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Supermundane X Pikkpack flat-packed slip-on shoes


Pikkpack has released a special edition of its flat-packed leather shoe, in collaboration with Supermundane, London-based graphic artist. The exclusive release has the same ethics and form as the original Pikkpack shoe, but the upper of the footwear now acts as a canvas that captures Supermundane’s geometric artwork. Each pair of this special edition is screen printed by hand, in Pikkpack's studio resulting in a 100% artisan piece of art.

Designer: Sara Gulyas (Hungary)
Manufacturer: Deszan Kft (Hungary)
Material: leather
Colours: blue, black, yellow
Price: 150 USD

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Krater is a set of a dishes that develops one into another. It's a decorative dishes for fruits and cookies. You can easily save space when you don't need to use all tree of them at the same time. Just using a top one dish and (others stays below) but it looks like it's one shape. All of the dishes are made from different materials painted porcelain, wood, painted wood, corian stone.

Designer: Ekaterina Vagurina (Russian Federation)
Manufacturer: (Russian Federation)
Material: concrete, wood, painted wood
Colours: grey pink
Dimension: 350x350x185
Price: 210 euro

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Anno 2014


The traditional shape of an arc truss covered with a thousand tiles, makes this light to what it is.
Using different gradients of clay each tile was formed by hand and covered with a range of layers of glazing. After firing every tile was nailed to the wood creating step by step this lively roofing.

Designer: Dik Scheepers (Netherlands)
Material: Oak, stoneware, brass, zirconium silicate glaze
Dimension: 100 cm high x 100 cm wide 50 cm depth

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The Clipper


Lift Innovations debuts their new product on Indigogo. The Clipper, a cutting-edge herb grinder targeted at the medicinal cannabis market. “This grinder brings a new level of engineering and design to the growing market for high quality cannabis accessories,” said Matt Olson, co-founder of Lift Innovations. The 30-day campaign offers backers an opportunity to pre-purchase both three-piece and four-piece grinders, in bronze and black, at discounted prices before they hit retailers.

Designer: Greg Moneta, Jesse Marr, Matt Olson (Canada)
Manufacturer: Lift-Innovations (Canada)
Inspired By: The need of limited mobility medical cannabis patients.
Material: Annodised machined 6061 aluminum
Colours: Black and Bronze
Dimension: 2.5
Price: 55$-80$ USD

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Slide Tower Millstatt


Built in 1913, the diving board and slide tower at Millstätter-lake in Carinthia still exists today - under monument protection. Now there is a project to “redesign the promenade and the open air bathing park” which offers the restoration of the diving board and slide tower.

Designer: Söhne & Partner architects (Austria)

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Sand Bridge Lamp


A year ago we traveled to Poland, and were very happy and inspired numerous bridges in Wroclaw. One of these bridges has made a special impression - "Sand Bridge." This bridge is a link between the old town and the "Sand Island". Today, it is the oldest iron bridge in the city.
We have created this lamp inspired by the beautiful, industrial, red bridge.
The lamp is very constructive and easy, we use sheet metal and aluminum.

Designer: Julia Kononenko and Kravchenko A (Ukraine)
Manufacturer: (Ukraine)
Material: metal
Colours: red and white

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Ondasfruit Bowl


Es un contenedor de frutas que posee formas curvas las cuales separan los elementos a contener, está inspirado en la naturaleza la armonía que habla de movimiento continuo en su forma.

Designer: Jose Luis Goyes Rodriguez (Colombia)
Manufacturer: Jose Luis Goyes Rodriguez (Colombia)
Material: Ceramic,wood
Colours: white, natural wood
Dimension: 35x25 cm

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eclipse and kosmos bowls


Eclipse won the prestigious "Red Dot Design Award" prize. Eclipse is a simple bowl, but also two simple bowls: as two distinct celestial bodies – Sun and Moon – that gradually align their trajectories overlapping, the single bowls, thanks to horizontal rings, wedge in, becoming an unique object.
Kosmos is a universal, multifunctional object. His spheric body, that itself represents the symbol and the idea of the cosmos, contains the concepts of transparency and changing.

Designer: sakura adachi (Italy)
Manufacturer: more than one (Italy)
Inspired By: Celestial bodies
Material: steel
Colours: black and white or gold and white

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BLICKFANG Deutschlands beste Fotografen 2015/2016


Fresh-off-the-press: The new issue of »BLICKFANG – Deutschlands beste Fotografen« for 2015/2016 is available now. This time the high quality coffee-table-book presents on 656 pages the status quo of professional photography in Germany. »BLICKFANG« offers orientation and inspiration. For art buyers, art and creative directors, editors, commercial clients and all photography enthusiasts.

More details:

Designer: Norman Beckmann (Germany)
Manufacturer: NBVD Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design (Germany)
Material: linen
Colours: black, white, gold
Dimension: 656 pages
Price: 49,90 Euro

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8UP - The Bottle You Can Count On @ Kickstarter


8UP is the bottle you can count on. It's the first water bottle that gives a satisfying kick out of sufficient hydration. 8UP measures water by glasses instead of ml/oz and allows you to record the number of glasses you've drank through a deliberate and satisfying twist of the base. Not only does 8UP act as a reminder for you to drink up, it also gives a visual indication of how much water you've drank. With 8UP, hydration finally makes sense. Here at Kickstarter

Designer: Zack, Abel, Iliana, Soon Tiac
Material: Eastman Tritan
Colours: Lake Blue, Mint, Coral, Charcoal
Price: 25 USD

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