

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