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Chewmate: A Universal Chewing Gum Holder


Keeps gum fresh, secure and by your side at all times.

Designer: Patrick Marini (United States)
Material: Bead blasted and anodized aluminum
Colours: Silver
Dimension: 82 mm H x 25 mm W
Price: $6.99

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Nominate your Design Here - A' Design Award

The A'Design Award and Competition is for designers, innovators and companies that want to highlight themselves to attract the attention of media, publishers and buyers.


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Donut collection


Donut collection: straw stools, chairs and ottoman .
The stuffing with straw by hand with the marsh grass is an ancient art has always been used to cover the seats, an artisan culture that belongs to our country.
The collection Donut keeps alive this art. The plot with the straw is interpreted in a contemporary way, the rope, made of natural fibers, is rolled up on a padded base so that you get a comfortable seat. The structure is made of metal rod bent and powder coated.

Designer: Alessandra Baldereschi (Italy)
Manufacturer: Mogg, (Italy)
Inspired By: ancient traditions, manual skills
Material: metal rod, straw and padding
Colours: metal structure: white, gray and copper
Dimension: from cm. 35 diameter to cm. 50
Price: from euro 350

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Giona, Jumbo and George glass collection


Jonah, Jumbo and George, a collection of hand blown glass.
Jonah, the aquarium, has the name of the Old Testament Prophet who was three days and three nights in the belly of a whale.
Jumbo, the most renowned African elephant captured in Ethiopia in 1869.
It was a gigantic exemplary whose name has become synonym of "big".
And finally George, a rare giant turtle; a tribute to the last one specimen of "Chelonoidis abingdoni" extinct in 2012.

Designer: Alessandra Baldereschi (Italy)
Manufacturer: SKITSCH (Italy)
Inspired By: Each of them is inspired by a story, real or fantastic
Material: hand blow glass
Colours: transparent
Dimension: Giona, h. 23 x l. 43 x p. 21 cm Jumbo, h. 48 x l. 22 x p. 22 cm George, h. 17 x l. 31 x p. 37 cm
Price: from euro 300

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Kanban coffee table


The project’s aim was to capture Hong Kong in a product. The use of steel and concrete mirrors the style of Hong Kong’s historic industrial buildings - former multi-story factories converted into offices and warehouses. The contrasting colors of neutral concrete and charcoal steel give the table a minimalist pictorial quality: they create a chiaroscuro – an effect of contrasting light and shade.

Designer: Andrea Ponti

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Saturn handle GOOD DESIGN 2015


The lever handle Saturn has obtained the “GOOD DESIGN 2015” award in the “Hardware” category. Saturn is a new handle concept.
It is immediately distinguishable from other models for the important measures of its rose. It is composed of two discs: the internal can be customized through laser engraving of a phrase, a logo or a brand. The internal disk of the rose can be easily replaced and purchased individually, thus becoming an
element that can be renewed in time.

Designer: Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera (Italy)
Manufacturer: Manital (Italy)
Material: Forged brass in various finishes and coatings
Dimension: Rose: 180 mm wide and 152 mm high

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Fonda furniture feed


The Fonda feet for all types of furniture comes in a shiny chrome or stainless steel look finish and with measurements of (60 x 80 mm), perfect so they don’t look too excessive. The point of support can be regulated so ensuring the stability of the furniture.

Designer: Viefe design team (Spain)
Manufacturer: Viefe (Spain)
Material: Stainless steel
Colours: Shiny chrome or stainless steel look
Dimension: 60x80 or 60x100 mmm
Price: On request via

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Good Design Award 2015 for Curva chair by Bartoli Design


Curva is a family of office chairs designed by Bartoli Design, awarded with the Chicago Atheaneum's Good Design Award 2015.
The system pays homage to design classics with an easy identifiable product, simple and powerful in its shapes: a continuous, gentle but strained curve in three dimensional space that links the armrest to the base.

Designer: Bartoli Design (Italy)

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Xemex Piccadilly


Xemex Piccadilly “La Minuterie”-Urban design meets Swiss Perfection -The simplicity of the Piccadilly, reduced to its bare essentials, leaves a lasting impression and consistently reflects the design philosophy of the Xemex Swiss Watch brand and its creator Ruedi Külling. One feature of this elegant timepiece is its open dial with a diameter of 42 mm, which grants a maximum effect to the displayed black Minuterie worked out down to the last detail.

Designer: RUEDI KÜLLING (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: Xemex Swiss Watch AG (Switzerland)
Inspired By: Xemex Swiss Watch Design
Material: Stainless steel
Colours: olive-green - alternative in white
Dimension: 42mm
Price: 260 CHF

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Korbständer - container stands


A collection of container stands for craft shop wolle roedel. Designed to present different tools and materials in a versatile and interesting way. the containers are made from leather and cardboard, the stands come in a large or small size. the steel legs which hold the baskets, bring to mind the appearance of knitting needles, which creates a visual connection between the balls of wool within the basket. the effect is a functional product which acts as a quirky sculptural piece as well.

Designer: Michael Sans (Germany)
Manufacturer: Wolle Roedel (Germany)
Material: Leather, cardboard, steel
Colours: black, flourescent orange

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