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Scorpion Lamp


Scorpion is a desk lamp that offers the user huge range of adjustability. The product is lengthened from 30cm to 65cm. It is really easy adjusting it to intended level with the help of ergonomic handle and without a mechanism. Thanks to ball point joint that combines lamp body and base at the bottom, user can turn the lamp 360 degree. The lamp is designed with minimalist and contemporary design approach consists of cast and extruded aluminum parts.

Designer: Hakan Gürsu (Turkey)
Manufacturer: Designnobis (Turkey)

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Roll - hydraulic tile


Roll is a hydraulic tile designed by Dsignio for Harmony-Peronda. It gives you the freedom to play with the space in order to customize and create a multiple variety of compositions.
Its singularity lies in using a single hexagonal piece to get a full different range of patterns by rotating and placing it in different positions.

Designer: DSIGNIO (Spain)
Manufacturer: Harmony-Peronda (Spain)
Material: cement
Colours: diferent colors

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peer vermittelt Disziplin und Tradition in Form und Funktion und orientiert sich durch seine Gradlinigkeit und zeitlose Eleganz am Stil der Moderne. Die Kissen werden in zahlreichen Formen und Maßen angeboten und erlauben Ihnen den eigenen Sitz- oder Liegenkomfort zu bestimmen.
Alle Rücken- und Sitzkissen sind abziehbar.

Designer: ziben (Germany)
Manufacturer: studio ziben (Germany)
Inspired By: klassische Moderne
Material: Esche massiv, Wolle.
Colours: grau
Dimension: H 740 mm, B 2260 mm, T 830 mm
Price: 3.590,- Euro

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This is a Necklace


A jewelry collection that literally defines itself. For example, the pendant on a necklace is comprised of the word "necklace" and its meaning.

Designer: Tal Margalit & Ellia Nattel (Israel)
Manufacturer: Tickette
Inspired By: Dictionary definition, typography
Material: gold plated stainless steel
Colours: gold, silver, black
Price: 48 USD$

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Antilope high stool


Mario Alessiani presents its last product Antilope, designed for the Italian company Offiseria.
Antilope is a flat pack high stool made of a metal structure that support its wooden parts. Every functional part is showen and it is the main sign of its design, highlighted with colors, and becomes at the same time structure and aestethics of the object.
No glue and no joints, it is mounted just with screws. The result is a solid high stool, easy to mount and easy to deliver.

Designer: Mario Alessiani (Italy)
Manufacturer: Offiseria (Italy)
Material: Wood - Metal
Colours: yellow - purple - blue

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