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Wood Wall Hooks


Introducing hardwood wall hook or set of hooks by Utology. Available in either ash, scorched ash or oak, a simple, unfussy design for a practical product, which look beautiful on the wall with nothing on them.

Designer: Utology (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Utology (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: Scandinavian design
Material: Ash or Oak
Dimension: 120mm x 30mm x 30mm
Price: £10 single hook or £26 set of 3

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Digital Nature by Karim Rashid


exposition at the 2016 Venice Design Biennale in Venice Italy.

Design by the international Designer Karim Rashid, Digital Print HPL Laminate by Abet Laminati. furniture by De Rosso Srl

Designer: Karim Rashid
Manufacturer: De Rosso Srl, Abet Laminati (Italy)
Inspired By: Karim Rashid
Material: HPL Laminate by Abet Laminati
Colours: blue, pink, purple

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CTRLZAK studio reflect on animal extinction with Fendo mirrors


Fendo takes the form of two sculptural objects that replicate the shape of the animals’ heads and horns, while a mirror is placed where the animal’s face would originally be.

The humans complete the work with their own faces creating thus a new creature which is at the same time the hunter and the hunted.
‘Fendo’ are hybrid objects that reflect our past and give a glimpse to our future when we will inevitably become the victims of our own actions.

Designer: CTRLZAK Studio (Italy)
Manufacturer: Mogg (Italy)

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High-end design lightweight bike, that folds with one button

Designer: Frederic Boonen, Steven Kaelen (Belgium)
Manufacturer: PLOOI (Belgium)
Inspired By: Tube-2-tube design
Material: Carbon, Aluminium, INOX
Price: 2990 EURO

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Snapper box. its click and... snap.


A snapper box is a box is a box is a box… and so much more. It’s snap and easy as child’s play, but it is also seriously tough and solid. You can stack a whole collection of snapper boxes and simply go without any other furniture. Snapper fits into your favorite shelving systems and also is on very good terms with its friends from Sweden. The snapper box is 100% recyclable, but it is so very indestructible and easy to handle that recycling won’t be an option. Video

Designer: Stefan Koitzsch (Germany)
Manufacturer: SNAPPER - Stefan Koitzsch (Germany)
Material: HDF (high-density fiberboard)
Colours: white and nature
Dimension: 33 x 32 x 38.5 cm
Price: nature 16,95 - white 19,95

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Duralex Glasses @ designerbox


A famous glass, the “Picardie” was used as a “glass” field by talented designer who played on it reinterpreting its famous shape under many guises. In turn a lamp, an egg cup, a pencil sharpener…the glass is transformed over and over again to become 70 different accessories.

Designer: Duralex / 5.5 designstudio (France)
Manufacturer: IPC / Designerbox
Material: glass

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