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Audiovase @ Kickstarter


The Audiovase™ by Shuffle Three™ rethinks the music-listening experience and questions what users really want in an audio accessory. Until now the assumption was that listening to electronic devices required other electronic devices such as headphones or Bluetooth speakers to make the listening experience enjoyable but the Audiovase™ challenges that assumption by providing a simple, intuitive solution that uses form and surface geometry to reflect and amplify sound emitted by the device itself.

Designer: Joseph Morin (United States)
Inspired By: flower vases and brass musical intruments
Material: plastic, poly carbonate, matte chrome plating, silicone
Colours: White with gray and purple trim, black with purple trim
Dimension: 102 mm x 159 mm x 127 mm
Price: $30.00 USD

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Le Reflet by Sven Hulsbergen Henning


Merging technology with craftsmanship and classic rules of composition with organic patterns, a dialogue is created between the artificial and the natural.
Using a laser cutter as a 3D-printer the table is constructed from layers of laser cut mahogany and stainless steel fittings. The table-top is inlaid with transparent acrylic tiles.

Designer: Sven Hulsbergen Henning (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: HenningMade (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Relation between the artificial and the natural
Material: Mahogany, acrylic, stainless steel
Colours: Mahogany, stainless steel
Dimension: 192x96x76cm
Price: On request

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Moss Clock


An entirely hand made clock which contains real reindeer moss. The frame of the clock is entirely handmade of Baltic birch plywood.

Designer: Paul Noktuku
Inspired By: Nature
Material: moss, wood
Dimension: diameter - 46 cm / 18 inches

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