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RUBBER CATS / 3D printed rubber - like pendants


The rubber-like pendants are miniatures of our iconic lamp shade designs. The small wireframe models are produced in Belgium by using a selective laser sintering method. The chain is a synthetic string. The customers are invited to thread the chain through the wireframe model however they like – DIY. Specially for this kick-off sale we are proud to present you also a Special Edition designed by Kati Jerabek and filled with selected faceted stones .

Designer: mostlikely, Maik Perfahl, Wolfgang List (Austria)
Manufacturer: mostlikely (Austria)
Material: 3D printed rubber-like material
Colours: black
Dimension: 19mm - 27mm
Price: 30-75 Euro

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Lunch Dining Chair


Premium 5-axis CNC-carved dining chair.

Designer: Nicholas Dunkel (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: - (Portugal)
Inspired By: bay-area boats
Material: birch
Colours: light wood
Dimension: W:484mm L:515mm H:757mm
Price: CHF 900

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HOOP chair by Karim Rashid


The HOOP chair features a comfortable,wraparound, fire-retardant structural polyurethane shell. Two different types of structure:minimalist metal tubing or solid wood. Alsa available in version suitable for outdoor use.

Designer: Karim Rashid (Canada)
Manufacturer: B-LINE S.r.l. (Italy)
Material: structural polyurethane with metal tubing or solid wood legs
Colours: white, black, dove grey, blue
Dimension: 54x61x79
Price: from 298,00

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KORA marble bathtub by kreoo


Kora is an elegant ellipsoidal marble bathtub by kreoo that evokes the ancient Tibetan bells.
It is cut from one single solid block, carved with a meticulous and fine technique and rests on an iron tripod that supports its volume, giving stability and elegance.

Designer: Enzo Berti (Italy)
Manufacturer: Kreoo (Italy)
Inspired By: Tibetan bells
Material: Marble
Colours: Many on request, Bianco Estremoz in the images
Dimension: 170 cm x 84cm, h 64 cm
Price: To be definied

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The exhibition in Ventura Lambrate will present the decoding of the creative process through the work of students enrolled in the Degree in Design, the Degree in Engineering in Industrial Design, and the Master’s Degree in Product Design and Development at ELISAVA. Twelve of the best final projects have been gathered together to show the hidden connections between emotions, territory, objects, people, time and technology.

Designer: ELISAVA (Spain)
Manufacturer: ELISAVA (Spain)

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Table Landscapes


Table Landscapes redefine a flat surface and provide a podium to showcase valuable objects.

Designer: Lotte Douwes (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Studio Lotte Douwes (Netherlands)
Inspired By: dividing space and create dynamism in interior
Material: HI-MACS, natural acrylic stone
Colours: pink, white, blue, grey
Dimension: Plateau 1: 29x29x16 Plateau 2: 39x19,5x9,5 Plateau 3: 35x25x2 Plateau 4: 120x17,5x5
Price: set: 2200,- euro

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Mendel Chair


The MENDEL chair is designed for multi-purpose indoor seating, conference rooms and adaptable public areas. It has been certified for use in public areas with the highest load, such as universities or cultural institutions.The flexibility of the chair is equalled by few on the market today. The variant with a wooden construction, arm rests, and the ability to be both stacked and connected in rows is truly an exceptionally flexible product.

Designer: Vladimír Ambroz (Czech Republic)
Manufacturer: A.M.O.S. DESIGN (Czech Republic)
Material: solid wood
Colours: beech, oak, and can be stained in different hues
Dimension: 600x620x800/900

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Nibby Coat Rack


Nibby Coat Rack is the perfect coat rack for your hallway. Made from natural Birch Ply it allows you to hang your jackets, scalves, umbrellas etc and even has space for your keys and small items you keep in your pockets.

Material - Hand Painted Birch Ply - White, Grey, Teal
Design: David Cathro

Designer: David Cathro (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: David Cathro (United Kingdom)
Material: Birch Plywood, Hand Painted
Colours: White, Grey, Teal
Dimension: L - 98cm, W - 14cm, H - 9cm
Price: 89.99

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Analogue @ Meet My Project #mdw16


Karim Mekhtigian launches his latest brand Analogue at Meet My Project 2016 in Milan. Analogue is an Egyptian brand that finds its inspiration in “everyday products”, mixing design and social grammars into one conversation, the preservation of ancient craftsmanship. The collection 29Cu merges an array of contemporary product designs using the historically coded hands of artisans in shantytowns.
Tuesday April 12- Sunday April 17 11am- 8pm
Via Gorani 6
20123 MILAN

Designer: Karim Mekhtigian (Egypt)

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ROOTS side table


ROOTS is a special oak side table. He firmly stands on its stylized roots waiting for you. I try to capture nature in my own idiom of angles and proper proportions.

Length: 39 cm
Width: 39 cm
Height: 45 cm

Designer: Gerard de Hoop (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Odesi (Netherlands)
Inspired By: roots
Material: European oak with high quality wood oil finish
Colours: mist
Dimension: Length: 39 cm Width: 39 cm Height: 45 cm
Price: 239,-

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