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Momotombo Lounge Chair


The Momotombo Lounge Chair is handmade from sustainably harvested Rosita Walnut with a hand woven manila cotton seat. Inspired by Danish lounge chairs from the mid century period, this innovative piece combines classic contemporary design with artisanal handcraft techniques. PLEASE NOTE: NICARAGUA IS NOT AVAILABLE UNDER YOUR "DESIGNERS COUNTRY" OR "MANUFACTURERS COUNTRY" DROP DOWN MENUS. THIS ITEM WAS BOTH DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED IN NICARAGUA.

Designer: Abril Zepeda (United States)
Manufacturer: Masaya & Co. (United States)
Inspired By: NIcaragua's Momotombo Volcano, Artisan Handcraft Techniques and Mid Century Modern Design
Material: Manila Cotton and Solid Rosita Walnut
Colours: Burgandy, Blue, Orange Blend
Dimension: H31
Price: $725 USD

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Tres Patas Floor Lamp


The Tres Patas floor lamp brings sophistication and comfort to any space. The large cotton drum shade softly defuses light, creating the perfect atmosphere for reading or relaxing.

Designer: La Diseñoteca (Spain)
Manufacturer: La Diseñoteca (Spain)
Material: European Beech, Iroko, Cotton
Colours: Cotton lampshade in white, grey or chocolate
Dimension: Height 150, Diameter 50

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Mario Alessiani has created Carati, a collection of side tables inspired by the rings diamond joint system, the setting.
Made of wood and iron, the plane is supported by the metal structure that contains the wood surface like a precious stone.
The result is the junction system that becames the main protagonist of the sign that is both functional and iconic.

Designer: Mario Alessiani (Italy)
Manufacturer: . (Italy)
Inspired By: .
Material: Wood - Iron
Colours: Black
Dimension: .
Price: .

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setup - The modular furniture kit


setup: The modular furniture kit

setup was developed by the German Designerfinder ("Designer-Inventor") Michael Hilgers as simple solution for everyday living problems:

2 different sized basic modules with different functions can easily be assembled into dozens of useful and space saving furniture configurations:
You can combine a desk with a shelf or a lighted showcase, just add some bookshelf boxes or even build a back-to-back solution

Designer: Michael Hilgers (Germany)
Manufacturer: Müller Möbelwerkstätten (Germany)

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Kalikon, the mechanical jewel by Maison 203


Kalikon by Maison 203, the new line of jewels designed by Giulio Iacchetti, is inspired by the quick wit of the most ordinary and day-to-day objects. The project is based on a simple yet unexpected mechanism that reveals hidden in¬telligence which, through 3D-print, shapes aesthetics and function, geometry and movement, fashion and mechanics. The collection, made of sintered nylon, is available in powder pink, powder blue, sage green, jungle green, night blue and black.

Designer: Giulio Iacchetti (Italy)
Manufacturer: Maison 203 (Italy)
Inspired By: he quick wit of the most ordinary and day-to-day objects
Material: sintered nylon
Colours: powder pink, powder blue, sage green, jungle green, night blue and black

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Target Murals


Unique round wall art made with the help of our "random generator"software.

Designer: Daniel Schulthess (Switzerland)
Manufacturer: subwave Internet (Switzerland)
Inspired By: Nature's random structures
Material: High quality prints on Aluminium
Colours: random
Dimension: up to 1.5 m
Price: $250 - $900 incl. shipping

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QiProjct - QiShelf


QiShelf for charging your phone

Designer: Jernej Orhini (Slovenia)
Manufacturer: (Slovenia)

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Estante ES10


This shelf is built handmade with 2 elements, a structure made of wood and coloured lacquer cubes. This cubes interrupts and pops out of the structure to create a cantilever effect.
The concept that defines this design is versatility given that it can be personalized and manufacture with different positions and shapes of the cubes depending on the final use.
Also, it can be hung on the wall horizontally so it can be used as a bookshelf or even a bar.

Designer: Felipe Arriagada (Chile)
Manufacturer: 1a10 Design (Chile)
Inspired By: Cantilever buildings
Material: Wood and lacquered cubes
Dimension: 72 x 30 x 180 cm

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Tarsine, the modular wall coverings range by Portego


A modern re-examination of the ancient technique of inlay work, which throughout the baroque period imbued the flooring of the Venetian republic's monuments and buildings. Tarsine, the new range of modular inlaid wooden wall coverings, designed by Serena Confalonieri for the Italian brand Portego, represents this to all effects: an homage to, and at the same time a contemporary reinterpretation of, in terms of style and technique, this ancient artisan tradition.

Designer: Serena Confalonieri (Italy)
Manufacturer: Portego (Italy)
Inspired By: the ancient technique of inlay work
Material: wood
Dimension: 25 cm L x 25 cm H

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#4 work lamp


This LED lamp is made of unfinished wood. The cable fixes the position, the connection of the light is a phono plug.

Designer: claas reinhard, max volk (Germany)
Material: wood, magnet, high power LED panel

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