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NENDO - 50 manga chairs @ Milan Design Fair

Nendo will present “50 manga chairs” a new installation for Friedman Benda during Milan Design Fair 2016 Manga is a means of expression with a high degree of flatness and abstraction, and which is composed of a series of lines.
We could say that manga comics are deeply rooted in Japanese culture, since they can be traced back to Ukiyoe prints developed during the Edo period (1603-1868 A.D.).
This installation of 50 manga chairs is the result of adapting the strong symbolic nature of manga comics to furniture design.
Manga consist of a series of frames on a single sheet of paper that creates a sequence. Similarly, 50 standard chairs are lined up in a grid, each one conjures up a sense of story, and each with a design element from manga. For example, a “speech bubble” or “effect line” are added to visualize sound or action. Or emotional symbols from manga, like “sweat” or “tears”, are formed so that a sense of story and character can be felt.
With the abstraction of manga comics in mind, physical aspects such as colour and texture are intentionally avoided as much as possible.
Instead, a complete mirror finish is opted for, which generates new spatial layers as the mirror surface reflects the real world, just like manga does. Photo by Kenichi Sonehara


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Floating Hotel with Catamaran-Apartments


The project which is developed by Salt & Water design studio with the aim to promote tourism on inland waters won Millennium Yacht Design Award. The floating hotel would be a perfect solution for tourism without any violation of the natural harmony of the place itself.

Designer: Salt&Water Design Studio (Serbia)

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groamg modular lamp


A new fully modular led lamp definable in length, width, intensity and color of light source of each individual element.

Designer: Bruno Anselmo (Italy)
Manufacturer: gromag (Italy)
Inspired By: Bruno Anselmo
Material: policarbonate plexiglass
Colours: transparent
Dimension: 50 cm
Price: from 200

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MoodPoem - limited and exclusive wall-light


MoodPoem is a limited and exclusive wall-light that combines art, light and design into a poetic unity. Through an innovative optical light principle, combining additive and subtractive light mixture, MoodPoem creates color environments and a new experience of light.

Designer: Fabian Gatermann (Germany)
Manufacturer: MoodPoem (Germany)
Inspired By: art installation Fabian Gatermann
Material: Glass, Aluminium, LED, TouchPad, MoodPoem App 230V.
Colours: black, white, Aluminium
Dimension: 50 Inch diameter | 106cm to 73,5cm | 35mm depth
Price: starting from 3445,38

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Opera table lamp @ Light + Building #lb16


Pendant, foor or table lamp, characterized by an essental yet scenographic "cage" structure made of irregular iron rhombi arranged radially, so that they create a sort of crushed sphere.
Inside, for light difusion, there is a blown crystal transparent cylinder with a band covering the light source in copper leaf (combined with the external polished copper structure) or in silver leaf (combined with the black chrome structure).

Designer: Federica Suman (Italy)
Manufacturer: 929Milano (Italy)

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CLOOD, the best friend of soaps


A soap bed could prevent your soaps from soaking and deforming, and increase the durability of soaps. here at kickstarter

Designer: Jake (Taiwan)
Manufacturer: (Taiwan)
Inspired By: erythrocytes
Material: Silicone
Colours: White
Dimension: 100mm x 40mm
Price: 19 Fr

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The Ark


The Ark contains 6 endangered Australian animals for you to build, display and educate your friends and family. Just cut, score, fold and paste to bring your local fauna to life.

Kit includes : Orange-Bellied Parrot, Hawksbill Turtle, Great Hammerhead Shark, Northern Quoll, Southern Corroboree Frog and the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo.

Made from sustainably sourced materials.

Designer: Eggpicnic (Australia)
Manufacturer: La Mano Ediciones (Chile)
Price: AUD$60

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EndemicSeries Field Notebooks


Limited edition Field Notebooks in collaboration with Santiago-Chile based La Mano Ediciones. Featuring 50 hand numbered Southern Corroboree Frogs, our critically endangered Australian fauna.
15.5cm x 10cm, 80 acid free blank pages, Off-white, 80gsm.
Made with FSC-Certified and recycled paper.

Designer: Eggpicnic (Australia)
Manufacturer: La Mano Ediciones (Chile)
Price: AUD$25

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Mini Light Cannon


Mini light Cannon. A table lamp that is inspired by medieval period fire cannon. Less violent and more joyful in any space.

Designer: Saihol Yuen (Netherlands)
Manufacturer: Saihol Yuen (Netherlands)
Inspired By: Medieval fire cannon
Material: MDF, Rubber rings
Colours: light brown
Dimension: 27x21x27
Price: 79 incl. Vat

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Sputnik MK3 Side table


Taking liberal inspiration from both the iconic Russian satellite and the fantastical works of HG Wells, Sputnik MK3 side tables by Atelier Schroeter combine beautifully turned hardwood with ingeniously spun metal rims and feet. Wood/metal versions are available in aluminium, brass and copper in a range of timbers. Colourful painted trims are also available offering huge scope for customisation.

Designer: Patrick Schroeter (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Atelier Schroeter (France)
Inspired By: the space age, HG Wells, science fiction
Material: Aluminium, black walnut, oak and ash
Colours: Black, white, blue, yellow
Dimension: H400 x D400
Price: 435 - 615

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